Does Lululemon Run Big or Small? Unveiling the Mystery!

Since 1998, Lululemon has been acting as the pioneer of functional activewear for both men and women. While they initially only started as a brand for distributing yoga products, their constant innovation and commitment to quality have made them an industry giant.

If you have been following Lululemon for a while now, you would know that they deal in all kinds of wearables – from leggings and shorts to coats and jackets. While all of them are extremely fashionable and functional, they lose all their charm when they don’t fit you perfectly.

As such, sizing is key when shopping at Lululemon. Keeping that in mind, many customers have started to wonder about the size pattern of the brand – does it usually run big, small, or true-to-size?

In this article, we’ll give you the exact answer.

Are Lululemon Products True to Size?

Are Lululemon Products True to Size

Lululemon deals in various product categories. While many of their items, including tops and bottoms, run true-to-size, it’s not always the case. There are some products like bras and dresses that generally run small.

So, you can say that Lululemon’s products are divided into two categories – the ones that run small and the ones that fit true-to-size. In most cases, you will not find any of their products that actually run big compared to conventional size charts.

Most of Lululemon’s tops, including t-shirts, sweaters, and shirts, run true to size. Similarly, the brand’s bottoms, like the proprietary Lululemon leggings, pants, tights, and shorts, would also fit exactly like you would expect them to.

So, most of their primary athleisure product lines will run true-to-size. However, there are some exceptions.

Does Lululemon Run Big or Small?

Does Lululemon Run Big or Small

Lululemon works with so many products that it is hard to come up with a single definitive answer. Generally, you can say that Lululemon runs small or true-to-size for most of its products. However, you can be rest assured that none of their products are running big.

To be on the safer side, most people and fashion experts assume that Lululemon actually runs small when placing their orders. But the best option to get the perfect fit is to consult the brand’s exclusive size chart for each product.

In most cases, you will find that product categories like bras, skirts, hoodies, swimwear, and exclusive Lululemon dresses run small. So, to get the perfect feel, you should move up a size while ordering these particular clothing items.

To give you a better idea, here is a list of exclusive Lululemon activewear along with the corresponding fit type:

Clothing Item

Fit Type






Running Small


Running Small




Running Small




Running Small



Generally, it is better if you do not rely on the sizing pattern and instead consult Lululemon’s size charts before purchasing the perfect product for yourself.

That is because the material and the fabric used in creating your clothing item can also determine if they feel small or big on your body. For example, the Luon fabric is one of Lululemon’s most innovative creations.

The fabric feels light and comfortable on your body. When you hold a Luon-made dress in your hands, it will feel very, very small. However, when you wear it, you’ll find that the dress snugs your skin gently and feels very comfortable.

So, it’s always good to know the individual size guide of each product before you purchase them.

Is It Better to Size Up or Down in Lululemon?

Is It Better to Size Up or Down in Lululemon

Generally, it is better to size up in Lululemon because most of their products are either running small or true-to-size. If you go down a size, it’s very likely that the clothing will not fit you at all.

However, you should not always order one size above your regular while shopping at Lululmeon. If you are simply looking for tops and bottoms, you should order your regular size as they run true-to-size.

So, the clothing items in these categories should fit you perfectly if you order your usual size. On the other hand, some other products, like jackets and dresses, are usually running small. In their cases, you should look to size up to find yourself the perfect fit.

Is Lululemon Supposed to Fit Tight?

Is Lululemon Supposed to Fit Tight

Despite primarily being an athleisure brand that creates form-fitting clothes, Lululemon’s clothing is not supposed to feel tight on your body.

Even products like tights and yoga pants should feel lightweight and comfortable on your body. If you feel that any of the brand’s clothing is even a little tight, you should look to size up a notch.

That is because Lululemon’s unique selling point is its revolutionary fabrics. They are designed to hug your skin closely without constricting your body. So, while such clothing items will appear to be tightly hung around your body, they will not feel tight at all.

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Final Words

Lululemon is the leading creator and provider in the athleisure industry. Their clothing items, in particular, have received praise from millions of fans online. Most of the brand’s loyalists appreciate the lightweight fit and feel provided by Lululemon.

But to truly enjoy the quality of their products, you would need to ensure that they fit right on your body. Generally, you will find that most of Lululemon’s clothing items either run small or true-to-size.

As such, you should always consult the brand’s size chart before placing an order for yourself.