Dwight Howard Diet Plan

Dwight Howard is a well-renowned name in NBA. This athlete has earned numerous titles in NBA along with an Olympic Gold Medal for his country.

Apart from his super skills on the basketball floor, he was a bit infamous for his sweet addiction. Yes,  you heard it right, this super athlete has a big sweet tooth.

In the year 2013, his former team nutritionist discovered that Howard was gobbling about a 2 dozen chocolate bars every day, and that too for the past decade. Thinking about honey buns, chocolate, and creamy pies used to make Dwight go gaga. He was especially crazy about candies.

Due to this urge, he was feeling constant tingling in his limbs. Being an athlete with rigorous training schedules, he started to feel that he is under fatigue for the longest time. He knew this would affect him badly, in his professional career as well as his health. After realizing this, he started working hard big time and adopted a healthy lifestyle with numerous changes in his nutrition plan.

Dwight Howard Diet
Dwight Howard in an Instagram Photo (Dwight Howard / Instagram)
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He describes how tough it was for him to throw out a pantry of sweets from his lifestyle. Imagining a life with very little sugar intake was like a nightmare for this sweet eating giant, but with his sheer determination for a healthy lifestyle, he did it.

Dwight Howard Diet Plan

Dwight had to modulate what he would eat in a day drastically and follow a strict diet plan. His sheer hard work and dedication showed his results wonderfully on the court.

Dwight’s diet chart starts with some eggs in the morning. Sometimes scrambled and sometimes omelet. In his king-sized breakfast meal plan, he includes Salmon as well. After that, before going to his game arena, he prefers three small meals, which could be a small chicken sandwich or different types of fish.

After his game finishes, he tries to recover all nutrients he lost through having a big meal. He states this is the second-largest meal after his breakfast.

The Dwayne Howard diet is incomplete without adequate water intake. Keeping yourself well hydrated is the key to a healthy physique as it flushes out toxins and leaves you with a healthy gut.

What to Eat

As he was in an unhealthy eating routine, consuming a huge amount of sugar per day, he ended up feeling a tingling sensation in his fingers and legs. After going through a well-researched diet study he is now following a very healthy regime.

  • He states to eat food that provides you more energy in your daily diet.
  • Dwight consumes protein in a large portion throughout his meals. Eggs, fish, beef, they all compile a decent platter for him.
  • The beef he eats is humanly raised and grass-fed with no extra antibiotics.
  • Core water is an essential part of his daily diet, if that’s not available, Coconut Water serves the needful.
  • He restores his empty starches with highly nutritious eatables.
  • Carbohydrates such as whole-grain pasta, fruits, nuts and vegetables should be consumed.
  • One should drink minimum 1 gallon water daily
  • Eat frequent meals every 6 hours daily.

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Although the Dwight Howard meal plan is healthy, it is not complete without the incorporation of supplements. An added amount of supplements helps to fulfill all the nutritional requirements and covers up anything missing.

Howard never gave a glimpse about what he consumes in the form of supplements, but we got to know about a few of them that he uses.

  • Whey Protein: It is a quality source of protein, utilized by the human body. It also aids in muscle growth and repair and acts as an energy-giving source.
  • Multi-Vitamins: This helps him to cover all of his daily vitamin needs. On the same hand, it serves as a source for dietary minerals and other national elements required in the nutritional plan of an athlete.

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Dwight Howard is a classic example of leaving a lifestyle full of sweet cravings and leading a super fit lifestyle of a super athlete. He fought and overcame his sweet tooth battle and now is a living example for many fitness enthusiasts. His regime for a healthy diet is not a rocket science. In his words “Health is Wealth. A lot of people try to get rich with money, but try to get rich with your body.”