Emma Watson’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

From watching her in the legendary Harry Potter series to secretly crushing on her, most of us have grown up watching Emma Watson. Her role as Hermione Granger was simply phenomenal enough to make her an absolute favorite of Potterheads from different parts of the world.

But it’s not only her charming persona that is admired by her fans. Her aesthetic body and elite fitness levels are also a source of inspiration for many of them.

So let’s throw some light on Emma Watson’s workout routine and diet plan through this post.

Emma Watson's Workout Routine and Diet Plan
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Emma Watson’s Workout Principles

Even though Emma is quite disciplined with sticking to her workout plan, she isn’t a gym freak who loves spending long hours in the gym. Instead, her training sessions are rather short and intense and often wrap up in around 30 minutes.

Emma Watson’s workout routine doesn’t require plenty of modern training equipment. It follows a simplistic approach and hence consists of exercises that use minimal training equipment for their execution.

Emma Watson’s Workout Routine

Emma may look like a princess but she has a warrior inside her. She trains to be extremely fit and athletic and even prefers to perform most of her stunts all by herself. The credit for this goes to her workout routine that targets training different aspects of her body.

Emma workouts under the supervision of her trainer Emily Drew. Each of her workout sessions primarily focuses on three things namely; stretching, strength, and stillness.


Stretching keeps her body flexible and agile. This in turn saves her from many injuries that happen due to muscle stiffening. To keep her body flexible, Emma performs certain yoga poses and pilates.

Emma’s stretching routine also facilitates postural correction. In it, she performs stretches for her shoulders, hip flexors, and quads.

Strength training

To work on enhancing her strength levels, Emma relies on the concepts of good old-school strength training. She lifts light-moderate weights for a higher number of repetitions which gives her body a lean and toned appearance.

In order to intensify her strength training sessions, most of the time Emma likes to perform the exercises in it in a circuit style. That gives her the opportunity to train more in a relatively shorter period.


When Emma feels like pushing herself more, she intensifies her cardio sessions. Her cardio sessions primarily consist of sprinting and boxing. The execution of both of them gets her heart rate up and keeps her body lean.

Ab training

Emma trains her washboard abs right after her cardio sessions. She performs planks, crunches, Romanian twists, and leg raises to carve them out. Practicing pilates also gives a decent workout to her core muscles.

Stillness training

Talking about the ‘stillness’ part of Emma’s workout routine, it focuses on relaxing her body and mind by incorporating yoga and meditation.

Being quite dedicated to keeping her body in shape, Emma at times also likes to go for hikes or long walks, especially on days when she doesn’t feel like hitting the gym or doesn’t have the time to do so. Doing so facilitates active recovery for her body along with bringing a change to her regular workout routine.


Emma gives as much attention to her mental health as she gives to her physical health. To keep her mental health on point and to lower her stress levels, Emma prefers performing meditation. Her meditation routine includes breathing exercises and exercises that relax both her body and mind.

Mixing it up

Exercising has always been there in Emma’s priority list. And to be regular with performing it she has to ensure her exercise routine doesn’t get boring.

To counter such a scenario, she keeps on switching it from time to time. She incorporates different training styles into it which also gives her the opportunity to work on different aspects of her body.

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Emma Watson’s Diet Plan

Emma Watson's Diet Plan
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Emma Watson relies on a balanced meal plan to feed her body nutritiously. This in turn keeps her body extremely fit and active inside out.

Emma Watson’s diet plan has medium amounts of proteins, carbs, and fats. Whole food items that are quite rich in their nutritional values have always been there in Emma’s diet chart.

Now let’s find out what Emma Watson’s meal plan for the day looks like:-

Meal 1- Breakfast

Emma chooses to have a protein-rich breakfast. It fetches her body essential amino acids that boost recovery and growth. She often changes the food items that she has in her breakfast. Her favorite breakfast dish is:-

  • Scrambled eggs served with salsa and guacamole on a warm tortilla

Meal 2- Lunch

Emma’s lunch is quite rich in lean proteins, good carbs, and vitamins. Such a kind of lunch not only keeps her energetic but also fetches her body with plenty of essential nutrients. Her go-to meal for the lunch is:-

  • Turkey or Chicken breast
  • Salad

At times she even likes to have a burger for her lunch.

Meal 3- Dinner

Usually, Emma’s dinner is just like her lunch. On days when she plans to eat out with her friends, she tends to eat a bit off from her diet plan but ensures to do so in moderation. She loves having pasta, bagels, and cocktails while eating out.

However, she ensures to not consume any kind of processed food, fast food, or food items that have excess sodium, trans fats, chemical ingredients, and artificial additives in them.


When it comes to having snacks, Emma prefers to choose healthier food items that increase the levels of her blood sugar but certainly don’t spike it. Yogurt, non-processed food, and fresh fruits are her favorite food options that she prefers having as snacks.

Staying hydrated

Emma has always given due importance to staying hydrated. She drinks plenty of water throughout the day for that reason. It also keeps her radiant skin in top-notch condition.

Emma also loves having tea. But beverages like coffee and sodas are an absolute no-no in her diet chart.

Emma Watson’s Supplements

Emma Watson’s supplements stack consists of a few supplements that give her nutrition plan an added edge. It increases its overall nutritional value and also makes up for any kind of nutritional deficiencies.

Let’s get to know what all supplements are there in her diet plan:-

  • Omega-3s
  • Vitamin C

Emma consumes an omega-3s supplement to keep the health of her brain and heart in check. It also assists in combating inflammation.

Having a vitamin C supplement on the other hand boosts her immune system and fetches her body antioxidants. It also keeps her skin healthy.

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Wrapping Up

Now that you know so much about Emma Watson’s workout routine and diet plan, why don’t you use it to structure your fitness regime? We would recommend you to do so but make sure to make certain modifications to it so that it caters to your fitness goals and training experience.

The guidance of a physical trainer will assist you well in that matter. So get started with it and take your physique and fitness levels to newer heights.