Does Planet Fitness Have a Pool? (Here’s the Truth…!)

Planet Fitness is one of the most popular gym chains around the world. It has successfully created a safe space for regular people to achieve their fitness goals without feeling uncomfortable.

Besides providing a judgment-free zone for working out, another exceptional advantage of signing up for Planet Fitness gyms is the low membership cost. Priced at just $10 a month, the Classic Membership plan of PF is one of the lowest in the whole country.

When the rates are so affordable, a running question does seep into our minds – will Planet Fitness offer all the amenities and high-quality equipment? After all, the membership costs are so low – there’s bound to be some compromises, right?

Fortunately, Planet Fitness is absolutely stacked with a range of exciting machines and well-equipped cardio and weightlifting sections.

But one question remains – can we find a swimming pool at Planet Fitness? Let’s find out.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Pool
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Does Planet Fitness Have a Pool?

No, Planet Fitness does not have swimming pools as one of its many amenities. None of the PF gyms in the entire United States are equipped with a pool.

However, there are additional amenities, machines, and low-impact cardio equipment that can just as well imitate the benefits of swimming workouts!

If you’ve ever been to a Planet Fitness branch, you would be wondering – why do they not have pools when they offer so many exciting facilities? There is a valid reason behind this too.

Why Doesn’t Planet Fitness Have a Pool?

PF gyms offer a wholesome, all-inclusive gym environment. You would see many of the members in exclusive Planet Fitness gear, working out keenly with all the advanced machines and equipment available to them.

While PF members have access to virtually everything they could ask for at a fitness center, they might be a little disappointed if they’re a fan of swimming or soaking in a hot tub.

But there are few reasons why Planet Fitness decided to omit swimming pools from their plans. Let’s talk about them:

To Keep Members Comfortable

Remember when we said that Planet Fitness gyms create a ‘judgment-free zone’ for people to work out comfortably? That’s actually one of the major unique selling propositions used by PF.

Having high-end amenities like pools at the gym can make people uncomfortable as it would give way for members to judge others. Not all of them would be comfortable with the idea of getting into swimsuits and jumping into the pools.

As such, the installation of swimming pools at Planet Fitness will actually result in conflict with one of their prime mottos – to prevent any members from being judged in whatever manner.

To Keep Membership Affordable

Planet Fitness is mainly marketed as a highly affordable, judgment-free space where members can start their workout journeys at a monthly price of as low as $10.

If they were to add pools in their gyms, they would have to incur a lot of recurring expenses on maintenance and upkeep. In such a scenario, Planet Fitness would have to raise its membership prices by a significant margin to remain profitable.

Thus, economic viability is one of the reasons why Planet Fitness does not have swimming pools. But there’s also one other reason.

To Avoid Hiring Additional Staff Members

The quality of services at Planet Fitness, as per reviews and feedback, is exceptional. The trainers are knowledgeable about every aspect of the gym, including the machines and the equipment.

The janitorial staff is well-equipped to deal with the hygiene and maintenance issues at the gym.

But if PF were to introduce swimming pools, they would require additional staff. They would need a swimming expert in case any member is a newbie and needs guidance. There would also be a need for aquatic exercise specialists to devise a swimming workout for members.

In many colder parts of the country, members wouldn’t even use the pool all that much. But PF will have to pay the additional cost of hiring swimming experts anyway, leading to losses.

As such, the installation of pools at Planet Fitness was deemed to be impractical.

To Prevent Liability Issues

All gyms need to come up with stringent policies to deal with liability issues. The risk of equipment-related injuries or injuries caused by building and infrastructure needs to be covered by all gyms. That alone makes up a significant part of the budget.

But if PF gyms were to add swimming pools, they would need to expand what they cover in terms of liability issues, resulting in higher insurance costs.

In fact, pools are riskier than the other equipment at the gym. People might slip on the deck, stairs, and even around the wash areas due to wet surfaces.

Such an accident could lead to serious injury. Planet Fitness would be liable for a lawsuit in such a situation.

As such, they need to comply with industry standards and pay for high-end insurance, something that they simply cannot afford at their pricing model.

To Prevent Cluttering Within Premises

Planet Fitness gyms are not the biggest in terms of size. But they definitely make good use of whatever space they have available.

