Does Planet Fitness Accept Cash Payments? Unveiling the Mystery!

Planet Fitness is one of the most affordable gym chains in the world. Starting at just $10 a month, it has become an attractive option for people who have busy schedules but still like to maintain a healthy lifestyle by devoting some of their time to the gym.

One of the most common questions about PF is whether it accepts cash payments or not. Many people find it more convenient and secure to purchase their memberships and settle their bills at the gym without using any digital payment platform.

However, most modern gyms prefer payments directly through bank accounts or credit cards instead of taking cash. Is that the case with Planet Fitness as well?

Let’s find out.

Does Planet Fitness Accept Cash Payments
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Does Planet Fitness Accept Cash Payments?

Generally, most Planet Fitness gyms do not accept cash payments for settling membership fees. Instead, they require the members’ checking accounts as per their franchise’s policy.

According to Planet Fitness, having access to the member’s checking account information allows them to facilitate payments without causing any interruptions or hassle. It also saves the gym from any complications in updating your payment information if your credit card is stolen, lost, expired, and so on.

However, on some rare occasions, your local Planet Fitness gym might accept prepayments in the form of cash if it is in their individual franchise policy to do so. For more accurate information, it’s best that you contact the PF gyms in your area individually and confirm the same.

Can You Pay for Planet Fitness Without Bank?

Unfortunately, you cannot make payments at Planet Fitness if you do not have a bank account. That is because they mostly accept payments through electronic means. One of their primary requirements is a checking account, which is not possible if the member does not have an active bank account.

In some cases, Planet Fitness might also allow you to make prepayments through your credit or debit cards. But even then, you will require a bank account, and the franchise will still need your checking account information.

There are some rare cases where you can pay your monthly PF bills via cash, but that depends on the policy of local franchise owners. Generally, however, Planet Fitness has made it a policy to accept recurring payments through a member’s checking account only.

Why Does Planet Fitness Require a Checking Account?

Checking accounts are designed specifically for facilitating frequent transactions and recurring payments. That is why most Planet Fitness clubs require a checking account as it provides the smoothest mechanism for completing automatic payments.

One of the main reasons why Planet Fitness asks for the members’ checking accounts is because they often have promotional offers and long-term membership plans that require automatic payments.

While recurring bills can be settled via credit card, it might lead to some inconvenience, both for the gym as well as the members. For example, if the credit card is expired, stolen, or lost, then the members will have to go through the hassle of updating their payment information.

With a checking account, such complications will not arise. The gym will be able to collect your monthly payments directly from your bank account.

That is why Planet Fitness mostly prefers that members give their checking account information for smooth transactions.

Why Doesn’t Planet Fitness Accept Cash Payments?

While some local Planet Fitness clubs might accept cash payments, the gym chain usually requires an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through the members’ checking accounts.

This is done to ensure maximum convenience for the members, the staff, as well as the administration.

Electronic payments facilitated by checking accounts are more efficient. Cash payments, on the other hand, require additional resources for handling, counting, and storing the money.

Moreover, using checking accounts instead of cash allows the gym to complete billing transactions on its own without bothering the members.

Thus, it’s the more efficient method instead of accepting cash payments.

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Final Words

While cash payments might be the preferred mode of transaction for some members, Planet Fitness usually requires a checking account to ensure maximum convenience and minimum complications during the period of billing.

However, some local Planet Fitness clubs might be willing to accept cash as a form of payment. So, it’s best you contact each gym individually and confirm the same.