Rigs & Racks

Working out with free weights is considered to be the best form of resistance exercise. As most of these exercises utilize more than one muscle group and also focus on some muscle group per exercise makes them eligible to find their way into any kind of workout routine.

Training with weights and resistance is necessary for achieving your fitness goals faster at earlier stages of your fitness journey, and you can’t even imagine working out without barbells, dumbbells, and other weights if you are an intermediate level fitness enthusiast, an athlete, powerlifter, or just someone who wishes to grow muscular physique.

Just as weight lifting exercises are necessary to achieve significant results in terms of strength gain and muscle growth, the weightlifting rigs and power racks are essential elements of your gym setup to make it happen.

Every serious lifter has to have at least a power cage or squat rack at their home gym set up. These things can really help you improve upon your performance for squats, benches, overhead press, deadlift, and many other lifts.

Rigs & Racks

By adding a squat stand to your basement gym you eliminate the need for a spotting partner for performing the heavy lifting moves. You have many options right from a basic squat stand to the fancy smith machine that you can add to your garage gym to help you perform all the weight lifting exercises safely.

If you have large space in your garage you can fit the big weightlifting rigs that would allow you and many of your workout partners to workout at a time. Most of these rigs have the possibility to install some attachments and some of the accessories on them. By doing this you can turn a single rig into a complete bodybuilding workout station for multiple users at a time.

The rigs and racks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and functionality. Depending on your workout requirement and space availability you can choose to add anything from a simple rack to a big ass versatile rig.

You need to consider various factors of your current workout routine and the probable course of progression it would take in the foreseeable future to zero-in on the type of rack or rig you want to add to your gym setup.

Each type of these pieces of gym equipment is available in many brands in the market. You need to understand the products, their functionality, critical elements, structural material, load distribution, and much more to decide on the right product to buy.

The process of searching the information on all of these can be next to impossible. Even if you manage to find some of it, it is difficult to know if the information is trustworthy.

To spare you from the need to search all over the internet we have consolidated everything you need to know about the rack and rigs in one section of our website. And to make it even easier to find the particular information relevant to the exercise equipment you wish to know about, we have strategically sorted the information for each type of equipment.

We have also included the lists of pieces of equipment available in the market along with the guide to picking the right ones. So, if you want to improve the capabilities of your basement gym, get in and get equipped with all the information needed to make the right choice.

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