Does Planet Fitness Have Rowing Machines? (Here’s the Truth…!)

If you are into strength and endurance training, you must definitely spend a lot of time on rowing machines at the gym.

A rowing machine is one of the most efficient and versatile fitness equipment that you can find in gyms. It is good for promoting an individual’s overall cardiovascular fitness and can increase muscle strength and endurance by training major muscle groups like the lats, back, and arms.

With so many associated health and fitness benefits, you would likely consider rowing machines to be an integral part of your workout routine. As such, many fitness enthusiasts are keen on finding out whether their preferred gym franchises are equipped to deal with their needs.

One common question on the internet is if Planet Fitness gyms have these rowing machines in their cardio or weightlifting sections.

Planet Fitness is one of the largest fitness chains in the whole world, with more than 2,300 locations spread globally. All of their clubs are well-stocked with a range of equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, HydroMassage beds, free weights, smith machines, and so on.

But can you find a rowing machine inside a regular Planet Fitness facility? Let’s find out.

Does Planet Fitness Have Rowing Machines?

Does Planet Fitness Have Rowing Machines
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Yes, most Planet Fitness clubs have rowing machines as basic amenities that are accessible to all their members.

Generally, you can find a rowing machine inside PF gyms by navigating to their cardio section, as most of the members use that particular equipment to boost their cardiovascular health.

It’s common to see rowing machines in most Planet Fitness clubs because the equipment is completely safe to work with and does not require any expert’s constant monitoring, even in the case of beginners.

In most cases, Planet Fitness only omits machines and equipment that are not suitable for beginners, as the franchise prides itself on producing the perfect space for newbies to work out comfortably.

Rowing machines are as safe and simple to use as can be and are therefore available at a regular Planet Fitness gym.

Does Every Planet Fitness Have a Rowing Machine?

Unfortunately, not all Planet Fitness gyms have rowing machines within their premises, although most of them do.

The availability of rowing machines at Planet Fitness depends on the location of the branch as well as the individual policy of that particular club.

In some cases, the clubs that are franchised are owned by individuals who omit certain pieces of equipment for various reasons.

As such, it’s better to call the specific Planet Fitness club that you want to sign up for to confirm the availability of rowing machines directly.

You can easily get the contact information and other details of your preferred branch by using the Planet Fitness official website or mobile application.

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Final Words

Rowing machines are safe, simple, and easy to use. And they come with tons of benefits, including cardiovascular improvements.

As such, many serious fitness enthusiasts make sure to include using a rowing machine in their workout routines.

If you are a Planet Fitness member, you will probably have access to rowing machines in the cardio section. However, some locations might not have the machine due to their individual policies. It’s best to check with the support staff before you sign up.