Does Pre Workout Expire? (Shelf Life Explained)

After a long day at work, hitting the gym may look almost impossible. That’s where pre workouts become helpful, as they help you stay energetic throughout your workout session.

But like in the case of any other supplement, you need to understand your pre-workout drink as well before you start taking it. Perhaps, the most common question gym goers have about pre workouts is about when they expire.

Most pre workouts can last for nine months on average, and the exact number varies on certain factors, which we will discuss in detail later in this article.

In addition, you may have a number of questions in your mind; such as, how to improve your pre-workout’s shelf life, how soon should you take your pre workout after mixing, etc.

You’ll find the answer to all these questions through this article.

So, read along!

Does Pre Workout Expire?

Does Pre Workout Expire

Yes, like any other supplement, pre workout will also expire. 

However, compared to most other supplements like whey protein, pre workouts last longer. That being said, they last shorter than some supplements like creatine.

In most pre workouts available in the market, you can see a ‘best before’ date before which the supplement gives the best result or in other words, stays maximum effective! After that expiry date, you may get a lower pump while working out, and may also face stomach discomforts.

The exact pre workout shelf life depends on certain factors like ingredients in it, how properly you store it, etc. 

And the next question you would have here is, does pre workout go bad after the expiry date? Well, it depends. In some cases, your pre workout may go bad after the expiry date but in most cases, they can last longer (although you can expect a down in the pump). 

You can easily tell if your pre workout has gone bad by looking at it. There are also ways to improve the shelf life of pre workouts. 

Does Pre Workout Expire After Mixing?

Does Pre Workout Expire After Mixing

Yes, pre workout expire after mixing. Usually, your pre workout mix will go bad within 12 hours of mixing it. The exact time duration may vary but comes somewhere in the range. 

If you let your pre workout stay mixed for longer hours, it may affect its efficiency and also, you may face certain health problems like gas trouble! 

So, if you too have the habit of mixing your pre workout in the mornings and taking it in the evening, you may have to think again. 

And we would suggest you mix the pre workout just half an hour or one hour before your workout session. By doing so, you can ensure that your body gets all it needs for an energetic workout session! 

How Long is Pre Workout Good for After Opening?

That depends on several factors such as ingredient mix, whether it comes in contact with moisture frequently, how well you store it, etc. 

But on average, you can expect your pre workout to last as long as nine months from the first day of use; That is more than how long some supplements last; and less than the shelf life of others. 

Furthermore, as time passes by, different ingredients of the pre workout last for different durations. For instance, vitamin B lasts longer than amino acids. Some other ingredients may last either longer or shorter.

So, rather than going bad as such, your body will receive the benefits of some ingredients, while missing out on some others! 

What Happens When Pre Workout Expires?

What Happens When Pre Workout Expires 

Here is what happens when pre workout expires

  • Lower performance boost: you won’t get the pump that you used to get from the pre workout before.
  • Stomach disturbances: you may have to face stomach problems like bloating and gas trouble, which can ruin your entire workout session.
  • Bad smell and taste: After expiring, your pre workout won’t be as pleasant to consume as it used to be!

Is Expired Pre Workout Safe?

Is Expired Pre Workout Safe

Upon expiration, your pre workout may not only affect your athletic performance but also your stomach health. 

So, the question is, can you use expired pre workout? Generally speaking, no, it is not advisable to take an expired pre workout. In most cases, bacteria may inhabit the tub, causing health issues. 

Also, the supplement will be less effective than before and you won’t get the same pump that you used to get before your pre-workout expired.

However, that doesn’t mean your pre workout will certainly go bad after the expiry date. In some cases, you can go on using it, although you can expect some drop in your performance

In short words, an expired pre workout can or cannot be harmful and if not harmful, you can also expect a down in the boost.

That being said, keep in mind that you won’t be storing your pre workout for 9 months or so. If you take it regularly, your pre workout tub will get over within 30 or 45 days. So, buying an ideal size tub is also crucial.

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How to Store Pre Workout?

How you store your pre workout is perhaps the greatest factor determining its shelf life, perhaps even more important than the ingredient mix.

You ought to store it properly if you want it to last longer.

  • First and foremost, always keep your pre workout tub air tight, and never let air or moisture enter the container. Upon frequent moisture contact, bacteria may grow in the supplement.
  • Each time after you open the lid for mixing, seal it properly. Also, some pre workouts come with a silica pack inside them. The silica bag is effective in controlling excess moisture content. Do keep it there in the bottle. 
  • Store your tub in a cool, dry place. The lower the temperature, the higher will be its chemical stability. The more stable it is, the longer will it last! 

Another piece of advice we would give you is that it is always better to go with an ideal sized tub. A smaller tub can finish sooner than a bigger one, avoiding chances of going bad. 

How to Tell if Your Pre Workout is Expired

It is indeed crucial to understand whether your pre workout has expired or not. But it is in fact easy to tell if your pre workout is expired.

you can tell that your pre workout is expired if you notice:

  • Change in the taste: Upon expiring, your pre workout will taste awful or differently.
  • Change in odor: you also notice a change in the smell. The smell change may be either due to the presence of bacteria or chemical reactions.  
  • Discoloration: Upon expiring, your pre workout will lose its original appearance or color
  • Difficulty in mixing: Trying to mix an expired pre workout, will never be an easy job for you. there may be some lumps of clumsiness.
  • Decrease in your performance level: Upon expiring, your pre workout will lose its key properties that help you stay energetic. 

Those were the signs that your pre workout has expired. In addition, there are a few more indications that your pre workout ‘may have’ or ‘may not have’ expired. For instance, if you notice clumsiness in the tub, you should pay attention to its taste, smell, or appearance.

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Final Thoughts

Yeah, it is true that your pre workout will expire. It will go bad after a period of up to nine months from opening it. So, try to use it all before nine months, or the expiry date.

But keep in mind that if you take your pre workout regularly, it will hardly last for 45 days. So in that case, you won’t have to worry about its shelf life. 

And in other cases, storing the supplement properly will help, and is crucial for better shelf life. Also, pay attention to the ‘best before’ date in the tub!