Does OrangeTheory Have Showers and Lockers? A Detailed Look

OrangeTheory Fitness is known for its extravagant amenities, scientifically-backed training classes, and high-end machines and equipment.

Needless to say, all members are mostly satisfied with the kind of services they enjoy as members of the OrangeTheory club. However, if you are keen on purchasing their membership, it’s a good idea to go over some of the essential points.

Most importantly, can you find showers and locker rooms inside OrangeTheory studios? While these amenities may not mean much to you, the life of someone who has to go to work or school straight after working out will depend on them.

After all, you don’t want to show up all sweaty and stinky, do you?

That is why it’s important to know if OrangeTheory Fitness will provide you with basic amenities like showers and lockers. And if they do, are these facilities worth using; are the bathrooms/showers clean and spacious; can you rely on the lockers?

In this article, we’ll answer all your questions.

Does OrangeTheory Have Showers and Lockers

Does OrangeTheory Have Showers?

Yes, all OrangeTheory Fitness gyms are equipped with showers and bathrooms. But the number and types of showers available may differ from one studio to another.

The majority of showers at OrangeTheory are private and gendered.

On the other hand, in some OrangeTheory studios, for example, you will get unisex showers where both men and women use the same facilities. This is mostly entertained in areas where the gyms are not that crowded, and even unisex showers provide a certain degree of privacy.

Nobody can claim to have seen, tried, and tested all the showers at each OrangeTheory Fitness gym. However, based on reviews and reports from thousands of members around the world, the showers at most OrangeTheory studios are clean, spacious, and well-equipped with toiletries and other relevant facilities.

The amenities that you get at different OrangeTheory studios are not identical. So, it’s best to get a virtual or private tour before signing up. There are over 1,300 OTF studios in the United States of America. So, you won’t have trouble finding more than one gym in your area.

OrangeTheory Showers
OrangeTheory Showers

Does OrangeTheory Provide Soap and Shampoo

Yes, most OrangeTheory Fitness showers come well-equipped with shower essentials and toiletries like body soap, shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner. Some of the premium locations are also equipped with hairdryers, hair ties, deodorant, lotion, and so on.

If you have gendered bathrooms, you will likely find different products in different bathrooms. In the men’s section, you’ll find the traditional package – soaps, shower gels, deodorants, shampoos, and so on.

The women’s section is better equipped in most cases. Apart from the standard stuff, they also provide feminine products like lotions, moisturizers, and so on.

However, it’s important to note that each OrangeTheory Fitness franchise is owned by different individuals. As such, the shower amenities they provide might differ greatly in terms of quality and diversity.

So, while you may find shower gels and shampoo in one studio, you might only get soap in another. Thus, it’s recommended that all members conduct a thorough inspection of all the facilities provided by their gyms before purchasing the membership.

While it’s not common, some OrangeTheory gyms might ask their members to bring their own essentials as they do not offer any soaps or shampoos for showering.

OrangeTheory Shower Sign Ups
OrangeTheory Shower Sign Ups

Does OrangeTheory Provide Towels?

In most cases, OrangeTheory does not provide towels to its members for showering. The franchise generally directs the members to bring their own towels inside a duffel bag to maintain strict hygiene standards.

However, some premium OrangeTheory Fitness gyms, mostly located in big cities like San Francisco, New York, or Los Angeles, do provide standard towels to their members.

Either way, most members still prefer to bring their own towels, even if their gyms are providing one. So, getting a towel at OrangeTheory is highly studio-specific. In most cases, you don’t get one. But if you have paid for premium services at a big gym, they will give you some additional amenities. Luckily, a towel is one of them.

Does OrangeTheory Have Lockers?

OrangeTheory Lockers
OrangeTheory Lockers

Yes, most OrangeTheory Fitness gyms have lockers. However, it should be noted that most of these are just lockers and not locker rooms. In most cases, you’ll just get cubbies that can be locked externally.

So, there are no private locker rooms where you can change into your gym gear. As such, most members prefer to change their clothes in private areas like the restroom or showers.

Are These Lockers Reliable?

Mostly, yes. While they don’t offer the most optimum protection, most of these cubbies can still be locked. However, it’s important for members to bring their own padlocks as the gym won’t provide them with one.

But if you have been working out at OrangeTheory for long enough, you would know that practically nobody chooses to lock their cubbies. And yet, there are surprisingly low instances of reported thefts within the franchise.

In fact, in some locations, you get cubbies with no doors or clasps. So, there’s just some space where you can stash your stuff before you start working out.

In other lockers where doors are available, most people just stuff an orange golf tee shirt into the clasp to let other members know that this particular locker is occupied. Surprisingly, this is a common practice at OrangeTheory, and the gym even provides each locker with an orange tee shirt for this purpose.

Overall, you’ll find many lockers in your OrangeTheory gym. However, they don’t offer the soundest protection. And yet, OrangeTheory Fitness gyms are pretty reliable in terms of security as everyone minds their own business. There are few to no cases where members have reported their items to be missing from their lockers.

So, you can either bring your own padlock as reassurance or opt to trust your co-members and simply leave the locker open.

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Tips for Showering at OrangeTheory

Public showers might make some people uncomfortable. Whether it is the lack of privacy or the distrust of the state of hygiene in there, many OrangeTheory members can’t wrap their heads around the concept of showering at the gym itself.

And yet, it is an important amenity that cannot be ignored. A cold shower after hitting the gym is bound to make you feel energized and confident.

Take it from OrangeTheory members themselves – those who use their gyms’ showers regularly often rave about them.

All they do is implement some tips to make the experience better. Here’s a run-down of what you need to do:

  • If you don’t want to stay at the gym for a long time, wash your hair the night before. Now, you’ll just have to take a quick shower and rinse the sweat and fatigue off your body at the gym shower.
  • This might sound funny, but you should take cold showers to avoid fogging up the mirrors. If that happens, putting your clothes back on might become virtually impossible.
  • If you are bringing a towel, make sure you know where to keep it after showering. A wet towel inside your car throughout a long drive won’t be a pleasant experience.
  • Another important tip is to bring a pair of sandals or flip-flops to wear while you’re inside the shower. Put an extra pair in the car in case you are forgetful. While OrangeTheory Fitness maintains excellent hygiene standards, it’s never a good idea to walk barefoot inside a public shower.
  • You can use microfiber towels for a better, hassle-free experience. You can also bring multiple for different areas – 1 for hair, 1 for your body, and 1 for the floor if you don’t want to stand barefoot while switching into your regular shoes.
  • Make sure you’re considerate while using a public shower. Finish your business and get out of there as soon as possible to give others a chance to do the same. Avoid taking leisure time for clicking selfies or using your phones inside the shower.

And that’s that. If you follow these simple tips, you can have a nice and refreshing experience after every strenuous workout.

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Winding Up

Showers and lockers should be part of every gym’s lineup. After all, every member needs to freshen up after working out. And where will they keep all their personal belongings while they workout? In the locker rooms, of course!

Fortunately, most OrangeTheory Fitness gyms provide both of these essential amenities. While they may not conform to your expectations, they still get the job done well.