Dr. Dre Workout Routine

Andre Romelle Young, popularly known as Dr. Dre, happens to be one of the most influential personalities in the hip-hop industry. He is a world-renowned rapper, entrepreneur, actor, and American record producer. He has released numerous hit albums that have revolutionized the hip-hop industry.

When Dr. Dre had started his career, he didn’t have the physique which he has now. He decided to transform his physique and improve his health. Numerous people are curious to know about his workout routine. Dr. Dre is in his 50s but looks like he is in his 30s. What workout plan made him look so young and fit? This post is going to be about the same. We will be throwing light on the workout routine that Dr. Dre follows to stay fit and active.

Dr. Dre Workout
Dr. Dre in a Twitter Photo (Dr. Dre / Twitter)
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Dr. Dre Workout Overview

Dr. Dre’s workout routine includes exercises that promote both strength and muscle gains. To make sure he does not look too bulky and fat, he also incorporates some cardiovascular exercises in his training program. Running happens to be Dr. Dre’s most favorite form of cardio. He just loves to run. He often runs around 3-5 miles on the treadmill. Running helps in keeping him agile and athletic. It also aids in burning off excess fat.

To work on his strength levels, Dr. Dre includes weightlifting exercises in his workout routine. He performs his weightlifting exercises at least 5 times a week.

Dr. Dre Workout Schedule

Dr. Dre lifts weights at least 5 days a week. Dr. Dre wanted to have a physique that has a low body fat percentage and increased muscle density. For this purpose, he took the assistance of a celebrity trainer that designed a well-structured workout program for him. Dre then went on to lose around 50 pounds and got in a pretty athletic shape. Dr. Dre’s workout plan includes both weightlifting exercises as well as calisthenics/bodyweight movements. To perform cardiovascular exercises, he uses the treadmill.

Dr. Dre Workout Routine

Dr. Dre’s workout routine works on different aspects of his fitness. So whether it is improving muscular strength or working on agility and endurance, his workout routine is structured in a manner that includes all of them.

  • In each of his lifting sessions, Dr. Dre workouts two body parts. His most favorite combination includes training opposing muscle groups in a single training session. For instance, he likes to train chest and back muscles in one training session. In the next training session, he would be training quadriceps and hamstrings and so on. This kind of training saves time as well as provides you with a good pump after your workout.

Dr. Dre’s workout routine prioritizes some basic compound movements like squats, bench press, and deadlift. This allows him to pack on dense muscle mass on his frame. He also incorporates some isolation movements for training smaller muscle groups like biceps and triceps.

Apart from working out with free weights, Dr. Dre also includes some bodyweight exercises in his training program. Pull-ups and dips happen to be some of the most prominent bodyweight exercises of his workout routine. Bodyweight exercises tend to provide adequate resistance and also work on core strength and stability.

The following table will give you an overview of Dr. Dre’s full body workout routine:

Dr. Dre Workout Plan


Sets x Reps


(2-4) x (10-15)


(2-4) x (10-15)


(2-4) x (10-15)

Bicep Curls

(2-4) x (10-15)

Bench Press

(2-4) x (10-15)

Triceps Pushdowns

(2-4) x (10-15)


(2-4) x (10-15)

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Dr. Dre prefers to hit 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps for each exercise. Usually, he tends to increase the weight as he progresses with the sets. If you intend to follow Dr. Dre’s workout routine, you must choose a weight that is 60-80% of your 1 RM for each of the exercises.

After completing his weight training regime, Dr. Dre gets started with his cardiovascular regime. He runs around 3-5 miles on the treadmill every day. This works on his stamina as well as aids him in facilitating fat loss. Cardiovascular exercises should always be performed after your lifting sessions. This helps in providing you with a lean physique along with maintaining a low body fat percentage.

Apart from following a strict and intense workout program, Dr. Dre also takes good care of his diet to fuel his body to perform better.

Final Words

We expect that you would have been motivated enough by Dr. Dre’s workout routine. If you want to follow it, just make sure to do so under an experienced coach or trainer. This will ensure that you perform the exercises correctly and don’t overexert yourself. Consistency tends to be the underlying factor of Dr. Dre’s workout routine. If you stay consistent with your workout routine, the results will surely show up as per your expectations.

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