Dr. Dre Diet Plan

Dr. Dre needs no major introduction as he has been a major craze in the Hip-Hop world. Apart from the feat that he has achieved, his ripped physique that he has continued to maintain has always caught everyone’s attention.

At the age of 56, he is giving all the youngsters a major complex in terms of his physique.

With a well-developed nutrition plan, Dr. Dre feels young and alive. He says it almost feels like he is in his 30’s.

Flaunting his ripped abs, he never misses his workout and indulges in a healthy meal plan. In this celebrity diet guide, we get an idea as to what Dr. Dre’s diet looks like.

Dr. Dre Diet
Dr. Dre in a Twitter Photo (Dr. Dre / Twitter)
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Dr. Dre’s Meal Plan

Dr. Dre follows a protein-rich diet and tends to eat more vegetarian food. He had to change some of his ways and discipline himself to achieve this milestone.

Battling with some health problems did not slow him down. Instead, he just became stronger.

His diet chart does not include a lot of non-vegetarian food. He has a simple meal after every few hours and works out hardcore in the gym.

On a given day, this is what Dr. Dre’s meal plan consists of:

Dr. Dre’s Diet Plan


Oatmeal, Fruits, Nuts


Vegetarian meal


Vegetable soup

His meals usually are home-made and easy to prepare. He has been advised by his Doctor to avoid eating saturated fats.

To boost up his energy levels, he loads up on protein shakes. This also helps in muscle maintenance and post-workout recovery.

Along with protein, he also has a good portion of carbohydrates. He indulges in healthy fats to keep the fat content low in his body.

He incorporates 3 main meals in a day. In between meals, he may have a protein-rich snack. This helps be revved up for his intense training.

What to Eat

As a health freak, Dr. Dre consumes wholesome food. He usually has home-cooked meals, which is made with very less oil.

By consuming vegetables, Dr. Dre gets his share of vitamins, minerals, and calcium. It boosts his immunity as well as strengthens bones. A vegetarian diet has helped him remain fit and on his toes. He says that his diet has helped him get away from the lethargic blues.

Some foods that Dr. Dre recommends to include in our daily diet are:

  • Oats
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Protein powder
  • Soups
  • Water

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What to Avoid

To be healthy, Dr. Dre avoids certain foods in his diet plan. He prefers having simple meals with less oil and salt. He mostly avoids eating out or even packaged ready-made meals. It definitely helps to have a healthy heart.

By avoiding unhealthy foods, he has been able to achieve a great fitness level at this age. Some of the foods to be surely avoided while following his diet plan are:

  • Vegetable oil
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Processed food
  • Junk food
  • Fried food
  • Artificial ingredients
  • Readymade meals

Dr. Dre’s Supplements

Dr. Dre’s diet plan is more plant-based, so to prevent his body from deprivation of essential vitamins and minerals, he includes additional supplements.

This keeps him going throughout the day and helps him fuel up on energy which he burns in the gym. He recommends using these supplements on a daily basis to remain healthy.

Some of Dr. Dre’s supplements are:

  • Multi-vitamins: It helps to build up immunity and overall health. It also reduces stress levels and anxiety while keeping up energy levels. It provides strength to bones and prevents anti-aging.
  • Protein shakes: It helps to build on muscle mass while losing fat. It also keeps hunger at bay and helps in post-workout recovery. During workout, it prevents muscle loss.

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If Dr. Dre can look this way in his 50’s, then the younger generation has no excuse to make in order to hasten this process. With sheer dedication and hard work, one can definitely succeed in emulating Dr. Dre’s physique.

Being consistent is the key and a disciplined outlook for fitness. With Dr. Dre’s meal plan, along with a good intensive workout, one is surely going to reach the outcome of a ripped frame.

It is time to leave behind the older version of yourself and transform into a new you!