How to Gain Weight in Thighs and Buttocks Fast

At many places skinny women are considered most beautiful until someone with big bums and sexy thighs comes into the room. Skinny might be praised but big buttocks and complementing thick thighs are desired.

If you have worked your way hard to a skinny body and now want to gain weight in buttocks and thighs then you have come to right place. As you have already made peace with controlled diet and training it will be easy for you to work your way up to big bums and thighs, you just need to follow the guidelines explained here.

If you are a few pounds larger and couldn’t control Your weight even after much of workout and diet then it’s time for you to shift to a better diet and workout plan. We know you think you have tried everything to get the belly fat in control and you have worked your ass off to get your booty in shape, but don’t lose hope yet, do some small changes in your workout and diet as suggested in this article and within no time you will start seeing the results.

If you are starting afresh, never done any workouts or diet in the past, still don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this article we covered the plans and principles to gain weight in thighs and buttocks fast, for almost all body types.

How to Gain Weight in Thighs and Buttocks Fast

Why gaining weight in the butt and thighs, looks beautiful for females

We live in the matrix of optical illusions. Many times what we see is a little different than what our brain takes a note of. One of many such illusions we believe in is human body shapes. No, it is not complete illusion, we definitely see the curves, we like the curves, our brain notices the curves, it’s just that sometimes what we think we see and what we actually like about them, these are different curves.

Men are attracted towards big butts, not due to the extra mass that carries but on account of spinal curve these create just above the buttocks. In this case we might say, hips do lie. But the fact is even men are not aware of the fact that they are attracted towards the resultant vertebral wedge rather than the extra mass on the bums. Anyways, the big booty helps make the curve so we shall focus on gaining weight there.

  • Many surveys including the one at Bilkent University in Turkey where they have conducted surveys by asking men to rank their preferences by only the shapes or outlines of female bodies, have found that spines curved at medium angle at the top of bum are ranked at top.

These surveys or researches might have shown that the vertebral wedge is what makes you look beautiful but the fact remains that you cannot curve your vertebrae as you wish. You need to reduce belly fat and gain weight in the buttocks area in order to do so. The extra weight around the hips not only helps you get the perfect spinal angle but also enhances the appearance, adds the oomph factor to your looks.

A big bum over the skinny legs would look like artificial mass attached to a stick. Your thighs must be thick enough to complement the size of your bum. You need to gain weight in buttocks and thighs simultaneously. A combination of big butt and proportionate thighs is what makes your lower body look in perfect shape.

Having big butt and thighs is not just about the looks. It is also about science and a bit of history.

  • Historically men have been attracted to women who can carry their offspring easily and give birth to healthy babies. And scientifically, women with larger butt have lower risk of fatigue and injury during the pregnancy and hence are more suitable for multiple pregnancies.

During pregnancy, due to increase in mass in the frontal part of women’s body their centre of gravity shifts towards front. This shift, if not neutralised by hip mass would cause extreme stress on the spine which might result into serious injury. This forward shift of centre of gravity may also cause imbalance and lead to fall.

Along with creating a weight balance the big hips are also useful for providing the extra storage of calories needed during the pregnancy. Ensuring better supply of energy to the body the big booty helps in giving birth to healthy babies.

Even after the thousands of years of evolution when carrying babies is not even a criterion for choosing a mate, men still subconsciously find the fertile women with bigger butt more sexually attractive. So, whether you want babies or not, you want to have big buttocks and complimenting thighs to be desirable.

Diet to gain weight in buttocks and thighs fast

One of the only things that is necessary for survival is taking in nutrients in proper proportion. While there are many factors to consider when you are working towards a specific goal of gaining weight in thighs and buttocks fast, the diet is most critical among them.

May your goal be gaining weight, losing weight, living a healthy life or just survival, in any case you need to watch what you consume. For achieving well shaped bum and thighs you need to gain muscle mass in quads, hams and glutes. For gaining such muscles mass in these big muscle groups you need to include healthy portions of high protein, high calorie food along with some healthy fats.

  • If you follow an active lifestyle and have a faster metabolism rate then you might need to incorporate more carbs in your diet in order to get enough mass around your bum and thighs. If you are not getting enough protein through your staple food you can supplement it with whey protein powder or other protein shake consumption.

Along with the nutrients you also need to intake adequate fluids to keep your muscles hydrated. When you are gaining new muscles through improved diet and workouts, these new muscles need to be hydrated hence you might need to increase water intake than you used to have. Also you need to compensate for the fluids lost due to new workouts you have started in order to gain weight in thighs and buttocks.

To make an informed decision about what to put on your plate, here we are listing some of the good sources of calories, carbs, protein and fats for your reference.

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Calories needed to grow glutes

It is basic science that to gain weight you need to eat surplus calories. The current food intake helps you in maintaining your body weight and provides energy for carrying out your day to day routines. The surplus calories you consume are converted into added muscles and fats resulting into gaining weight.

  • Healthy and safe rate to gain weight is about a little less than half a kilogram (or a pound) per week. To gain weight in that rate, you need to add 200 to 500 extra calories to your regular diet.

