F45 Training Prices & Membership Cost 2023

If you are specifically searching for F45 Training membership then probably you know about the unique nature of offerings this gym has. Famous for its unconventional setup and a wide variety of workouts, F45 Training is a well-liked gym club by many.

So, if you think F45 Training is the type of gym you are looking for and want to know how much it would cost you, then keep on reading, you will find detailed information about each aspect of F45 Training membership and their prices in subsequent tables and lists in this piece.

The F45 Training prices for a long-term commitment are lower than the month to month membership costs. But if you want flexibility they even offer one-time passes with different levels of access.

We have covered everything right from the trial pass to the prices of F45 Training classes. The prices are collected from various branches either by visiting or calling them over the phone. So, even if the prices may vary by location, they won’t be significantly different from the prices you will find here.

F45 Training Prices & Membership Cost

F45 Training prices
F45 Training
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Not only the programs and training principles at F45 Training are unique, but even the membership options are also different than the run of the mill gyms. The membership options and the prices vary from location to location, so you need to confirm with the F45 location near you about the different options available there.

The membership options include monthly and weekly subscriptions. There are also options to choose from for the duration of the commitment.

Along with these subscriptions, there are passes available in a single session, one class, ten classes, or something similar. The availability of these passes varies from center to center. Even the seven-day trial passes are free at some centers and at others, they charge a nominal fee for the same.

The following table shows the various F45 Training membership options and their costs. There is a chance that not all options are available at the F45 location near you but the most popular monthly and weekly memberships are available everywhere.

F45 Training Prices & Membership Cost

F45 Annual commitment membership price

Monthly membership fee


Annual maintenance fee


Enrollment fee


Half yearly membership

Monthly membership fee


Annual maintenance fee


Enrollment fee


Monthly membership

Monthly membership fee


Annual maintenance fee


Enrollment fee


Only 8 sessions per month membership

Monthly membership fee


Annual maintenance fee


Enrollment fee


Six month membership with weekly pay

Weekly membership fee


Annual maintaninace fee


Enrollment fee


Month to month membership with weekly pay

Weekly membership fee


Annual maintenance fee


Enrollment fee


No commitment passes

7 day trial pass for new members


10 classes pass

$200.00 – $270

20 classes pass

$400.00 – $540

F45 challenge pass


One time drop in pass


If you are someone who would perform better in a team rather than working out alone or with a personal trainer, then you might consider joining one of the F45 Training gyms. If that is the case you can first make sure it is suitable to your training needs and fitness goals by utilizing the 7 day pass that comes at $7 or less.

Someone who knows F45 Training but already has a training plan commitment can add some workout sessions or classes of F45 by opting for a 10 class or 20 classes pass that costs around $27 per class.

The membership options like 8 classes per month subscription or month to month commitment weekly payment subscriptions can be utilized accessing the unique training regiment at F45 without paying up for a longer duration. These options allow you to reap the benefits of F45 Training classes without giving up on other training or sports routines you are already following.

How much does F45 Training cost?

F45 Training membership cost
F45 Training

The F45 Training prices vary depending on your duration of commitment, frequency of gym visits, and gym location. F45 training price for a single session varies from $25 to $5 depending on the duration of commitment.

You would pay about $155 per month for a membership with an annual commitment and month to month payment. If you don’t want to commit for a whole year the same membership would cost you about $170 per month.

For those who wish to pay on weekly basis, there are two F45 Training memberships. Among these, the month to month membership price is $59 per week and a half yearly membership is $49 per week.

You can also opt for 8 sessions per month membership which is just $119 per month. You will get to workout at F45 training for any 8 workout sessions in a month. This is a good option for those who wish to add a variety to their daily home workouts.

How much does it cost to join F45 Training?

Most of the F45 training membership options come without any initiation fee. There is also no joining fee or annual maintenance fee at F45 Training locations.

So, at the time of joining you will mostly be paying the subscription fee for that month or week.

If you choose month to month membership at F45 the cost to join F45 training would be $169.99. and the same cost would be recurring every month.

F45 class price

The price for an F45 training class varies a bit from location to location. Prices range somewhere between 20-30 bucks a class and on an average, it is about $25 per class.

You can buy 10 classes pass or 20 classes pass at a time so you don’t need to go through all the payment and verification process every time you wish to join a class at F45 training.

F45 weekly cost

Seeing the table showing all F45 Training pricing you can get an idea that the weekly cost for being able to workout at F45 varies depending on membership type.

If you opt to pay weekly with month to month commitment only, then the weekly cost would be $59. You can commit for a longer duration like six months and this cost will come down to $49 a week.

If you opt to pay monthly with annual membership commitment your weekly cost to train at F45 will be just below $40 a week excluding classes.

F45 Training cost
F45 Training

F45 cost per month

For annual membership F45 cost per month is about $155 per month. For half yearly membership, it comes around $165, and for a month to month membership F45 cost per month is $169.99.

For all these memberships you will be charged on monthly basis only.

With the option to pay weekly, your cost per month would range somewhere between $200 to $250.

F45 6 month membership cost

F45 Training membership price for six months is about $990. You don’t need to pay for the whole six months at a time, your credit card will be charged every month for $164.99 if you opt for 6 month membership at F45.

F45 Training drop-in class price

If you want to take a taste of HIIT, circuit, or functional training classes at F45 then you don’t necessarily need to spend too much or commit to a long-term membership. You can take the class by buying a 10 or 20 classes pass, or better yet you can take the drop-in class. The drop-in class price is just $25 and most of the centers offer them.

F45 challenge price

The app F45 challenge is available for free to access. The actual in-studio F45 challenge that goes on for 8 weeks will cost you somewhere in the range of two months’ membership fees.

F45 Challenge gives you access to goal-oriented functional training along with a suitable nutrition plan. Taking up and completing the F45 challenge in the studio will cost about $250.

How much is the F45 Training initiation fee?

At F45 Training they mostly don’t charge any initiation fee. At the time of joining you would only be paying the membership fees for the month of joining.

Is F45 Training month to month?

Among the many membership options and infrequent access passes offered by F45 training there is more than one option of month to month membership.

There are two options in the month to month membership at F45, one where you opt to pay once a month and the other where you are committed for the month but pay week to week.

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F45 Training Deals & Discounts

F45 gym does offer deals and discount coupons periodically. Even if there are no blanket deals and discounts going on in F45 training, you can still check at the location of your interest, they do provide some special discounts if you pay for some months in advance.

Can I go to any F45 Training with my membership?

The business model gyms like F45 Training follow is different from the one followed by the big box gym chains. F45 treats each location as a different entity. What that means for you is, you get the membership of one club only, and you can’t go to any other club than the home club. 

How much does it cost to cancel the F45 Training membership?

There is no separate cancellation fee for terminating your membership with F45 training but you would need to pay for the remaining period of the month you are canceling the membership in.

For canceling the classes at F45 they may charge you $10 per class if you cancel within 24 hours prior to the start of the class.

Is it hard to cancel the F45 Training membership?

The process and level of difficulty in canceling the F45 Training membership are different for different locations. At some locations, you can easily cancel the membership by just dropping an email stating your last day and reason to cancel. At some other locations, you might need to go in physically to fill up the suspension or cancellation form.

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Wrap Up

If you look closely the F45 Training membership cost is a bit higher than most mid-range gyms. At about a hundred and fifty bucks a month for membership it may sound like a costly affair for many. But if the pricing is an issue, it can be overcome by using their access passes instead.

The F45 training prices are justified by their innovative approach for goal-oriented training with proper equipment, trainers, and environment.