Frank Medrano Diet Plan & Supplements

Frank Medrano is one of the famous callisthenics experts who has motivated a lot of people to remain fit. He is a vegan athlete, a well-known social media personality and a fitness trainer who changed his lifestyle positively.

Born and brought up in New York City, Frank Medrano faced many health issues due to excessive weight in his late 20s. However, he changed his diet plan to improve his lifestyle. Frank Medrano believes that being vegetarian gives us more strength, healthy-looking body and stimulates quick recovery.

Medrano switched to a vegan diet over the years along with his training sessions. This has indeed made him followed by millions on social media.

Now that you know the secret behind Frank Medrano fit body and that he likes to eat vegetarian food, in this article I will present to you Frank Medrano’s supplements and meal plan in detail. If you are about to quit or feeling demotivated, just remember Frank Medrano famous axiom i.e., ‘Don’t wish for it. Work for it.’

Frank Medrano’s Diet Plan

Frank Medrano Diet Plan

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Although Frank Medrano used to be healthy and strong before adopting a plant-based diet, today he feels more energetic and can recover with intense workouts and training more quickly. Although you may require significant time to get a lean body just like Medrano, following his diet plan might help you in achieving your goal successfully.

Now that you know that Frank Medrano is strictly a vegan, it does not mean that he does not have food containing eggs or a diary.  He does eat sugar and grains but take utmost care about his plant-based meal to support his nutrition plan.

If you wish to follow the Frank Medrano diet chart, avoid over-eating and know about your every meal or where the products come from. Although you must have heard that many fitness expert’s intake meat and seafood, Medrano believes in a vegan diet and healthy food.

Read below to find out what Frank Medrano’s diet plan is all about:

Frank Medrano Meal Plan

Meal 1: Breakfast

Whole grain bread, and fruits

Meal 2: Snack


Meal 3: Lunch

Soybeans, vegetables, and olive oil

Meal 4: Dinner

Quinoa, and beans

Apart from the above meal plan, Frank Medrano also uses some supplements such as Probiotics and BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) to ensure that he gets complete nourishment.

If you wish to follow Frank Medrano diet plan, do consider the following diet details:

Lean machine

Medrano is someone who is always prepared and work hard, efficiently and skillfully to stay fit. This is the reason he eats less but includes various complex carbs through vegetables and fruits.

Limit salt intake

To ensure that Medrano remains fit, he usually adds more veggies to his diet and cut-off salt intake.

Hydrate and cut the crap

Medrano suggests his followers stop intaking sugar and related crap. This you can do by replacing them with alternative food and water so that your road map to good health is not hindered.

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Frank Medrano Meal Plan

What to eat?

Even though keeping a record of what you consume each day is difficult, knowing what is healthy can act as your diet chart in hand during difficult times. To make it easier, we have compiled a list of food items that Frank Medrano consumes and advises his followers. All the below-listed items are highly nutritious and healthy even though they are strictly vegetarian.

Some of the food which Frank Medrano suggest includes:

  • Vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Beans
  • Soybeans
  • Mushrooms
  • Quinoa
  • Whole-grain bread
  • Canola Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Water

Medrano also suggests his followers to live life, accomplish dreams and deal with failures competently. Just follow his above plan if you seek to become fit and healthy.

What to avoid?

After reading about what you need to include in your diet chart to get a body like Medrano, there are a few things you need to consider. As discussed earlier, Medrano is a vegan athlete, thus, he avoids the below-mentioned food.

To follow a healthy lifestyle and build great muscles, avoid this food as much as possible:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Dairy Products
  • Animal by-products
  • Animal by-products
  • Preservatives
  • Additives
  • Chemicals
  • Refined & processed foods

Frank Medrano’s Supplements

The following supplements can prove to be a good add-on if you look forward to getting a body like Frank Medrano:


Frank Medrano’s protein supplements include his own line. His protein powder is usually free from any kind of artificial elements, unsweetened and unflavoured that can help you in removing excessive workouts besides maintaining muscular masses.

Probiotic + Prebiotic     

Probiotics are yeasts and living bacteria that can make your digestive system work properly. Prebiotics, on the other side, are non-digestible food particles that can stimulate your desirable microorganisms’ activities. Likewise, Probiotics and prebiotics help Medrano in boosting immunity as well as stimulating digestion power.


BCAA supplements can boost your muscle growth, improve exercise performance and reduce fatigue after workouts. BCAA is used by Frank Medrano to burn fat, follow intense workouts and build lean muscle without getting tired. His BCAA contains sunflowers without any animal by-products or artificial chemicals.

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Key Takeaway

Even though it is hard to get a body like Frank Medrano, it does not mean you cannot achieve it. The calisthenic expert himself once said, “You can join in even if you can only do one repetition. We all start at one”.

He is one perfect example of a fitness trainer who built an excellent physique through a vegan lifestyle and various bodyweight exercises. Frank Medrano’s body goals can be yours but you need to follow his diet plan and eating habits ardently.