Eva Longoria’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

We all got mesmerized by Eva Longoria’s role in Desperate Housewives. And she still has that persona that impresses her countless fans and followers all around the world.

At 46 years of age, Eva has fitness levels like that of a teenager. Her body exudes a great deal of aestheticism. And the credit for this goes to her fitness regime which she religiously follows.

Want to know about it? Then, stay with us as we give you a detailed insight into Eva Longoria’s workout routine and diet plan. We are sure you will learn a lot from it.

Eva Longoria's Workout Routine and Diet Plan
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Eva Longoria’s Workout Principles

Right from her teenage years, Eva was an active kid. She used to perform activities like gymnastics, running, and also cheerleading. All this resulted in getting her a body that was immensely athletic and in great shape.

Eva has always ensured to include some form of physical activity in her daily routine. She workouts under celebrity trainer Grant Roberts who incorporates different training styles into Eva’s workout plan.

Let’s get to know more about them in the next section.

Eva Longoria’s Workout Routine

Eva Longoria has been blessed with a lean body. But that doesn’t stand as an excuse for her to not train like a freak. Working out has become a part of her lifestyle and its profound impacts show up on her perfectly-developed body.

After giving birth to her son, Eva had gone out of shape. But she was determined enough to earn her beautiful body again. And this time she wasn’t just concerned with getting in shape but also wanted to be strong and immensely fit.

At present, Eva Longoria’s workout routine is all about training and developing her body holistically. And to serve that purpose, she relies on the following training styles:-

Resistance training

To work on the strength aspect of her body, Eva relies on performing resistance training. She lifts weights at least 4-5 times a week.

In her resistance training sessions, Eva lifts light-moderate weights to give her body a toned look. She performs 4-5 sets of 15 repetitions on each of the exercises.

The exercises that are included in Eva’s resistance training routine are as follows:-

For upper body and core muscles

  • Bent-over dumbbell flys
  • Lat pulldowns
  • Cross-body dumbbell curls
  • Hammer curls
  • Open curls
  • Spinal twists
  • Battle ropes

For lower body muscles

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Box jumps
  • Squat-to-rows
  • Sled pushes

Eva often combines her resistance training sessions with circus training. It involves performing certain acrobatic moves, juggling, and some trapeze work. Doing so not only adds the element of fun to her workouts but also enhances her overall mobility, agility, and body balance.

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Eva’s cardio sessions are a bit different from the conventional ones. One of her favorites is trampoline cardio workouts. Performing it requires one to squat, twist, and jump a lot on the trampoline which provides the body with a decent cardio workout. And to make those sessions more challenging, Eva wears wrist weights while performing them.

Apart from her trampoline cardio workouts, Eva also likes to go to SoulCycle classes or simply resorts to running.

Eva’s cardio sessions keep her active and agile. And it also contributes towards maintaining her perfect shape.

Pilates and Yoga

Eva performs pilates on the Megaformer. Owing to its effectiveness, it’s often regarded as doing pilates on steroids. It has a unique moving platform and it also uses springs for resistance.

While performing pilates on the Megaformer, one is required to do slow movements which target to improve one’s core strength and stability.

Eva also likes to perform yoga as part of her exercise routine. Even during her pregnancy days, she used to perform certain yoga workouts with a doula. It enabled her to counter her pregnancy-related lower back pain along with shedding off some baby weight.

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Active recovery

While most of us usually like to do almost nothing on weekends, that’s not the case with Eva Longoria. On weekends, she prefers going for hikes with her family or friends. Doing so promotes active recovery and also avoids her body from getting lethargic.

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Eva Longoria’s Diet Plan

Eva Longoria’s Diet Plan
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Eva is a big foodie. She loves experimenting with her meals and also keeps on trying out numerous food items every now and then. But she stays cautious of not including any unhealthy food item(s) in her diet chart.

Eva has tried out different diet plans all her life. She had even gone vegan once but soon realized that it isn’t serving her best interests.

At present Eva Longoria follows a diet plan that has plenty of proteins and moderate amounts of carbs and fats. She keeps herself in shape by having balanced meals.

Now, let’s throw some light on Eva Longoria’s meal plan for the day:-

Meal 1- Breakfast

One of Eva’s favorite go-to breakfasts is egg whites with beans. It’s quick and easy to prepare and is loaded with proteins.

For her breakfast, Eva also likes to enjoy some Mexican foods such as:-

  • Chilaquiles (they are lightly fried corn tortillas and are served with green or red salsa)

At times she enjoys her chilaquiles with cheese, scrambled eggs, refried beans, or shredded chicken.

Another dish that she prefers having in her breakfast is:-

  • Huevos rancheros (made with fried eggs that are served with warm corn tortillas, seasoned beans, and condiments like salsa.

On days when Eva has to prepare her breakfast all by herself, she simply resorts to having homemade bagels or croissants.

Meal 2- Lunch

Eva usually has lunch at around 4-5 pm. And she chooses to go with a heavy lunch. One of the most preferred dishes that she loves having for lunch is:-

  • Shredded steak tacos

She prepares it from homemade guacamole (made from white onion, tomatoes, avocado, lemon juice, tacos, cilantro, and salt), flour tortillas, and steak with salt and chili powder.

On other days she likes to have curry dishes, Shepard’s pie, other types of tacos, or simply homemade pasta.

Meal 3- Dinner

Eva usually keeps her dinner light. She likes to have soups or salads in it. She also consumes vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and Brussels sprouts in her dinner, frying them with olive oil.

Her favorite soup happens to be the Italian Wedding Soup that’s made using green veggies and turkey meatballs.

Favorite beverage

Eva’s favorite beverage is coffee. Apart from adding it to her breakfast, she also likes to enjoy it many times a day. She claims that doing so keeps her energetic to go through her hectic schedules with ease.

Cheat meals

Eva’s cheat meals consist of food items like potato chips, pepperoni pizza, and other salty snacks. She also loves to have a glass of red wine along with a charcuterie board or different cheeses on her cheat days.

Eva Longoria’s Supplements

Eva has always prioritized eating whole food items over supplements. Owing to this reason, Eva Longoria’s supplements stack isn’t a lengthy one.

It just includes one supplement which is as follows:-

  • Multivitamin

A multivitamin supplement fetches her body with certain micronutrients that keep her hair, skin, and nails nourished. It also enables her to make up for any kind of nutritional deficiency.

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Final Words

Getting to know about Eva Longoria’s workout routine and diet plan would have geared you up to start your fitness journey. Isn’t it? And if that’s the case you must use the info mentioned in this post to structure your fitness regime.

Once you are ready with that, make sure to follow it under the guidance of a fitness trainer just like Eva. Doing so will not only keep you away from training-related injuries but will also let you gain the best out of your fitness regime.