However, they cannot include swimming pools in their setup without compromising the free space available for members.

To avoid over-cluttering, the decision to not include pools in their gyms is spot on.

Alternatives to Planet Fitness with Pools

Alternatives to Planet Fitness with Pools
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Unfortunately, there are no alternatives to Planet Fitness if you’re looking to find a place in the same price range.

Even the Black Card Membership at Planet Fitness, the premium plan, is priced at just around $24.99, which is still comparatively lesser than the cost of standard plans of most major gym chains with swimming pools.

But if having a swimming pool at your training center is so important for you, consider trying these alternatives:

Gold’s Gym

The Gold’s Gym franchise is another popular alternative in the United States. The membership costs vary from one location to another.

The basic pricing can start from anywhere between $20 and $25 and end up at $50 or $60 per month, a steep increase when compared to Planet Fitness.

Most of Gold’s Gym’s branches are equipped with fully-functioning pools, but not all of them. It’s better to check the amenities offered by different branches from Gold’s Gym’s official website.

24-Hour Fitness

If you’re a sucker for U-Shaped pools or pools with multiple lap lanes, 24-Hour Fitness should be the ultimate choice.

Of course, membership costs will soar higher due to the added benefit of enjoying a swimming pool at the gym. The silver plan can cost anywhere between $31.99 and $46.99 per month.

Again, not all 24-Hour Fitness branches have pools. It’s better to check for amenities offered by individual branches through the gym’s official website.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness gyms have everything you could ask for – hot tubs, swimming pools, saunas, and even steam rooms.

In some locations, you will even find both recreational and lap pools, allowing greater flexibility. There is also a wide range of aquatic courses and programs that you can opt for as a member.

However, these additional perks come at a price. LA Fitness is the priciest of the three alternatives – ranging from $30 to $50 per month.

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Is Planet Fitness a Good Gym Even Without Swimming Pools?

Planet Fitness is undoubtedly one of the best gym franchises globally. In terms of affordability as well as the amenities offered, it’s still leaps and bounds ahead of many other gyms in the United States.

Even if it is not equipped with a swimming pool, there are additional machines that you can use to imitate the benefits of aquatic workouts.

Most importantly, the judgment-free aura at Planet Fitness makes it the perfect choice for beginners who are just starting out their fitness journey.

What Other Amenities Does Planet Fitness Have?

Planet Fitness might not have swimming pools. But there are many other exciting amenities that you can explore.

Most of them are only accessible to the Black Card holders at Planet Fitness, which comes at a low monthly price of around $24.99.

So, here is a list of amenities offered by PF gyms:

Showers and Lockers

All PF gyms have showers and lockers where members (including those with Classic Membership) and guests alike can keep their stuff, unwind, and clean up after a hard day at the gym.

This might seem basic enough, but most gym franchises at this price range don’t offer locker rooms or even showers.


Planet Fitness members absolutely love the HydroMassage machine. It is basically a bed or a reclined seat where members can lie down and relax while the pressure from the water jet sprays inside the machine massages their back.

There are many benefits to using the HydroMassage machine, including greater mobility, relieving muscle soreness, detoxifying the body, and so on. The HydroMassage section is only accessible to Black Card holders.

Tanning Beds

PF Black Card members have 24*7 access to tanning booths, something that would cost $50-$100 per session in spas and other wellness centers.

You can easily enjoy a nice, relaxing tanning session following your workout to achieve that gold-bronze skin and make your muscles look better.

Massage Chairs

PF Black Card members can unwind after a hard workout by getting a nice, secluded massage on one of the many chairs available at their gyms.

Total Body Enhancement

Total Body Enhancement is an enclosed booth that offers the combined benefits of Red Light Therapy and Whole Body Vibration. It is exclusive only for Black Card members and is available at all PF gyms.

Many members use TBE machines as post-workout or pre-workout therapy.

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Wrapping Up

Planet Fitness is undoubtedly one of the most popular gym franchises globally. The exclusion of swimming pools from their setup does not erase the fact that it is still well-stocked with all kinds of amenities and advanced equipment.

At that price range, Planet Fitness offers a lot to its members. But if using a swimming pool is that important to you, then you must pay the premium by signing up for more expensive gym franchises.