Does Planet Fitness Have Zumba Classes?

Group classes are great ways to stay fit and active. They require less time, are more entertaining, and also help you socialize better as compared to usual workout programs.

And speaking of group classes, Zumba is one of the very first names that’d come to any fitness lover’s mind. Also, speaking of gyms that offer group classes, Planet Fitness is a name that we can’t  afford to miss out on!

But does Planet Fitness offer Zumba classes? If not, can you still learn Zumba while being a planet fitness member? And are there any alternatives for Zumba at planet fitness?

Through this article, you’ll find answers to all these questions. So, read along!

Does Planet Fitness Have Zumba Classes?

Does Planet Fitness Have Zumba Classes
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No. Most planet fitness clubs don’t offer Zumba classes.

Why we say ‘most clubs’ is, some of their clubs may occasionally conduct some Zumba classes. In other locations, you won’t be able to be part of such classes.

So, one good thing you can do if your home club doesn’t offer Zumba is to check if the nearby club offers it. If a nearby club offers it, and you have a planet fitness black card, you can attend their classes with no extra payment.

But what if the club doesn’t offer Zumba classes, well, keep in mind that planet fitness does offer a number of other kinds of classes which we will discuss later in this article. These classes are equally as good as Zumba for losing fat and gaining muscles, along with other benefits.

Can You Learn Zumba At Planet Fitness?

Yes, in some planet fitness clubs, you can learn Zumba even if they do not conduct regular classes. They may conduct special classes on certain occasions and thereby gives you the opportunity to learn it.

Another way to learn Zumba if your home club doesn’t offer it is, of course, to visit the next nearby club if you have the black card.

Other Alternative Classes

As we have mentioned earlier, Zumba is not the only class that you can do for cardio health, strength, entertainment, and other key benefits. Although PF doesn’t have Zumba, they do have a number of other group classes which are equally as good as Zumba.

Given below are the classes alternative to Zumba that Planet Fitness offer:

30 Minutes Express Circuit

The 30 minute express circuit is the most popular as well as an important group class offered by Planet Fitness. In fact, this class is also PF’s trademark program.

In the 30 minutes express circuit, you will be doing exercise for almost all aspects of fitness. That includes strength, cardio health, body balance, and of course, flexibility.

Generally, in the 30 minutes express training, you would be splitting your time for cardio and strength, with sufficient time for flexibility and balance. Speaking of strength training, you will also be training for all key muscle groups in your body in one session. But they also have dedicated group classes for individual muscle groups; we will go through them later.

You will be training as part of a team of 13 or 14, and there will be a certified PF trainer to guide you along. So, there is no need to worry about the effectiveness of these classes.

Overall, the Plant Fitness 30 minutes express circuit is a great, time-saving way to stay fit.

Core Classes

When you are doing Zumba, your core would be perhaps the muscle group that gets the most impact. If your main goal is a stronger core, you can always take part in Planet Fitness Core classes.

As the name suggests, you will be working out specifically for your core, that includes your abs, obliques, and lower back. A stronger core would also mean better balance and flexibility, also enhancing your ability to lift heavier weights.

Finally, it’s all up to you whether to train just the core on a day or to train multiple muscle groups. You always have the choice to train for other muscle groups as well!

Chest and Biceps Class

If you are planning to train a separate set of muscle groups on different days, PF even offers such classes.

In the press and curls class or the chest and biceps class, you will be doing exercises for these two muscle groups. The group may have up to 13 or 14 members, and a qualified PF trainer  

Back and Triceps Class

In the Back and Triceps class, a trainer would guide your group to do a combination of exercises benefiting these two muscle groups.

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Legs and Shoulders Class

As the name suggests, you’ll be training your legs and shoulders in this class. Most gym goers have the tendency to skip these classes, especially leg workouts. But for proper results, you have to train them as well!

Stretch Classes

Proper stretching after a workout session is crucial. It helps in better recovery, protection from injury, and overall muscle and strength growth.

Even after taking part in some other classes, you can attend the stretching class!

Beginners Orientation Class

Perhaps no other group of gym goers deserves a group class than beginners. A group class under the guidance of a well-qualified yet friendly trainer is a great way to come out of gym fear.

At Planet Fitness, they conduct beginner induction classes. If you are still a beginner, you can enroll in these classes as well.

How To Do Zumba At Planet Fitness

While there aren’t regular Zumba classes in planet fitness, you may still be able to do it there. Such an opportunity comes when the franchise decides to bring something special or non-regular.

Usually, they conduct Zumba learning classes, that will include the basics of the workout as well as the most useful steps. You can connect with your home club franchise, and ask if they will be conducting a Zumba class soon.

Another way to do Zumba at planet fitness is through their black card. Sometimes, another planet fitness club, which isn’t your home club, may be conducting a Zumba class. You can use the black card and access the class.

Keep in mind that you have to be a black card member, not a regular member.

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Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that Zumba is a great way to complete the entire sphere of fitness without spending too much time. While it is true that most Planet Fitness clubs do not offer Zumba, they do offer several other types of classes.

These group classes at planet fitness are also great ways to stay fit in an entertaining, time-saving way!