Does Planet Fitness Have Family Plans? (Here’s the Truth…!)

Planet Fitness is one of the largest and most popular gym franchises in the whole world. They are popular for providing access to state-of-the-art machines, equipment, and facilities at highly affordable rates.

Moreover, PF gyms are particular about creating a “judgment-free zone” for their members. As such, it’s the perfect place for beginners to start their fitness journey.

Because of the wide variety of equipment available and the extra emphasis on comfort, Planet Fitness is also the best family-friendly gym. You can find people of all age groups there, including teenagers, adults, and elderly folk, working out in harmony.

In such a scenario, many people wonder – does Planet Fitness offer family memberships so that all the members of their household can work out and stay fit together?

Let’s find out.

Does Planet Fitness Have Family Plans?

Does Planet Fitness Have Family Plans
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Unfortunately, Planet Fitness does not provide any family plans or group memberships for people to work out together.

However, there are still plenty of options available for families to get access to Planet Fitness gyms at discounted rates.

The closest thing that Planet Fitness has to a family plan is their Black Card membership, which is the most premium plan you can purchase there. However, it’s still pretty affordable.

Let’s discuss how you can use Black Card memberships for your entire family, as well as some other workarounds for inviting additional members to your workout sessions.

How to Use Planet Fitness as a Family?

We have already discussed that there are no family plans at Planet Fitness. But that does not mean you can’t work out with your loved ones at an affordable price.

There are plenty of ways to do this. The most prominent one is using the Black Card membership, which comes with some additional perks.

Get a Black Card Membership

Black Card membership is the most premium plan available for Planet Fitness customers. However, it’s still pretty affordable compared to high-end alternatives. It is priced at $24.99, making it a good bargain, considering all the additional perks that come with it.

The most important perk is that Black Card holders can invite a guest to their workout sessions. So, if your family just comprises you and your spouse or you and your teenage child, then purchasing a single Black Card will do the trick just fine.

The only catch is that you must always be with the guest you invited. So, this trick will only work if you and your family will workout together on the same machines and equipment.

Please note that if you’re inviting an underage guest (below 18 years), then you must be their parent/guardian as per the gym’s policies. Children below 13 years of age are not allowed in Planet Fitness.

Now, what if you had more than one family member that you wanted to invite? There is no other workaround for this. But what you can do is purchase two Black Card memberships and repeat the earlier process.

It will still cost only around $12.5 per person per month, making it an absolute bargain. Most family memberships at other gyms still cost at least $20 to $25 per person.

Black Card memberships also unlock access to exclusive areas and features like HydroMassage, Tanning, Massage Chairs, and so on.

Purchase Classic Memberships

Now, some people might not be okay with having to bring a guest every time they want to work out together. It’s also an issue if the family members have separate workout regimes and will need to exercise separately.

In such a case, you can simply buy multiple Classic Memberships at Planet Fitness.

That doesn’t sound like a solution, we know. But the Classic Membership only costs $10 per month for each person. And you get access to all basic gym amenities like the well-equipped cardio and weightlifting sections, locker rooms, and so on.

So, it’s the perfect option for you and your family if you want to work out together. At just $10 per head, the price is even lower than purchasing Black Card memberships for your family.

Use the Planet Fitness Mobile App

It’s hard to get the entire family working out together, especially if you have to go at the same time due to the restrictions of Black Card guest invitation policies.

Similarly, some people might think that purchasing multiple Classic Membership plans for their entire family might be too costly, even though it is much cheaper than most family membership plans offered by other gyms.

Or, you might have a child below thirteen whom you want to encourage to work out and get healthier.

In all these three cases, using the earlier two alternatives won’t work due to various reasons, including restrictions and inconvenience.

There is a third option – simply using the Planet Fitness mobile application.

If you have the Classic or Black Card membership at PF, you’ll have full access to their all-inclusive, highly convenient smartphone application.

The application is called “Planet Fitness: Workouts,” and you’ll get all the credentials once you purchase a membership at one of their gyms. Here’s what the app can do:

  • Track Workouts: The application allows a feature called workout tracking, where users can set goals and monitor their progresses over time.
  • Exercise Guide: The application has a library where you can find a collection of exercises with instructional videos and step-by-step instructions.
  • Workout Programs: You can also find pre-planned workout programs on the application. Each program is meant to target specific requirements as per the wishes of the user.
  • Personalized Trainers: Planet Fitness mobile application also has a virtual trainer called “Platinum” that can help people plan personalized workouts based on their requirements and capabilities.
  • Club Locator: The application will give you the exact location and other details of PF clubs around you.
  • Membership Management: You can also perform administrative tasks using the application, like checking for invoices, making bill payments, canceling memberships, and so on.
  • Rewards: PF also gives you several rewards in the form of points that you can earn by referring friends, completing fitness challenges, and so on. These points can be redeemed for discounts, free merchandise, and so on.

Using this mobile application is a great way to get your entire family involved in working out, even without going to the gym.

The application can also provide a fitness program for children below thirteen who can work out at home under their parents’ supervision.

In most cases, equipment won’t be needed as there are several bodyweight exercises that your family can perform to stay healthy and fit.

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Final Words

Planet Fitness is a highly family-oriented gym. While they don’t exactly have a family membership plan, you can still work out with your loved ones at their clubs using their existing plans at affordable prices.