Equinox Prices & Membership Cost 2023

When it comes to fitness, Equinox is indeed a synonym for luxury. With monthly membership fees starting from $160 and going as high as $500, Equinox is also one of the most expensive gyms around.

So, why is Equinox so expensive? The answer is quite simple- a great workout experience that goes beyond comfort, to luxury.

And needless to say, almost every Equinox gym is equipped with state of art machines and impeccable facilities that you can hardly find in those cheap gyms. Therefore, you can expect premium prices as well.

In this article, we will guide you through Equinox prices and other details, so that you can make your decision, whether to grab a membership at this luxury gym or not! Read along.

Equinox Prices & Membership Cost

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Equinox Prices & Membership Cost

Given below is a quick table of general Equinox pricing and additional costs.

Equinox  Prices & Membership Cost

Single club access membership

Initiation Fee


Monthly Fee


Membership Cancellation Fee


Multi club access membership

Initiation Fee


Monthly Fee


Cancellation Fee


Other fees

Equinox Plus Application Monthly Fee


Those were the general Equinox prices. Keep in mind, final pricing will vary from location to location, although not very significantly. For instance, in big cities like New York, you will have to pay a bit more.

Also, some clubs do have options for yearly memberships starting at a fee of $2200 per year. And you can always enquire whether there are more flexible plans available or not.

How much does Equinox cost?

As you should know already, Equinox is a premium/luxury gym. Therefore, you should expect higher than usual fees in order to enjoy those luxurious facilities and most importantly, exercise in their comfortable workout environment.

Generally, the basic Equinox membership price is set at $168 per month. With this membership, however, you can visit only one club. You can enjoy all the perks available at Equinox with the membership but still, please contact them and assure things before grabbing your membership. Because some gyms may have different policies.

Another option available at Equinox is the multi club- all access membership that you can obtain by paying a monthly fee of $230, plus taxes. This membership plan can be an ideal option for you, especially if you are someone who travels a lot. For the multi club access membership also, your initiation fee will be $100.

Besides, most Equinox clubs do offer annual memberships which you can grab by paying somewhere around $2200 and $3000 for single club and multi club access memberships respectively.

With either of the above mentioned membership plans, you can usually enjoy all perks and amenities. These facilities may include yoga, Pilates, Massage facilities, pools, kickboxing, and many more.

However, some clubs may have different policies regarding what facilities you can utilize, and what you can not, especially when they offer even more facilities.

For instance, some Equinox clubs in New York city do have super premium membership plans worth $500 per month! Of course, with higher pricing, you can always expect better facilities and luxuries.

In such cases, you need to contact them directly, and enquire about final pricing details.

Also, you can expect an annual increment in monthly rates, which they attribute to inflation and things like that. Therefore, make sure you go through all details, like yearly fee increment, fee for membership cancellation, etc.

Speaking of membership cancellation, Equinox usually won’t charge you to do so. However, you will have to give the request 45 days prior to the date you want your membership cancelled. In other words, it takes a minimum of 45 days to complete your Equinox membership cancellation request.

Regarding membership freezing as well, you will not have to pay any prices. But, you need to give the request 5 days before the 31st of the month so that your membership will be suspended from next month onwards.

Finally, we are repeating once again, that those were the general pricing ranges at Equinox. Ultimate prices may vary from location to location. For further queries, you can always contact them directly, and they do have really supportive staff to guide you through and clear your doubts.

Equinox price gym

How much does it cost to join Equinox?

The usual cost of joining Equinox is $100. However, they do have the habit of offering promo codes and offers using which, you can avail of great deals.

Sometimes, you can even grab an Equinox membership free of cost when they offer certain discounts. They do offer discounts around the new year, winter, summer and other occasions.

How much is Equinox per month?

The monthly fee at Equinox usually revolves around $168 for single club access and $230 for multi club access.

But in fact, final prices may vary from location to location, and from time to time. For instance, most Equinox clubs in New York City charge a monthly fee of more than $200 for single club access and close to $270 for multi club access.

How much does equinox digital cost?

Equinox digital subscription usually costs $39.99 per month. 

How much does Equinox All Access cost?

