Esporta Fitness Prices & Membership Cost 2023

Want to start your fitness journey at an affordable price without having to compromise on excellent services?

Here is a gym that you absolutely must check out – Esporta Fitness. It is one of the most affordable gyms in the United States with decent services being offered.

With membership costs starting at less than $0.3 a day, it’s a chance you can not afford to lose. And based on your choice, you can upgrade your plan to up to $1 a day; still pretty cheap, right?

Here at Esporta, they offer a wide range of membership plans. From single club access membership plan to multi-club access membership plan which allows you to enter any of their gyms throughout the United States.

Esporta also provides additional facilities with extra charges in addition to the regular monthly or annual fees. Some of the amenities they provide are Racquetball, kids club, personalized training, and many more.

Through this article, we aim to equip you with all the information regarding Esporta Fitness’s prices for its variety of membership plans. It will help you decide if this gym fits your needs and budget, and also to navigate your way in choosing a gym for yourself.

So if that’s something you’re interested in, read along!

Esporta Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

Esporta Fitness Prices & Membership Cost
Esporta Fitness

The table given below gives you a quick look at Esporta Fitness pricing for different membership plans that they offer.

Esporta Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

Single Club Access Membership

Initiation fees 


Monthly fees


Membership cancellation fees


Single State Multi-Club Access Membership

Initiation fees


Monthly fees


Cancellation fees


Annual fees per person


Multi State Multi Club Access Membership

Initiation fees


Monthly fees


Cancellation fees


Annual fees per person


The table shown above states the general pricing for membership in various states. However, you must keep in mind that these are just generalized prices.

The exact prices of Esporta Fitness Memberships may differ from location to location which would most probably be higher in big cities. One such example is Los Angeles where initiation fees for single club access membership are $149 whereas in other cities you just have to pay $99 for starting single club membership.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a long term membership plan, Esporta even has a year long membership plan. Esporta has an annual membership plan in almost all its gyms which starts at a mere $53 payment per person.

How Much Does Esporta Cost?

As you already know, Esporta is one of the most budget friendly gyms you could find in the United States. This is most clear from the fact that it costs just a dollar a day even from their most expensive plan.

Its monthly cost starts from $9.99 if you wish to join a single club membership. However, if you want to join a membership that gets you into multiple clubs then you’ve to pay $29.99.

Here with the monthly fees you also need to pay an initiation fee which would be around $99 for single club access membership whereas for multiple club access you don’t have to pay a penny to start with your fitness journey.

You will have to pay only the monthly fees for multiple club access membership, along with an annual fee of $53. Just keep in mind that these are generalized rates which may vary. For example, if you wanna join Esporta’s gym in Los Angeles or any such big city, the initiation price that you can expect is around $149.

Further, if you want to access some additional services you need to pay for them too besides the monthly charges. Such additional charges are to be paid for amenities such as Racquetball, kids club, personalized training, and many more.

However, regarding these additional amenities, there are chances that they may not be available at every location. So in case you want to know if they are available at your nearest gym, you may also contact them personally for details and final pricing.

Esporta’s Monthly Cost

Esporta Fitness’s membership cost per month comes around $9.99 for single club access and for that for multiple club access membership you’ve to pay $29.99.

However, this payment may differ on the basis of the location of the gym. Mostly bigger cities have a higher regular single club as well as multi club membership fees.

It has group fitness classes but also provides personal training according to your necessities for which it charges additional fees along with the monthly or annual membership fees.

How Much is The Esporta Fitness Initiation Fee?

Besides the monthly or annual membership fees which you would pay for accessing Esporta’s gym, there is also an initiation fee which you need to pay.

In the case of a single club membership plan, the initiation price would be around $99 whereas for multiple club access membership you don’t need to pay even a penny.

However, you must know that these are just general pricing for Esporta gyms and they may differ. One such example is LA where the initiation fee is $149 whereas in other cities in the United States you don’t need to pay anything.

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Is Esporta Fitness Month to Month?

Yes, the most common plans in almost all Esporta gyms are on monthly payments for single club access as well as for the multi club access membership plan. But contract-wise, it won’t necessarily be a month-to-month rolling membership.

Individual clubs may have certain terms regarding the cool-off period and minimum commitment period. We have noticed some previous Esporta members complaining about early cancellation fees when they tried to terminate their memberships before completing one year after joining.

Speaking of which, they also offer annual memberships wherein you’ll be paying the fee for an entire year at once. The yearly membership fee for the single club access basic plan at Esporta is around $119.99, final prices will vary from location to location..

For exact details, do contact your local Esporta club. You can also consider going to their website, searching for your hometown, selecting your local club, and then see the exact prices.

How Much is Esporta’s Annual Fee?

In addition to the monthly fees that Esporta charges you on a monthly basis, you can also expect an annual fee. Presently, the annual fee at Esporta is set at $53.

Speaking of when to pay the annual fee, they will most likely charge it along with your third month’s dues. There were complaints from members that Esporta charged the annual fee without telling them.

But the fact is, they clearly state it all in the agreement documents. That makes it more crucial for you to go through all the documents before signing the agreement, and enquire in the beginning itself about all prices they charge.

Esporta Fitness Deals & Discounts

Esporta does offer a number of deals and discounts around festival seasons and other special occasions.

You can either check out their website or contact them directly to learn more about present deals and discounts.

Can I Go to Any Esporta Fitness With My Membership?

Yes, you can access any Esporta gym around the United States provided you have a premium multi-club multi-state access membership with you which costs around $29.99 per month. If you have the premium single-state multi-club plan, you can visit all Esporta clubs in your home state.

But keep in mind that if you have only the basic $29.99 plan, you can visit only your home club!

So, if you are someone who travels a lot, consider grabbing a premium membership itself.

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The Bottom Line

When it comes to affordable prices as well as a great workout and fitness experience Esporta is truly an unmatched choice throughout the United States.

Moreover, Esporta isn’t just about its budget friendly fees but even its services are definitely very personalized according to your needs.

It has group fitness classes but even provides personal training according to the fitness goals you wish to pursue.

Go ahead and visit your nearest Esporta gym and get yourself a membership to start your fitness journey.

If there’s something you’re still doubtful about or have any questions to ask regarding the membership plans or fees, feel free to contact them in person or visit their official website.