Does Planet Fitness Have Spray Tanning?

Spray tanning is a rather new way of artificial tanning. Compared to the comparatively older UV rays tanning beds, spraying ones are safer and more comfortable.

And, speaking of gyms that offer tanning facilities, Planet Fitness is among the very first few names worth mentioning. Of course, they have tanning beds. But do they have spray tanning facilities?

Read along to find out!

Planet Fitness
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Does Planet Fitness Have Spray Tanning?

Well, although almost all PF clubs may have tanning beds, spray tan machines are not that common. That being said, some of their clubs do offer spray tanning facilities.

Most of these Planet Fitness clubs that offer spray tanning are newer ones. Also, they are planning to bring facilities to more clubs. There were announcements from PF that they’re bringing this facility to more locations. 

Can You Get a Spray Tan At Planet Fitness?

That depends on whether the club does have a spray tanning facility. If the club has such a facility and you have their black card, you are free to use it.

Now, what if you are a member of one club, your home club doesn’t have spray tan, and another club has it? Well, fortunately, you can use the facility at any PF’S locations since you’re holding their black card.

Now, if the club does have the tanning spray machines, there may or may not be staff to supervise its usage. If there is gym staff present, good, listen to them for instructions. 

And, if there is no gym executive near the machine, you might have to do things yourself. Of course, you can ask for help from them the first few times. But after that, you have to learn it all by yourself.

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Wrapping Up 

Planet Fitness spray tanning is a great way to get that glowing skin at no extra payment, provided you have the Black Card. Another benefit of spray tanning is that they’re safer, although less lasting than tan beds. 

Considering all these, you should try their spray tan facility at least once. And, if you are looking for spray tanning while your home club doesn’t have it, do enquire with the gym staff and learn which nearby club offers it. With the black card, you are free to visit any Planet Fitness studio.