Usually, Equinox all club access will cost $230 per month.

How much is Equinox Plus membership?

You can grab an Equinox Plus membership by paying an additional $40 per month.

How much is Equinox a month in NYC?

Being a big city, an Equinox membership cost in New York will be more than usual.

Equinox price in NYC is around $205 and $270 for single club access and multi club access respectively. Besides, several clubs offer even bigger premium plans, which can be as high as $500 per month.

How much is an Equinox membership in LA?

Equinox membership costs in LA start at $200 for single club access and $270 for multi club access. Also, final prices may vary from club to club.

How much is Equinox San Francisco?

Equinox prices in San Francisco vary from club to club. At most clubs, the monthly fee is somewhere around $200.

How much is Equinox initiation fee?

The usual Equinox initiation fee is $100 that you have to pay while joining. Besides this, some clubs do have separate options where you pay for an entire year and in such cases, your initiation fee may be $500.

equinox membership cost

How much does a personal trainer cost at Equinox

Equinox clubs offer great personal training facilities, and have highly qualified trainers to guide you.

While most clubs offer close guidance from expert trainers at no extra cost, you can also opt for dedicated personal trainers.

And as you might expect, the personal trainer cost at Equinox can also be a bit high, usually ranging around $100 per session.

Equinox Deals & Discounts

Equinox sometimes offers great deals and discounts. The most famous one among them all is their no-initiation fee offer around the new year. Besides the new year resolution offer, you can also grab great discounts during specific seasons like winter and summer.

Most of these deals by Equinox are on initiation fees, monthly fees, personal training, or even in the form of gift cards.

For more details, you can contact the Equinox club near you, or visit their website.

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Does Equinox have any discounts?

Yes. Although a premium gym, Equinox does offer discounts. However, most of their discounts vary from time to time, and there are usually no discounts that stay constant.

For instance, Equinox doesn’t offer regular discounts on senior citizen memberships. But they may have seasonal offers.

Does equinox have student discount

Usually not. Equinox is a premium gym and they usually don’t offer regular student discounts.

However, you can always try contacting them directly and inquire. Some clubs may offer discounts.

How can I get an Equinox membership for cheap?

You can get an Equinox membership for cheap, only if you avail some discounts or deals. Otherwise, you will have to pay premium prices to attend Equinox classes.

Easiest way to get Equinox membership for cheap is to utilize discounts that they offer on certain occasions or seasons of the year.

Can I go to any Equinox with my membership?

If you have the Equinox all club access membership, you can go to any of their clubs.

Can I freeze Equinox membership?

Yes, you can freeze your Equinox membership. And to do so, you need to give notice several days prior to your freezing period (usually 5 days before the 31st).

Equinox usually does not charge any fee for frozen/ suspended membership. But always ask them directly about their membership suspending policies.

How much does it cost to cancel Equinox membership?

There are no specific costs to cancel an Equinox membership. However, you need to give the cancellation request 45 days in advance.

That is, your cancellation request will be completed 45 days after you submitted your request.

Is it hard to cancel Equinox membership?

Usually, it is not supposed to be that hard to cancel an Equinox membership. There are multiple options to submit a membership cancellation request, like:

  • Through their website or mail
  • Contacting them through telephone
  • Visiting the club in person

The hard part about cancelling an Equinox membership is that you will usually have to submit the request 45 days before the cancellation date.

But if you have a doctor’s recommendation that you have a medical situation, things may be easier.

But always, ask them directly and most importantly, read their terms and conditions regarding membership cancellation when you join the gym.

Equinox fee for extra amenities

Once you pay your monthly fee, you can attend unlimited Equinox classes. You can access all their facilities like yoga, Sauna, spa, pilates, cardio, etc. free of cost.

But as always, do contact the club near you whether all these facilities will be available with the usual membership plan or not.

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Bottom Line

Equinox prices are certainly steep, and we won’t deny that fact. If you are looking for a premium gym membership and the cost is of the least importance, then you can hardly find a better option.

However, if you feel like Equinox is a bit expensive, you can always look for affordable options. But keep in mind, Equinox is unique and you won’t get such comfort in those cheaper gyms.