Does Planet Fitness Have Punching Bags? (Here’s the Truth…!)

Over the course of its existence, Planet Fitness has become a household name for many positive reasons. The primary benefit of signing up for PF gyms is the low cost of their classic and premium memberships at just around $10 and $25, respectively.

Moreover, the affordability of Planet Fitness does not mean that anything is missing in the quality of its services. A PF gym is equipped with well-stacked cardio and weightlifting sections as well as additional machines like HydroMassage and Tanning Beds.

The welcoming, ‘judgment-free’ attitude shown by PF members and staff is another good quality that can attract a lot of beginners.

With so many amenities available, one question arises – does Planet Fitness offer punching bags as one of their exercise equipment?

Let’s find out.

Does Planet Fitness Have Punching Bags
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Does Planet Fitness Have Punching Bags?

Unfortunately, Planet Fitness gyms do not have punching bags. The primary reason behind this is that PF focuses on providing a non-intimidating and comfortable environment for beginners who are just starting their fitness journey.

So, equipment like a punching bag that can be associated with combat sports is omitted from their setup. Moreover, training with punching bags can create a lot of noise, which is something that is not tolerated at Planet Fitness and may result in too many lunk alarms.

There are also safety concerns associated with using a punching bag. Most members do not have the recommended safety gear for training with heavy bags, increasing the risk of injuries. Due to potential liability issues, Planet Fitness considered it best not to include boxing bags altogether.

However, there are some Planet Fitness branches across the United States where punching bags are available. However, this is not common. The exceptions are possible because each PF gym might be headed by a different manager with differing workout policies.

So, it’s recommended that you call the Planet Fitness reception at the nearest branch to confirm the availability of the facilities you need.

Is Planet Fitness a Good Gym Even Without Punching Bags?

Yes, Planet Fitness is undoubtedly a great place to work out, even if they are missing some pieces of equipment like boxing bags. There are other tools and machines that can easily replace the cardiovascular and health benefits of training with heavy bags.

Training with a punching bag is a form of high-intensity workout that can burn a lot of calories. As such, it is an integral part of many bodybuilders’ working routines.

However, the absence of punching bags does not mean that you cannot improve your upper-body strength, core performance, and cardiovascular health while burning lots of calories.

Planet Fitness gyms have high-end amenities like free weights, rowing machines, and smith machines that you can use to work out. In many of their branches, you’ll also find exclusive sections for Yoga as well.

The only downside to not having heavy bags at the gym is that you might not be able to work on your boxing skills if you’re a professional in that area.

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Alternatives to Planet Fitness with Punching Bags

Alternatives to Planet Fitness with Punching Bags
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If having a punching bag is that important to your fitness routine, you might want to look at some other options.

Unfortunately, there are no direct alternatives to Planet Fitness, considering the quality of services they offer at such affordable prices.

However, there are many major gym chains where you can find heavy bags for training. Let’s talk about some of them.


Equinox is a luxury gym chain that offers all the amenities that you could want at a fitness center. From top-of-the-line equipment to personalized training routines, you could have the entire package at a whopping starting price of $200 to purchase their membership.

Apart from various machines and tools, mostly all Equinox gyms are equipped with punching bags in their cardio section. You usually won’t have to wait your turn to practice with these heavy bags as there are many of them available.

However, it’s recommended that you study their policies well, as there are various grades of membership, and certain amenities are reserved only for premium members.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness is another popular gym chain, and it may be more of a direct competitor to Planet Fitness. They have a range of equipment, mostly focused on cardio and weightlifting sections.

Most LA Fitness gyms are well-stocked with proper punching bags for training. And the membership costs aren’t that high compared to the competitors. The plans start at around $30 and end at $40.

However, extra charges may be incurred if you want to use special amenities.

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym is a common household name in the United States. Membership fees vary from anywhere between $30 and $50, depending on the location and the amenities offered.

However, most Gold’s Gym branches offer punching bags and speeding bags in their cardio sections. There are other machines and equipment for strength training, cardio training, and functional training as well.

Some of the branches also have swimming pools, but they are exclusively for premium members only.

Gold’s Gym also offers a free trial for a limited period to test its services and facilities.

Crunch Fitness

If there is a direct alternative to Planet Fitness in terms of affordability, it’s Crunch Fitness. However, it’s still not as cheap as PF gyms. The basic Crunch Fitness membership plan starts at around $15 and can go as high as $25 for premium members.

In addition, there is also a one-time enrollment fee that can amount to as much as $30.

In terms of amenities available, Crunch Fitness is decent enough, with a range of machines and equipment available.

Most importantly, many Crunch Fitness gyms are well-equipped with punching bags and boxing bags for training.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable gym chain with heavy bags available, Crunch Fitness should be the perfect option.

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Winding Up

Planet Fitness has a range of amenities, including premium machines like Massage Chairs, Tanning Beds, HydroMassage beds, and so on.

However, they generally do not include punching bags in their cardio sections because of various internal policies. However, there are many other machines available in their cardio area that imitate the cardiovascular and health benefits of training with a punching bag.