Floyd Mayweather Workout Routine

Floyd Mayweather is a renowned name in the current scene of professional boxing. His boxing skills are unparalleled. Some of the professional fighters even claim that he is one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Floyd Mayweather is also known for his intense workout program. His 40 rounds workout routine is the stuff that prepares him to strike his best shot every single time. This athletic workout guide will give you a detailed insight into the 40 rounds of Floyd Mayweather’s workout routine.

Floyd Mayweather Workout Overview

Floyd Mayweather Workout Overview
Floyd Mayweather in an Instagram Photo (Floyd Mayweather / Instagram)
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If you have seen Floyd Mayweather’s fight, you would have surely been astonished by his amazing skills and techniques. The perfection which Mayweather exudes while fighting is backed up by countless hours of his intense training sessions. Floyd Mayweather’s training program comprises practicing numerous techniques and skills. These exercises work on enhancing his speed, agility, and technique.

If you are willing to try out Mayweather’s workout routine, be prepared to go through hell. An individual with average levels of fitness can easily get enervated by trying out his high-intensity workout plan.

Equipment Required

Floyd Mayweather is a top-class boxer. When it comes to his workout plan, there are different equipment that he puts into use. Let’s have a look at those exercise equipment:-

  • Skipping Rope
  • Ankle Weights
  • Neck Harness
  • Ab-Roll Wheel
  • 3, 5, 8-pound hand weights
  • Wraps
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Body Pad
  • Hand Pads
  • Heavy Bag
  • Speed Bag

Along with the above-mentioned training equipment, Floyd Mayweather also ensures to train under a coach.

Floyd Mayweather Workout Routine

Floyd Mayweather Workout Routine
Floyd Mayweather in an Instagram Photo (Floyd Mayweather / Instagram)

Floyd Mayweather’s training routine comprises 40 rounds. Different sets of rounds are reserved for training different skills. Let’s have a look at the 40 rounds of Mayweather’s workout plan:-

Rounds 1-3: Shadow Boxing

Floyd Mayweather starts his training with three rounds of shadow boxing. In the first three rounds of his training, he practices footwork, punching, movement stance, technique, and speed. This routine warms up his body. It also prepares his body to take on the stress that will be coming in the further rounds. He claims that the first two rounds should be solely focused on practicing one’s form. Weights can be used after the second round.

Rounds 3-7: Hand Pads

Rounds 3-7 are focused on hitting hand pads. Mayweather performs these rounds by taking assistance from his uncle Roger. He hits the hand pads with Roger for around ten to fifteen minutes. Through these rounds, Mayweather works on his punching combinations and speed.

Rounds 8-10: Body Pad

Floyd Mayweather takes the assistance of his co-trainer, Big Nate, for this round. In rounds 8-10, Mayweather practices and works on his right hands, his hooks, his uppercuts, and his short jabs. He spends 10 minutes of his exercise routine working on the body pad.

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Rounds 11-14: Heavy Bag

After working on the body pad with Big Nate, Floyd Mayweather moves to work on the heavy bag. He practices different punching combinations on his heavy bag, which weighs 160 pounds. He dedicates a good 12-15 minutes to work on the heavy bag.

Working on the heavy bag aids in improving your form and technique. You can work on practicing and improving your punching combinations and hooks on a heavy bag. While you are hitting the heavy bag, all you need to be concerned about is maintaining proper technique.

Round 15-18: Hand Pads

In these rounds, Floyd Mayweather again takes the assistance of his uncle Roger Mayweather. They again train with the hand pads for the next 10-15 minutes. This time they work on different punching combinations, slips, and weaves.

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Rounds 19-21: Body Pad

Big Nate will again come forward to assist Mayweather in these rounds, wearing a body pad. If you don’t have a co-trainer like the Big Nate, you can substitute the body pad work with heavy bag work.

In rounds 19-21, you need to work on your body shots. Executing the body shots with proper form will also target your core muscles to a great extent.

Rounds 22-23: Heavy Bag

This time, Mayweather gets back to the heavy bag and trains to enhance his endurance. In these two rounds, you will be doing ten 1-2’s in a row. Then switch to do ten left-right hooks. Finally, perform ten left-right uppercuts.

Once you complete one full round of these combinations, take some rest. Then again, go back to performing the same combinations on the heavy bag for the next round. You just need to ensure that you are throwing the punch for the full round. Don’t focus too much on your punching technique and form in these rounds.

Rounds 24-26: Hand Pads

In these three rounds, Mayweather trains again with his uncle Roger. This time they train in an undisturbed rhythm. This type of training is envied by boxers and boxing trainers around the globe. In these rounds, Mayweather trains to work on improving his speed.

If you are completely enervated by the time you get to this round, you can dedicate these three rounds to work on your form and technique.

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Rounds 27-29: Speed Bag

Speed bag training is one of the most popular skills performed by boxers all over the world. Floyd Mayweather removes his boxing gloves and then throws some quick punches on the speed bag. Speed bag works on the coordination between your eyes and hands.

You must feel a bit fatigued by the time you complete these three rounds. Nevertheless, you need to keep going.

Round 30-31: Jump Rope

Jumping rope works to improve a boxer’s endurance and also aids in burning excess body fat. Skipping tends to be an important part of any boxer’s training program. If you want to train like Mayweather, your skipping routine should not be confined only to simple skipping. You must be combining crisscrossing, double jumps, and different skipping styles in your routine.

Round 32: Weighted Jump Ropes

In this round, Floyd Mayweather straps on some ankle weights and performs skipping again. Trying out weighted skipping will make you feel drained out and exhausted. But you need to keep going.

Round 33-36: Weighted Shadow Boxing

Floyd Mayweather alternates amongst using 8-pounds, 5-pounds, and 3-pounds dumbbells for his weighted shadow boxing routine. He performs 1-2’s, alternating shoulder press, hooks, and uppercuts.

You can start with 8-pound weights and perform your 1-2’s as per your capacity. When you feel drained out, switch to throwing some hooks and uppercuts.

If you can’t do any more of the combinations, choose the 5-pounds weights in the next round. Finally, when you are exhausted using the 5-pound weights, switch to 3-pounds weights and perform the same combinations.

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Rounds 36-37: Abs

In each of these two rounds, you will be performing 50 ab roll-outs followed by 200 sit-ups. Your abdominal area will be on fire after these two rounds, but you need to keep going.

Rounds 38-39: Weighted Neck

These two rounds will work on your neck strength. You need to attach the neck harness and perform up and down neck raises with 25 pounds with the weight attached to your harness. Perform 50 reps of neck raises for 3-6 sets. Take a little break between sets.

Round 40: Final Round

The 40 rounds workout routine of Floyd Mayweather finishes with three sets of 50 push-ups each.

Final Words

If you are going to try out Floyd Mayweather’s workout routine, you must do it under an experienced coach. That way, your training would be effective, and you won’t be running the chances of overtraining.