Indoor Cycling

Opting for cycling as your choice of cardio workout saves you from the possible excessive impact load on your joints that you might have to endure if you had chosen any other exercise. Among the two choices in cycling selecting indoor cycling instead of outdoor spares you from the likely crashes, dirt on the road, and the traffic that you might have to face.

Once you have chosen to be an indoor cycle user the next thing in the process is to choose the type of cycle you want to perform your spinning sessions on. There are many types, but depending upon the posture you ride in the indoor cycles can be divided broadly into three types; spin bike, upright bike, and recumbent bike.

While riding a spinning bike your body posture is similar to riding a road bike. If you want the exercise bike to imitate the road bike posture so that you can practice at home but also prepare your back for riding in a bent-over road biking posture for a long duration then you should go for this one.

The sitting position for an upright bike is as the name suggests, upright or standing. Spinning in this position reduces stress on your spine and the neck. And as you are spinning indoors you don’t have to worry about being aerodynamic, thus an upright bike can be a better choice if you never plan to switch to a road bike.

If you are one of those who wish to pedal their exercise cycle while seating in the heavily cushioned, back supported seat, then there are recumbent bikes for you.

These are just broader differences between the types of indoor bikes, we have long-form articles describing the indoor bikes in-depth and detailing the differences between types of these bikes.

Indoor Cycling

Your fitness goals and current fitness level control the most part of your decision about choosing the type of indoor bike to ride. We have taken the effort to guide you on how to choose the right type of bike that suits your needs.

The spin bike you choose for your home gym must be durable, efficient, comfortable, and aesthetic. It should offer adjustability in terms of riding resistance and seat height. It should be able to handle your weight easily. It should be usable by every member of the family. It should be compatible with the accessories and shoes you already have.

Making sure it has all things mentioned above before buying a new indoor bike seems a tiring task, isn’t it? Believe us, this is just a trailer, there are many more things to understand about indoor cycles and their accessories, before buying them. And we have covered almost all of these things in our articles.

Along with all the information about the types, differences, features, etc. about the indoor bikes, we also have the lists of best bikes and accessories available in the market, prepared after extensive research and trial of many products. You can utilize these lists and guides for your benefit at any time.

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