Does OrangeTheory Offer a Family Plan? The Truth Finally Revealed!

OrangeTheory Fitness is a relatively well-known fitness chain. Because of its state-of-the-art facilities, high-end equipment, and effective fitness classes, it has millions of subscribers to its diverse monthly plans.

However, the cost of a gym membership might become too expensive when you have a large family wanting to sign up for fitness classes together.

Fortunately, that’s where family plans come in. But an important question arises – does OrangeTheory even offer a family plan?

Let’s find out.

Does OrangeTheory Offer a Family Plan
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Does OrangeTheory Offer a Family Plan?

Yes, OrangeTheory does offer a family plan where additional members of a household can get a discount of at least $10 on their monthly plans. The discount may be more in certain locations, depending on the individual policies of the franchise.

Using the term “family plan” might be a little misleading in this context. At OrangeTheory, rather than a defined family membership, your loved ones can enjoy a discount of around $10-20 on their monthly rates if you invite them to work out with you.

The minimum discount of $10 is mostly implemented in all OrangeTheory studios. However, some of the smaller clubs might offer a greater discount (of up to $20) for household members.

This is because OrangeTheory works on a franchise model. To find out the individual family discount policy of your gym, it’s best you contact the support staff yourself.

OrangeTheory Family Membership Plans

OrangeTheory Fitness offers three kinds of membership plans:

Basic Membership

This is the least expensive option, offering four classes per month at a recurring cost of $60. In most OrangeTheory studios, you won’t get any discount on your basic membership even if you add family members.

Elite Membership  

The Elite membership gets you eight classes for up to $110 per month. The prices may vary from one location to another, depending on each franchise’s quality of equipment and the types of services offered.

If you have an elite membership and you add a family member, they will get a discount of anywhere between $10 and $20 off their monthly fees.

Premier Membership

Lastly, you have the most expensive membership option. By paying up to around $150-200 per month, you can enjoy unlimited sessions at any OrangeTheory facility in the country.

The family members of premier members also enjoy a discount of around $10-$20 off their monthly rates if they sign up together.

OrangeTheory Family Discounts

OrangeTheory Fitness studios try to promote fitness by encouraging families to work together. While they don’t exactly have a family membership plan, they do offer discounts of up to $20 per month to family members that sign up together.

The exact discount that you will enjoy will differ based on the individual policy of the particular studio where you are currently working out.

The minimum discount that you can expect for adding a family member at any OrangeTheory gym is $10.

Feeling a little confused about how all this works? Don’t worry; we’ll give you an example.

Suppose that you currently have a premier membership that is generally priced at around $159 per month. If you invite a family member to work out with you and sign up for the same membership, they will get a discount of around $10-$20.

So, they will only have to pay either $139 per month or $149, depending on the degree of discount they receive at the particular franchise.

You can add up more than one family member as well. They all will enjoy the same discount. In any case, all the family members – apart from the first member with whom everyone signed up – will enjoy the family discount perk.

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Are There Any Family Discounts on Extra Sessions?

Unfortunately, OrangeTheory Fitness does not offer any family discounts if you want to sign up for extra classes during the month.

If you’ve run out of sessions for the month and want to sign up for a class, you will have to pay a fee of $30 per head. If you already know that you will need more classes for the month, you can add them to your plan beforehand at a cost of $15-$20 per class.

Lastly, your best option is to purchase packages to increase the number of classes that you take on a monthly basis.

There are three types of class packs:

  • 10-class pack
  • 20-class pack
  • 30-class pack

Purchasing these packs is more beneficial as they offer some degree of discount compared to purchasing individual classes.

Unfortunately, however, they don’t offer family discounts for the same.

OrangeTheory Family Discount Policy

Different OrangeTheory studios have different policies regarding their family discount procedure. While some of them are more lenient, others follow a strict routine.

Here are the general policies that you need to keep in mind to be eligible for the family discount:

  • Only people living in the same household are eligible for family discounts in most studios. You might need to prove your residence by showing some documents that can validate your address.
  • Family members should sign up for the same studio. Your wife will not be able to get a discount on her OrangeTheory membership if she is trying to sign up at a different studio under your referral.
  • In some studios, it is a strict policy that family members need to sign up at the same time if they want to be eligible for discounts. However, not all studios enforce this rule. So, you can simply talk to the staff and confirm the same at your home gym.
  • The youngest family member that can sign up is 16, as that is the generally accepted age of consent followed by the gym chain.
  • There is no general limit to the number of family members that can be added under one person’s referral. However, different studios might have different restrictions for the same. It’s best to get more information about this from the franchise’s front desk.
  • In some cases, studios might require that you both have the same membership. However, many gyms allow a $10 off on your family member’s monthly fees even if they have opted for a different membership option.
  • Most OrangeTheory studios do not offer any family discounts on the Basic Membership Plan. However, this also varies from one location to another. Some gyms might include family discounts even in the case of Basic Plans.

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Final Words

Paying for your entire family’s gym memberships might be too expensive, even if you’re considering the cheapest fitness chains.

That’s why family discounts are a thing. By offering perks like these, brands like OrangeTheory are encouraging families to exercise and remain fit together.