These surplus calories must not come from unhealthy junk food. Even if you need extra calories your food still needs to be full of healthy whole foods. You need to raise the calorie intake by increasing the portions you consume, like making your breakfast heavier than before or adding an extra dish to your lunch.


Carbs or carbohydrates are essentially hydrocarbons which are found in almost every edible thing in more or less percentage. Any food you eat can be source of carbs for your body. But when you are working towards a specific goal of gaining weight in butt and thighs, you can not eat anything and depend on it to get enough carbs you need. You need to satisfy the need for carbs through healthy high carbs food.

  • Quinoa, oats are some of the best source of carbs. Along with being high on carbs these are also high in minerals, vitamins and anti oxidants. Wheat grains, rice, bananas, sweet potatoes great sources of carbs and these will also satisfy your need of sugar and fibre. Oranges, blueberries can also be your carbs and provide you the necessary vitamin C and B at the same time. Kidney beans, vegetables are the definition of healthy carbs in your diet.


Our muscles are broken during the workout these get repaired and grow during the rest period. Amino acids are essential for this process. Proteins are chains of amino acids, when we eat protein rich food our body breaks the protein into amino acids to help repair and grow our muscles. We need to grow more muscles in order to gain weight around thighs and buttocks, thus we need protein in our diet.

  • Lean meat, chicken and eggs, dairy products are rich sources of protein. Even if you follow vegan diet there are many sources of protein that you can add to your diet to gain weight in buttocks and thighs. Seeds, nuts, beans, lentils, chickpeas, soy milk, tofu, soya chucks are rich in protein and can easily be included in regular meals. Oats, yogurt, cottage cheese, broccoli are also must in your diet for satisfying your protein needs.


Your body is reinforced with bones and muscles but the outer curves are smoothened out by a layer of fat. The fat needed for your body can be sourced through foods like avocados, cheese whole eggs, fatty fishes, nuts, chia seeds, edible oils, full fat yogurt. These are sources of healthy fats.

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How many meals per day to gain weight in bum and thighs?

A meal every two hours – sounds ridiculous right? – but that’s what you need to do if you are serious about your goal to gain weight in thighs and buttocks fast.

Two meals a day are enough for those who eat junk and stay inactive but for you in order to gain weigh in thighs and buttocks area in a healthy way you have to eat clean and also need to follow certain workout. In order to gain weight, you need to consume enough calories to keep you energised for the new workout regime and also leave you surplus calories to gain muscle and fats.

  • When you start your journey to gain weight in butt and thighs and doing heavy workouts, it is recommended that you should take small six to eight meals per day. After you have reached a certain goal and wish to maintain the weight then you can shift to four to six meals a day.

Why should you train your butt and thighs?

Your mobility depends on how fit your muscles are. Most of your movements are dependent on fitness of your lower body. Your lower body has all big muscles groups gluteus muscles, quads and hams. These muscle groups make your thighs and butt. Not only your mobility but your ability to sit, stand or squat properly and comfortably depends on strength of these muscle group. Thus, even if you don’t wish for incredible strength but if you wish to be able to carry out routine activities comfortably and stay mobile for years to come, you should train your butts and thighs.

  • Apart from this important purpose, training your butt and thighs have some other obvious benefits as keeping them in shape and holding them firm. The curves that define the shape of your body are mostly – if not solely – depend upon the shape and firmness of your butt and thighs.

How frequently you should train your bum and thighs?

When you are concentrating on gaining weight in thighs and butts you need to train your lower body more frequently than other muscle groups. That said, but you can not work the lower body on daily basis.

  • The recovery time needed for the muscle groups without loss of strength is 36 – 48 hours. The most optimum frequency to train your bum and thighs is alternate day sessions that makes trice a week lower body training, this provides enough time for muscles to recover to full strength and also squeeze in higher frequency to gain muscle weight faster.
  • If you do really heavy lifting in your workouts then you should do twice a week lower body workout to avoid injuries.

Exercises to gain weight in your butt and thighs


Exercises To Gain Weight In Your Butt And Thighs

There are exercises and then there are goal specific exercises. In order to gain weight in your butt and thighs you need to work the muscle groups that forms these curves. These targeted workouts will help you grow muscle mass around your bum and thighs.


A simple exercise involving lowering your hips from standing position and then going back to standing position, squats are one of the basic and most effective exercises to gain muscles around hips and thighs. You can do bodyweight squats or air squats where you squat down and up without added resistance. Or you can notch up and add barbell weights to improve the effect. At start you stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart, and your hands holding the barbell over your shoulder. Now you lower your hips by bending your knees and hips, be careful that your knees don’t go too forward. With squats you work your hams, quads, calves and partially glutes, helping you gain muscles weight in thighs and glutes.

Goblet squats

This is a variation of squats which works on your hams, quads, glutes and core muscles. Here you start at standing position holding a kettlebell by horns close to your chin. Then you go down lowering your hips till your thighs are touching your calves. Now you pause and push your knees out with elbows. Then elbows in, rise up and one repetition is done. Your reps and sets can be decided depending on your workout plan.


