Flex Wheeler’s Diet Plan & Supplements

One of the most admired bodybuilders of all time, Flex wheeler, in his prime, owned one of the finest physiques in the world. This classic bodybuilder from the 90s is continuing to inspire budding bodybuilders around the world to dream big.

However, like any other greats, Wheeler’s life also had its own share of challenges and struggles. He suffered a lot in his childhood, and had to fight poverty and diseases all along. But he was exceptionally good at one thing- sports.

Growing up as a teen, Wheeler was an excellent athlete and a brilliant martial artist. Later, he found bodybuilding and fell in love with it. 

When asked about how he conquered greater heights in bodybuilding, he rarely misses mentioning his diet. Flex Wheeler’s diet plan is a perfect combination of all nutrients that can aid in the overall development of the body.

When Wheeler combined his brilliant diet plan with a strict workout routine and positive mindset, he evolved to be one of the greatest names in bodybuilding. His achievements in bodybuilding include an incredible 4 times title in the Arnold classic, and several top 5 finishes in Mr. Olympia.  

This article is an exploration of the simple, yet effective nutrition plan followed by Flex Wheeler. Read along and find out what it takes to be a physique king.

Flex Wheeler’s Diet Plan

Flex Wheeler Diet

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Before entering bodybuilding, Flex Wheeler was a weak, skinny kid. Therefore, to cope up with his intense workout session and physique goals, he had to eat nutrient rich food with a higher calorie intake.

However, Wheeler has often stated that he would consider himself first to be a martial artist before a bodybuilder. Therefore, he had to avoid excess intake of calories too.

After consulting with experts, he formed his own nutrition plan that suited him the best. Such a diet plan helped Wheeler tone his muscular physique that wowed generations of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Flex wheeler modifies his meal plan according to what season he is in. During on-season, he takes bigger meals to support his heavy exercise program. Whereas during the off-season, he goes for smaller meals. Nevertheless, both are more or less the same in terms of overall nutrition.

Here is Flex Wheeler’s meal plan for both seasons

Flex Wheeler’s On Season Diet Plan

Flex Wheeler On Season  Meal Plan

Meal 1

1.5 cup of liquid egg white, 2 whole eggs, 1 cup of oatmeal, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter

Meal 2

6 ounces of Chicken breast grilled, Salad

Meal 3

6 ounces of Ground Turkey, 1 cup of white rice, Broccoli

Meal 4

2 scoops of Whey Protein, 1 Banana, 1 Tablespoon of Peanut butter

Meal 5

6 ounces of steak, 1 cup brown rice , Asparagus

Meal 6

6 ounces of grilled chicken breast, 1 cup of sweet potato, spinach

Flex Wheeler’s Off Season Diet Plan

Flex Wheeler Off Season Meal Plan

Meal 1

2.5 cup of liquid egg white, 1 cup of oatmeal

Meal 2

12 ounces of Chicken breast, Steamed vegetables, 1 cup of brown rice

Meal 3

12 ounces of Beef Tenderloin, 1 medium size sweet potato

Meal 4

Same as Meal 3

Meal 5

12 ounces of chicken breast, 1 cup brown rice

Meal 6

Steamed Broccoli, 12 pounds of halibut or tilapia

Meal 7

Same as meal 6

As evident from the diet chart, Flex Wheeler takes smaller/medium sized meals at shorter intervals. This can be partly due to some kidney problems he had.

Flex Wheeler Diet Plan

  • To be precise, Flex Wheeler forms his nutrition plan according to how much he works out. When he exercises a lot and his metabolism reaches high, he takes in more food. And different kinds of meal plan he followed in both seasons is an example. 
  • Also, he sometimes eats 8 meals a day, when he trains too much. Wheeler has disclosed that he even survived on just 2 meals a day; when he’s not doing any exercises.
  • Drinking sufficient water is crucial, according to Flex Wheeler.
  • Although built less than 5’7”, Flex Wheeler weighs a massive 230 pounds. Therefore, he doesn’t want to put on some more weight. Also, he’s a martial artist, and hence, being extremely bulky has never been his goal.

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What To Eat

Building a brilliant physique takes a lot of effort. And of all the things we have to do, following a proper diet is of utmost priority. In fact, diet matters more than your workout when it comes to achieving natural bodybuilding results. 

If your goal is a muscular, aesthetic physique like Flex Wheeler, here are the types of food items that you should be eating:

  • Chicken breast, lean beef, or similar meats for good protein.
  • Egg, especially egg whites
  • Rice, brown or white, for carbs and other nutrients
  • Clean veggies like broccoli
  • Veg salads
  • Fish
  • Oatmeal to kick-start the day
  • Green leaves
  • Nuts 
  • Sweet potato
  • A variety of fruits, especially banana 

What To Avoid

If you aim for something great, you need to make some sacrifices, just like Flex Wheeler did in his bodybuilding days. And the greatest of them comes while you prepare your diet plan. 

Here are the types of food items that you should avoid, if you want to build a great physique like Flex Wheeler:

  • Alcohol
  • Fried food 
  • Fast food 
  • Sugar
  • Artificial food additives 
  • Oily food

Flex Wheeler’s Supplements

Flex wheeler had a kidney problem that limited him from taking certain food items. Therefore, he had to opt for suitable supplements to ensure that his body is receiving enough nutrients. Doing so also helped him stay energetic during workout sessions, and in the growth and recovery of those wonderfully shaped muscles.

Given below are Flex Wheeler’s supplements that he takes to complete his nutrition plan. But keep in mind- never take these supplements without taking expert advice. We all are different, and our bodies have varying nutritional needs.

  • BCAA: helps him in getting rid of excess fat, and in making well-shaped muscles. BCAA is rich in amino acids that can increase metabolism.
  • Whey protein: Flex Wheeler takes whey protein multiple times a day. Usually with his meals, or even separately. It helps him in faster muscle growth.
  • L- Glutamine: keeps Wheeler’s muscles in shape, aids in faster recovery and prevents muscle breakdown. 
  • Creatine monohydrate: for Flex wheeler, Creatine Monohydrate is what helps him stay energetic during his workout sessions. He takes it regularly, usually before training. 
  • Wheeler also takes some other random supplements like caffeine, niacin, and taurine occasionally. 

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So, that was Flex Wheeler’s diet plan that helped him maintain his amazing physique, that even the greatest of the game admired. If your goal is a dream physique like this legendary bodybuilder, you ought to try his simple yet effective meal plan.

Most food items included in Flex Wheeler’s diet are easily available and affordable. Therefore, you will find no difficulties in imitating it. You also have the freedom to swap some food items with the ones you prefer, given they meet the nutrition requirements.

However, following a proper diet is just the first step in your fitness journey. Follow a proven workout routine, believe in yourself, and keep working. You can also have your dream physique.