Women’s Full Body Gym Workout Routine for Strength & Toning

Ever wondered why some women work their butts off and still get no desirable results? Are you one of those women who put in hours of cardio per week and still not able to get rid of that belly fat? Yes, there are many such examples that we our self might relate to this or we know someone that do. The reasons behind such failure to obtain desired results can be many but the most common reason is they either follow a wrong, generic workout plan or there is no full body workout plan at all.

Working out is not only about body weight and shape, a full body workout routine is the key to overall health and fitness. Low body fat and higher lean muscle mass are the indicators of strong and healthy body. With age the percentage of fat in your body increases and lean muscle mass diminishes if you don’t do anything to replace the fat mass with muscle. At any age, a regular full body workout routine helps you preserve and enhance muscles mass.

A female full body workout plan must differ from the one for men as their bodies respond differently to the workout. One of the many reasons the women do not get desired results from workout is that they follow the workout routines developed for men. Women burn less carbohydrate and protein than men for same exercise duration and intensity. Women have higher essential fat mass hence lesser lean muscle than men of same weight. Due to these and many other reasons females do better with higher reps and can handle higher volume than men. But due to nervous system efficiency limits females tend not to perform well in explosive workouts, they respond better to steady state cardio or slow lifting tempo workouts than high intensity intervals.

Women's Full Body Gym Workout Plan for Strength & Toning

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This full body gym workout plan for women presents a result oriented, beneficial alternative to any cardio routine you are currently following. Following this workout program, you are likely to convert more fat mass to lean muscle than any other cardio exercise carried out for same duration.

The results of any workout plan will differ for everyone depending on the weight and body strength starting point, the diet and how regularly you work out. However, if you follow this female full body workout plan for three months you will notice a foremost change in your body strength and shape.

Every woman wants to be fit, healthy and keep in shape but unfortunately there are not many gym workout plans that are made specifically for women. We developed this workout plan as an attempt to address this issue. Here are some reasons why this workout plan is incredible for you.

The combination of gym workouts and cardio burns calories and boost your metabolism. There are separate and flexible cardio days in the plan aimed to help you burn calories. Combined with low carb diet, this workout program will tone your muscles faster than anything.

Build Muscles Strength

A higher muscle strength improves your ability to conduct everyday activities. It improves your balance, enhances your capacity to accomplish the physical tasks. Having strong muscles ensures your independence for carrying out your own tasks even as you age. This plan encompasses full body weight training workouts helping you gain and maintain the muscle strength you desire.

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Tone Your Muscles

Every shape is beautiful but the hourglass figure will always be the indication of a fit and sexy body. It is impossible to maintain firm shapely figure without full body muscle toning exercises. It is important to reduce fat and maintain overall weight in order to achieve that curvy body. This plan includes two cardio sessions weekly to help you keep the weight stable. The inclusion of circuit trainings helps you raise your fat burning potential.

The hourglass shape is outcome of an accentuated bust and a well-shaped butt. And yes of course, the waist needs to be clinched in. There is an inclusion of barbell and dumbbell bench press in the workout plan to help you achieve toned busts. The schedule comprises of types of squats and glute bridges to tone glute muscles and enhance the hips. The reason why the routine consists more workouts targeting thigh and glute muscles is to grow the glute muscles. The abs circuit to be performed with cardio for two days of the week helps you to get rid of the belly fat and also tone the abs.

Develop Bone Strength

About eighty percent of osteoporosis case are women. To avoid being one of them your bones need to be challenged to keep them strong. Through the well structured strengthening workouts spread strategically throughout the week this training plan can increase your bone density.

Introduction to Female Gym Workout Routine for Strength and Toning

Female Gym Routine for Strength and Toning

Workout schedule

Now let us look at the workout schedule. It consists five workout days and two rest days per week. You can schedule all the week days as workout days and the weekends as rest days. When you are following this workout plan, you need to do it exclusively. 

Workout Duration: 3 Month

To get the visible results you need to follow this routine for three months.

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Important Points

  • The equipment needed for this workout are; barbell, weights, bench, dumbbells, preacher bench, treadmill, spinning bike, ab roller, cables and machines.
  • Warm Up: 10 min for warming up
    A good warm up routine of at least ten minutes is necessary before starting the actual workout to avoid injuries. Your warm ups must include basic body rotations along with your dynamic exercises.
  • Each day schedule is broken in to primary exercise sets. Just follow the exercises of the day in mentioned order after finishing the warm up.
  • In between sets of the same exercise, take rest for forty five to ninety seconds. After finishing all sets of one exercise rest for one minute before moving on to next set.
  • After two weeks into the program you can increase intensity according to your comfort.

Women’s Full Body Gym Workout Plan for Strength & Toning: A 3 Month Workout Plan

Women's Gym Routine for Strength Gain and Toning


ExerciseSets x Reps
Barbell Squat4 x 10
Dumbbell Bench Press4 x 10
Wide Grip Lat Pull Down4 x 10
Military Shoulder Press4 x 10
Cable Tricep Pushdown4 x 10



30 min Treadmill Running (If you want deadlifts in your workouts, shorten the cardio session. Example: Deadlifts 4 x 10, 8, 6, 6 + 10-15 min Treadmill running)
15 – 20 min Ab Circuit: Crunches, AB Roller, Decline Crunches, Leg Raises, Wood Choppers, Knee hugs, Tuck Crunch, Plank and Side Plank



ExerciseSets x Reps
Goblet Squat3 x 10
Barbell Glute Bridge3 x 10
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press4 x 10
Dumbbell Row4 x 10
Arnold Dumbbell Press4 x 10
Preacher Curl4 x 10



30 min spinning (or you can do Deadlift 4 x 10, 8, 6, 6 + 10-15 min spinning)
15 – 20 min Ab Circuit: Crunches, AB Roller, Decline Crunches, Leg Raises, Wood Choppers, Knee hugs, Tuck Crunch, Plank and Side Plank.



ExerciseSets x Reps
Sumo Squat4 x 10
Bulgarian Split Squat3 x 10 (Light weight)
Barbell Bench Press4 x 10
Barbell Row4 x 10
Dumbbell Shoulder Press4 x 10
Cable Standing Triceps Extension4 x 10


Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: Rest Day

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Wrapping up

Taking time for workout is the best way to care for yourself. But spending hours of day lifting weights or riding a bike and ending up with nothing as result would be demotivating. This can happen if you don’t have a proper plan.

What your body needs is this “Female Full Body Gym Workout Plan” that contains a balanced mix of weight training, cardio and rest days which help you tone your muscles and gain strength. 

The only things you need to remember while following this full body workout plan is be consistent with your workouts and rest days, follow a good diet plan, drink enough fluids. Follow this regime for at least three months to get in best shape.