This is a heavy lifting exercise. You lift a heavily loaded barbell off the ground, raise it up to your hips keeping the barbell parallel to the ground hold and put it down on the ground. In deadlift most of the power is generated through hips and lower back. This helps you strengthen your lower back, grow your glutes and opens your way to gain weight in your thighs and buttocks.

Cable pull through

A compound exercise involving pulling the cable through your legs is called cable pull through. At start you stand near lower cable, facing away from it with feet a little more than shoulder width apart. Bend down grab the cable grip, hold it with both hands through your legs. Now pull the cable through and extend it in front of your hips standing straight. This works on all your posterior muscles lower back, glutes and hams.

Bulgarian split squats

This is a unilateral exercise. It is a variation of single legged squats. Here instead of hanging your non-working leg in air, it rested on a bench behind your back. You start with standing straight one leg on the floor other bent and foot kept on a bench behind you. Now lower your body keeping the torso straight, then lift up go back to starting position. These Bulgarian split squats are more focussed on your quad muscles.

Swiss ball leg curls

Take an exercise ball, put it on the floor. Lie on the floor positioning your body so as your ankles can be kept on top of the ball with your legs extended. This is your starting position, now curl the legs bringing the ball closer to you and lifting your hips off the ground engaging hamstring muscles. Now your body weight is lifted by your feet and shoulder blades. Go back to starting position slowly. This exercise focuses on your hams.

Single leg hip thrust off a bench

Sit on the floor leaning your back against the bench, keep your feet in front a foot apart, press your elbows against the for stability and lift one leg up in the air, this is your starting position. Next make your hips generate the thrust to lift them in the air till your body is parallel to the ground. Squeeze the glutes, now lower the hips slowly and in controlled manner to starting position. Complete the desired reps and repeat same reps with other leg.

Barbell glute bridge

Start with sitting on the floor with your feet close to your butt and a weighted barbell in your lap. Put pads on the bar for comfort. Lay your back on the ground. Hold the barbell for stability, position it above your hips extend far as possible. Lift your hips off the ground along with the barbell creating a bridge where your shoulders and feet support the weight.

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Cardio for bubble butt

You need to choose right kind of cardio when you are working towards the goal of achieving the big bubble butt. Cardio has the ability to burn calories faster and thus if a wrong exercise is chosen it can result in decreasing the size of your butt. Here are some butt building cardio exercises with which you can replace other cardio workouts that you are doing. 

If you are skinny or have higher metabolic rate then you should avoid cardio altogether.

Hill Running

Unlike running on flat surface, you use your bigger muscles in hill running. You need to lift your legs much higher which works your glutes, quads and hams. Other that working on your target area hill running also helps in burning calories faster.

Stair Climbing

This is an effective exercise for whole lower body. Lifting your body weight upwards with one leg at a time is a perfect unilateral exercise which would help you building glutes and thigh muscles. This can be used as cardio and strength building exercise as well.

Elliptical Training

Working on elliptical machine is like climbing the stairs. With this you can perform stair climbing motion faster without the fear of getting injured. You get full body workout without putting much impact on joints.

Diet and Workout Guidelines to Gain Weight in Your Thighs and Buttocks


Diet and Workout Guidelines to Gain Weight in Your Thighs and Buttocks

Not everyone is made same, your body is different than your gym buddy, hence you can’t follow the same program he/she is following. The diet and workouts you need to do will change depending on your body type and metabolic rate. Here is the table to guide you choose the right combination for you.

Category of physique Suggested dietSuggested workout
You already have big fat butt and need to tone itEat more frequently. Eat only whole foods.Include hill running, stair climbing, elliptical training along with weight training in your workout schedule.
Your belly has the highest diameter in your bodyCut down on carbs as much as possible. If feasible follow zero carb dietAlong with cardio do core training at least once a week.
You have double chin, fat fingers and fatty armsAdd fluids to your diet. Instead of two big meals have 4-5 small meals.Focus on both upper and lower body weight training.
You have thighs so big that you get chaffing by walking to kitchenAdd more lentils, chicken, veggies and other high protein whole foods to the diet.Increase you workout duration significantly. Focus on lower body workouts.
You are skinny, even if you eat too muchCalorie surplus diet, high on carbs. Have more than 4 meals.Your training plan should be aimed at building muscles. More weights and no cardio.


How long does it take to observe the visible weight gain in thighs and buttocks?

The results of any workout regime or diet plan depends on how focussed you are and how honest you are with your efforts. If you follow the said workouts and diet plan consistently you will see noticeable difference within three weeks. Keep yourself motivated and keep working, you will be able to reach your goal within few months.

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Is the buttocks fat or muscle?

Your buttocks are structured by muscles and fats. The gluteus muscles form the curve of the buttock and the fats cover them to smooth out the curve.

How can I get thick thighs fast?

Do squats, then do more squats, add variations of squats to your workout. Other than that, add lunges, leg press, to your workout. Raise the frequency of lower body workout sessions. Start a calorie surplus high protein diet.

How do I tone my bum and thighs?

Improve the lower body workout session by adding the exercises focused on toning your bums and thighs. Increase the frequency of lower body workouts. Add cardio exercises strategically to your workout.