Does Gold’s Gym Have Towels For Showers?

Literally, no one working out at a commercial gym would want to go back home, let alone another place, with the same sweaty clothes they worked in. Unless your gym is your next-door neighbor. So yeah, we all understand that it’s not the best feeling in this world.

But when your gym comes with a shower facility, then that just might be the best feeling. All gym goers look forward to getting rid of the sweat and feeling refreshed as quickly as possible. The reasons are obvious of course.

Showering right after you work out confers a lot of goodness to your body in general. The water helps to ease muscle tension or soreness and allows steady blood circulation to all parts of the body. And there is of course the obvious that you feel much more relaxed and can get rid of the sweat and dampness residing on your body. Furthermore, there is nothing better than getting out of your workout clothes which by then are fully damp and might leave a bad odor after some time too.

Thus, a shower facility is one of those important amenities that everyone appreciates a gym would come with. It’s especially great for those who have to go somewhere else after the gym, such as the office or a hangout sesh with your BFFs or a grocery run, you know what we are trying to say.

It is, however, understandable that not all gyms can provide that sort of facility to people. It takes a huge amount of revenue to make showers a thing in gyms.

But among those gyms which do come with showers, you might recall some names like Equinox or 24 hour fitness or LA fitness or Crunch or YMCA or Planet fitness, or Gold’s gym.

Today in this article we will talk about Gold’s gym and everything that you possibly want to know about their shower facility. Is it pleasant and hygienic? Would you get enough privacy? Does it provide basic amenities like shampoo or soap or do you have to pay for them in order to avail of it? We will try to cover every query in this article as best as we can. So, keep on reading.

Does Gold’s Gym Have Showers?

Does Gold’s Gym Have Showers
Gold’s Gym

Yes, Gold’s gyms have showers and you can avail them if you have got a membership.

Gold’s gyms are a widely known franchise when it comes to commercial gyms. They’ve their gyms located in 22 countries! And if that number is not shocking enough and is not adequate proof of their reputation, then this next piece of information will blow your mind. Gym goers, as many as 3 million, in 38 states have a Gold’s gym membership. So, it is likely that such a big franchise will definitely have a shower.

Being a Gold’s gym member, you get their incredible shower facility, which is one of the most important services a gym can have, nowadays. Commuters who have to attend to something else after their gym session can easily use Gold’s gym showers and go about their day without any delay of having to stop by home to shower.

It goes without saying that with a shower you’ll need a place to keep your belongings in, in this case, another set of clothes to change into. As a gold’s gym member, you get free access to all their amenities.

So, you can use their locker rooms which are right near the bathroom stalls. The lockers are quite spacious so they can easily fit in a lot of your belongings like your gym bag and so on. The only downside is that you’ll need to bring your padlock for the lockers.

Does Gold’s Gym Provide Towels?

Does Gold’s Gym Provide Towels
Gold’s Gym

Whether you get a towel or not, depends solely on the location you’re a member of. In other words, it varies from place to place. You can’t expect a universal term for gold’s gyms all over the world.

While some gold’s gyms will give you a towel free of charge, for others you will have to pay to use the towel service. There are also places where they don’t provide you with towels at all.

So, it is a matter of which part of the world you’re residing in and which gold’s gym you are using. In some US States, Gold’s gym does provide you with complimentary towels.

Now coming to the kind of towel Gold’s gym does provide, it’s not a full-length body towel. It’s the size of a face towel best for wiping sweat from your body.

Our advice would be to bring your bath towels. You can be extra assured about the hygiene plus be on the safe side in case your gold’s gym does not have the towel facility available.

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Does Gold’s Gym Provide Shampoo and Soaps?

Does Gold’s Gym Provide Shampoo and Soaps
Gold’s Gym

Most Gold’s gyms do have shampoo and soap dispensers but again it might differ from one place to another.

It’s great that instead of using regular bar soaps and bottled shampoo, the gold’s gym showers have it in a dispenser, thus preventing the wide spread of germs and also contamination of the entire product. The dispenser is fixed on the shower wall.

However, you should take your shampoo or soap if you’ve sensitive skin. It would also be best for first-time users of gold’s gym showers who have no idea about the quality of body and hair products in the gym.

It is always advisable to test out any product on your hands to see if you are likely to have an allergic reaction to it. Also, let us be honest, commercial gyms will not have the most bougie product since they have to keep their maintenance cost in mind.

What Are The Showers At Gold’s Gym Like?

What Are The Showers At Gold’s Gym Like
Gold’s Gym

The showers at Gold’s gym are nice and spacious. They are located just near the lockers so it is very convenient.

The Gold’s gym showers are separated by solid white walls so you can have your private stall and maintain your privacy. They also have shower curtains which will easily cover your entire body length. However, it would have been great if they had those frosted doors instead of shower curtains for added privacy.

The showers are well maintained some of which owes also to the basic courtesy of people. You cannot take your dirty outside shoes to the wet section. This assures cleanliness.

They have also got mats inside so that you don’t slip on the tile surface after showering. The mats are clean too.

Like the rest of the gym, the shower area, as well as the locker region, have the same Gold’s gym color scheme. It has warm wood tones in the tiling or for the locker cupboards.

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Final Thoughts

So, you can make use of Gold’s gym showers if you are a member. They are spacious and clean. You also do not have to worry about waiting because they usually have quite a lot of shower stalls which will greatly come in handy for those of you who are in a hurry.