Does Planet Fitness Have Group Classes? (Yes But Do THIS First!)

Among all gym chains in the United States, Planet Fitness is in a league of its own. They are famous, not for their fancy equipment or highly-disciplined workout culture, but for the take-it-easy approach they have.

Planet Fitness encourages its members to work out in a non-judgmental environment, and for them, hitting the gym is also about socializing and entertainment, along with working out.

And, the best way to experience planet fitness is through their group classes. Through this article, we will guide you through everything you need to learn about Planet Fitness classes.

So, read along!

Does Planet Fitness Have Group Classes?

Does Planet Fitness Have Group Classes
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Yes, despite their very cheap membership plans, Planet Fitness does offer group classes to its members. Their group classes are a great way to keep your exercise regime going, through fun yet effective exercises.

Planet Fitness currently has more than 2000 clubs all across the United States. And in almost all these clubs, you can expect group classes.

What Are Planet Fitness Classes Like?

Planet Fitness is not like any other kind of gym in America. Compared to most other gyms that demand nothing less than proper dedication and discipline, Planet Fitness offers relaxed workout opportunities.

Coming to group classes as well, planet fitness follows this motto; to give its members the chance to work out in a non-judgemental environment, with fun or entertainment.

Usually, planet fitness offers not only one but different types of group classes, classes that suit complete beginners as well as advanced fitness lovers. We will discuss in detail about all these types of classes later in this article.

Now, speaking of the workout environment in planet fitness group classes, the trainers are super-friendly, and will support you throughout the session.

But don’t mistake this friendliness from planet fitness trainers for their lack of professionalism. Fortunately, they have truly qualified trainers who know how the human body works and what is good for it. So, we don’t think you have to doubt the quality of classes at Planet Fitness.

All that being said, the nature of classes, exact facilities, number of seats per class, and such facts may vary from location to location. So, keep in mind that it also depends on your location.

What Classes Does Planet Fitness Offer?

What Classes Does Planet Fitness Offer
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Planet Fitness offers not one but multiple types of group classes to its members. If you are a complete beginner, they have classes to help you take your first fitness lessons. If you are no longer a beginner, they also have specifically designed classes.

Given below are different kinds of classes that most planet Fitness clubs would offer.

Planet Fitness Orientation Classes

The first few days of your fitness journey are supposed to be intimidating. In fact, these intimidating first days even force some to quit hitting the gym.

However, understanding the same problem, planet fitness has designed special orientation classes for its new members. Through the planet fitness orientation classes, trainers would introduce you to various kinds of gym equipment and teach you how to exercise in a team, the gym etiquette to follow, and other key lessons.

So, if you are a beginner planning to take a planet fitness membership, these orientation classes are great opportunities. These classes are often conducted in small groups, having a maximum member count of 13 or 14. That way, the trainer could give you proper attention.

Planet Fitness 30 Minutes Express Circuit Training

When you don’t have too much time to spend in the gym but neither want to miss out on hitting the gym, circuit training comes as a blessing. In this 30 minutes group training session at planet fitness, you will be training for your entire body, for strength, as well as for cardio health, stamina, and balance.

But that doesn’t mean these classes are only for busy individuals. Any member can enroll in these classes. In fact, these classes are not only quick but also a great way to find fun during your workout session.

Chest and Biceps Classes

Besides the whole body circuit training, [email protected] also includes classes for specific muscle groups. One such is their chest and biceps class; aka, the press and curls group class.

As it is clear from the name, you will be training for your chest and biceps on this day. You will be teaming up with a few others, and will do the training under a professional trainer from planet fitness.

Back and Triceps Classes

After the chest and biceps classes, they have the Back and Triceps classes. You will be training for your back as well as triceps muscles along with around a dozen other members under a trainer.

Legs and Shoulder Class

Legs are one of the most important, yet often overlooked muscle groups among gym goers. Shoulders are also important, especially in building an aesthetic physique.

In the Legs and Shoulder classes, you will be training for these two important muscle groups.

Core Classes

A stronger core is as important as any other key muscle group, if not more! Knowing this, Planet Fitness has group classes dedicated solely for the core, including abs, lower back, and obliques.

So, if you are a fan of group classes, never skip the core class day! A strong core will also help you lift more weight, and find more balance, and other key factors that determine your overall performance and results.

Stretch Classes

Be it any day, or you are training for any muscle group, once you finish your weight training, stretching is a must. Proper stretching will help muscles relax and aid them in faster recovery; More than that, it’ll reduce post workout pain and chances of injuries.

Most stretching classes at planet fitness are rather short, and you will be all done within a few minutes or so. You can engage in stretching classes after your workout.

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How Do Planet Fitness Classes Work?

As we have mentioned earlier, planet fitness has the goal to encourage everyone to be on their fitness journeys. That is a major reason why they have so many types of group classes. Group classes will free members from gym fear, lack of confidence, and other negativities.

You can enroll for a group class through multiple ways, or through 3 common ways.

The very first way is through their website or mobile app. You can log on to your profile, and select the group class of your choice.

The second way is by contacting planet fitness’ front desk. You can speak with the executives, and enquire if there are seats available for classes. As they conduct multiple classes each day, getting a seat won’t be that hard.

The third way to take part in a planet fitness group class is spot entry. If there is a new class about to start but some spots are yet to be filled, you can ask the trainer if you can fill the spot instead.

But a problem with such spot entries is that the entry is not guaranteed. You may not always be able to find a vacant seat. So, always try to book in advance.

Now, speaking of how the classes really are, most [email protected] will be having around 13 or 14 members. You will all be working out together as a group, which would definitely bring some entertainment.

But what you might now be wondering will be about the pricing. So, do you have to pay extra for planet fitness classes?

Are Planet Fitness Classes Free?

Yes, Planet Fitness classes are usually free of cost. At Least for all the types of classes we have discussed here, including orientation class and weight and stretch classes, you won’t have to pay any extra fee!

And, that comes as a beauty of PF, because you will be having to pay extra for group classes in other gyms. That comes as a cherry on top while considering the fact that the monthly fee at PF is just around 10 bucks.

Are Planet Fitness Classes Good?

Well, the simple answer is yes, although the exact answer might also depend on your training goals. The biggest advantage of [email protected] is that they are designed to keep members motivated through entertainment along with training.

So, here are what you get from a group class at planet fitness:

  • An expert trainer to guide you along.
  • Entertainment along with fitness
  • A great chance to socialize and relieve stress
  • Time saving, as most classes are short in duration.
  • No fear of judgment

The list may continue, and what exact advantage does [email protected] bring, may vary from person to person.

Now, all that being said, Planet Fitness classes may not be ideal for all. For instance, if you have some big fitness goals, or aspire to be a bodybuilder, such classes might not be of help beyond a limit.

But that is the case if you aspire to be a pro bodybuilder. Otherwise, especially if you are a casual gym goer, there is perhaps nothing better than Planet Fitness’s group classes.

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The Bottom Line

Group classes are in fact the very essence of planet fitness. They will help you complete a day’s workout as part of a small team, under a coach’s guidance, and quickly.

So, if you are a planet fitness member or someone aspiring to be so, always consider joining these group classes. You can attend an unlimited number of group classes, at no extra cost.

Also, if you love group classes but don’t want to spend big bucks to enroll in them, PF is perhaps where you should go!