Ernestine Shepherd’s Diet Plan

It is too common nowadays to spot teenagers and people in their late 30s and 40s putting on weight. Blame the lifestyle and the consumption of junk, sorry, to break it to you, people, have become obese and very much habitual to this unhealthy lifestyle.

But there are still a few among them who are standing apart from the crowd. Ernestine Shepherd, the age-defying beauty, turned eighty-five this year and has been true to defy all odds related to fitness and age. She has set the bars high by being the world’s oldest female bodybuilder as awarded by the Guinness World Of Records.

The woman has stepped into every field and nailed it like a pro! She got featured in Beyonce’s Black Is King video, has successfully won bodybuilding championships, set up her active wear clothing brand, and whatnot!

She has got the best washboard abs, the toned and muscular biceps, and the physique that would propel you to pull out your gym shoes and get started on your fitness journey. All this fitness and that also at the age of eighty-five! Sounds unbelievable! But it is true. The way she leads her life and her dedication to her fitness made us look deeper into her fitness secrets. Finally, we found it! It is her healthy diet.

Ernestine Shepherd’s Diet Plan is unlike the regular gym-goers diet. It is different and involves a lot of discipline and effort. If you are also dedicated to achieving your fitness goals, then be ready for a useful amount of information. Let’s get started!

Ernestine Shepherd’s Diet Plan

Ernestine Shepherd Diet
Ernestine Shepherd in an Instagram Photo (Ernestine Shepherd / Instagram)
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‘Believe it or not, I used to be a couch potato ’ says Ernestine on her transformation. While this may be hard to believe, she overcame all her resistance with her dedication and perseverance. She is undoubtedly a superwoman who functions on only three-four hours of sleep a day. Yeah, we know, it is hard to believe.

Ernestine Shepherd’s Diet is a depiction of the same discipline that she has in her life. Even after going through depression after the sad demise of her sister, she got her life back on track. So be ready to bid adieu to your chocolate cakes, because this information about her diet plan will surely inspire you!

Have a proper lifestyle

She wakes up sharp at 2:30 am every day and starts with her daily routine. It has helped her to stay committed to her fitness goals and made her more disciplined. She starts her day with gratitude and meditation, thanking the Lord for giving her enough energy to carry out her day.

Keep it simple!

She consumes 1700 calories a day. Boiled eggs, chicken, vegetables, and a liquid egg white drink are the main components of her diet. She eats a simple diet and doesn’t like to change it frequently.

Break your meals into six-seven meals

She eats six-seven meals a day. It helps her to stay fuller for longer periods and also helps her to manage her cravings.

Drink the egg whites

She drinks the egg whites to meet her protein requirements. Egg whites are a key component of her diet and help her with enhanced performance and a fit body.

Eat smartly

Do not stuff your diet with unnecessary foods. Count your calories and do not overconsume your food. Eating healthy food is the most important aspect of her diet.

Keep yourself hydrated

She has a goal of drinking at least eight glasses of water every day. Water keeps the muscles hydrated and provides you with enough energy to carry out your daily tasks with more vigor.

Drop the performance-enhancing supplements

She is totally against any performance-enhancing supplements. Vitamin D supplements are the only supplements that she adds to her diet.

Give up on that junk!

‘I don’t have a desire for it.’ says Ernestine on junk. There was a time when she loved cakes and chips, but now she has dropped them off her diet. For her cheat meals, she consumes some sugar-free cherry Jello. She loves her body and health so much that she no longer binges on junk food.

Ernestine Shepherd‘s meal plan is a low carb, mid-high protein, and low-fat plan that provides her enough nutrients to maintain a fit and healthy body. Inspired right! Try to give it a try!

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What does Ernestine Shepherd eat in a day?

The bodybuilder makes sure that she stuffs the right food on her plate. She has 120 grams of protein in her diet and consumes protein-rich foods to give her the strength and stamina to work on her body. Given below is the list of foods that she makes sure to add to her diet chart:

  • Egg whites
  • Skinless chicken
  • Tuna
  • Turkey
  • Handful of walnuts
  • Green vegetables
  • Sweet potato
  • Brown rice

What does Ernestine Shepherd eat for breakfast?

Breakfast is very important for her as it sets the day for carrying out her daily tasks. She eats ten egg whites before her morning ten-mile run at 3:00 am. Egg whites help her in building strong and healthy muscles. It provides her the necessary energy for her morning run.

What to Avoid

Get ready to give up on your junk! Ernestine Shepherd stays away from all kinds of food that have empty calories and do not provide her body nutrition. Here is the list of foods that she completely avoids adding to her meal plan:

  • Beef
  • Saturated Fats
  • Processed Carbs
  • Food with Preservatives
  • Junk Food
  • Sweets

Ernestine Shepherd’s Supplements

Ernestine Shepherd supplements her diet by adding a rich variety of supplements. As she is in her eighties, she needs to add supplements that help her give her better bone health and strength. Given below is a brief description of the supplement that she consumes :

  • Vitamin D: It helps in maintaining bone health and provides a reduction in inflammation of the body. It also enhances the immune system and gut function.

Other than this she does not take any supplements, she says that exercise is her best anti-aging supplement. So if you also want to get fit like Ernestine then try to include these practices in your routine and design your nutrition plan accordingly.

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Final Words

‘I have the words ‘Determined, Dedicated, and Disciplined to be fit’ and that encompasses everything I do. If you use your mind and follow the 3 Ds, you can’t fail.’ advises Shepherd for anyone beginning on their health journey.

This woman has defeated all odds to come out stronger and healthier. She is an inspiration for everyone. She shows that one can convert grief and sadness into powerful weapons for transformation. So what are you waiting for? Give up on your excuses and take a step. If she can achieve it, then you can do it too!