Ed Coan’s 10 Week Program with Spreadsheet

Advanced powerlifters have a pretty tough time looking for competent training programs. After years of training, peaking can be a massive challenge for powerlifters.

Simply training hard and pushing your body to its limit is not the answer. To get the best results, you need a proper powerlifting program to help you reach your maximum potential.

When it comes to maxing out, there is an increased emphasis on mental well-being, apart from your physical condition. Continuous strenuous training sessions can be taxing for your body and mind.

At times, powerlifters underperform during competitions and events simply because they are mentally exhausted after weeks of rigorous training.

There is a workaround, however. By following a proper, well-organized peaking program, powerlifters can achieve maximum preparedness without overtiring their bodies.

To help you with that, we’ve brought an effective 10-week powerlifting program that you can use to maximize your core powerlifting capabilities.

Ed Coan's 10 Week Program with Spreadsheet

Program Principles

The 10 week powerlifting peaking program that we are going to talk about was developed by Ed Coan, arguably the greatest powerlifter of all time.

With many accolades and records to his name, Coan continues to be an inspiration for many hardened lifters. The Ed Coan program that we’ve brought for you is an old one; he developed it during his peak years. So, you could imagine how effective it is.

Ed Coan’s training principles were straightforward. He didn’t really believe in using percentages to determine the starting weights. But his 10-week training module nevertheless uses intelligence intensity programming to derive the best results.

The training periodization is more or less linear, with increasing weights and decreasing volume over time. Linear periodization works exceptionally well if you are training to derive long-term benefits.

Your body will have sufficient time to rest and recover, especially as the training volume gradually decreases. Thus, people can also use this 10 week powerlifting program to prepare for competitions as the training will follow a tapering schedule.

One of the key principles of Ed Coan’s 10 week peaking program is the increased focus on form. For that, he recommended taking the starting maximum weight as 5-10 kgs less than your all-time best, as it would allow you to focus more on your form.

Ed Coan, in his program, also combined peaking training with assistance/accessory training to achieve hypertrophy and also for preventing injuries by creating a nice balance between high-intensity and low-intensity training sessions.

When it comes to assistance exercises, Ed advised the powerlifters to focus on the movement. Controlling the tempo, moving the weight nicely, and establishing the mind-muscle connection while lifting is necessary for his program.

Eventually, the goal of this 10-week powerlifting program is to help advanced lifters move past their plateaus and achieve peak preparedness without overstraining their bodies.

To summarize, these are the key principles that form the basis of Ed Coan’s popular peaking program:

  • The training schedule follows a linear pattern where intensity goes up but volume goes down after every workout session.
  • Good balance of assistance exercises for maximum hypertrophy and injury prevention.
  • Maximum emphasis on form correction and mind-muscle connection for efficient results.

Ed Coan 10 Week Peaking Program

Ed Coan’s 10-week peaking program follows a straightforward linear pattern of training. It involves training all the core muscle groups that are important for carrying out powerlifts.

Performing bench presses, squats, deadlifts, shoulder exercises, and other accessory exercises make up the crux of Ed Coan’s program.

The 10 week powerlifting pinvolves five training sessions per week, out of which Saturdays are reserved for assistance exercises to get that coveted balance in intensity levels.

The key element of this program is the determination of starting weight. Although Coan is not an avid user of percentages, you can use your 1RM percentage to determine the weight you will be using at the start.

For instance, in the schedule, all the starting weights are taken as 100 kilograms or pounds. So, it will be easier for you to determine the percentage to work with based on your own 1RM percentage.

It is also advisable that powerlifters determine the starting maximum weight by subtracting 5-10 kilograms from their all-time-best weight record. This would allow you to start efficiently without compromising form for repetitions.

At the end of the peaking program, your body should have a new 1RM. You should also leave the training cycle in peak physical condition as your body will have sufficient time to recover, especially because of the tapering pattern of training.

Ed Coan 10-Week Peaking Program Spreadsheet

Ed Coan is one of the all-time greats in the powerlifting industry. His 10 week powerlifting peaking program offers a comprehensive insight into his training methodology during his heyday.

To download the popular and effective powerlifting program, click here.




The Spreadsheet file also contains additional information that is important for deriving maximum benefits of the program. So, make sure to download the template.

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Final Words

For many people, getting guidance from a powerlifting GOAT like Ed Coan is a dream come true.

The 10 week powerlifting program follows the same programming and pattern as Coan used at the peak of his career. Following such a training routine can allow advanced powerlifters to max out their capabilities even further.