Does Anytime Fitness Have Lockers and Showers? (Here’s the Truth…!)

Leaving the gym all sweaty and stuffy does not feel good. It’s also an inconvenience if you don’t have any safe space to keep all your stuff while you work out.

That is why having appropriate shower facilities and locker rooms is important for all kinds of gyms. However, these amenities are not available in all fitness clubs.

While some gyms offer locker rooms, they don’t have a separate shower area, and vice-versa. This might cause a lot of inconvenience to users.

The question is, is there any gym chain that offers both?

One name that stands out among major gym franchises is Anytime Fitness. More than a chain, it has become a global brand with over 4,700 fitness clubs operating in 30 countries worldwide.

At Anytime Fitness gyms, you get a range of amenities like HydroMassage and Tanning beds, as well as well-equipped cardio and weightlifting sections.

But what if you want to wash up and get refreshed after a hard workout? What if you have some important things with you that you need to store in a safe place while you train?

In other words – does Anytime Fitness have lockers and shower facilities?

Let’s find out.

Does Anytime Fitness Have Lockers and Showers
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Does Anytime Fitness Have Showers?

Yes, all Anytime Fitness gyms are equipped with an area for showering as well as private bathrooms. In most cases, you’ll find a private space for washing up and changing your clothes after training, separated from other areas like locker rooms and the main lobby.

So, What Do These Showers Look Like?

Anytime Fitness Showers
Showers / Anytime Fitness

While nobody can claim to have tried all the showers offered by each Anytime Fitness club, the common consensus is that the franchise provides spacious and clean showering areas. The most positively reviewed detail about these showers is that they are kept well separated from the general lockers and changing areas.

The bathrooms and showers can be accessed via a door that separates them from the other areas.

So, you can get as good a showering experience at Anytime Fitness as you would at your home. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you follow the gym’s showering policies.

The primary rule at Anytime Fitness is that you cannot enter the showers barefooted or while wearing any kind of shoes. You can instead opt to wear flip-flops or sandals as per your preference.

Secondly, you cannot exit the shower area without being appropriately dressed. So, you will have to get dressed in the shower itself. You cannot go into the locker room with only a towel covering your body.

Does Anytime Fitness Provide Soap or Shampoo?

Does Anytime Fitness Provide Soap or Shampoo
Towels and Shampoo / Anytime Fitness

Yes, most Anytime Fitness gyms offer beauty bars that are equipped with a range of shower-related amenities, including soaps and shampoos.

Sometimes, it’s difficult for members to carry their own products to the gym. Thus, these beauty bars can be accessed by all Anytime Fitness members for no additional charges.

Here is a list of items that you can find in an Anytime Fitness beauty bar:-

  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Deodorant
  • Hairdryer
  • Hair Tie

The list of items available at the beauty bar may vary from location to location. The more expensive branches offer more amenities compared to cheaper clubs.

These beauty bars are located right outside the private bathrooms and showers to be used by the community without incurring any additional charges.

Does Anytime Fitness Provide Towels?

Yes, most Anytime Fitness gyms do provide towels to their members who like to shower after training. But usually, this service is not free and can be purchased by paying a monthly fee that costs around $15 to $20. The fee may be higher or lower depending on the area where you work out.

While these services are available in most Anytime Fitness clubs, the franchise still encourages members to bring their own towels to maintain hygiene and cleanliness within the gym’s premises.

Does Anytime Fitness Have Lockers?

Does Anytime Fitness Have Lockers
Lockers / Anytime Fitness

Yes, most Anytime Fitness gyms do have lockers where you can keep your important stuff and personal belongings while you work out inside the training section. However, it’s important to note that while all Anytime Fitness clubs have showers and bathrooms, not all of them have locker rooms.

In most cases, more affordable Anytime Fitness clubs do not offer locker room services to maintain their pricing model. So it’s best to visit the gym personally and ensure that they offer all the facilities that you need.

In the clubs where lockers are available, you will find clean and spacious closets where you can keep your belongings.

The best part about these locker rooms is that they are situated next to changing rooms. So, you can easily change into your gym outfit and leave the rest of the clothing items in the lockers without having to go anywhere else.

Another positive thing about these locker rooms is that they are situated away from showers and bathrooms. So the space is clean, dry, and has no moisture that can harm your delicate belongings.

All members have free access to these lockers. The only policy is that you cannot keep the following in the closets:-

  • Illegal objects
  • Pets
  • Belongings that might damage the lockers

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Do Anytime Fitness Lockers Have Locks?

One negative aspect of lockers at Anytime Fitness is that they do not come with locks. While some clubs do have lockable closets, most of them require members to ensure their own security by bringing in padlocks.

The closets at Anytime Fitness are compatible with padlocks. So, if members bring their own padlocks, they can easily keep their stuff safe by locking the lockers and keeping the keys with them while they train.

How Long Can I Leave My Stuff at Anytime Fitness Lockers?

There is no time limit to how much you can use the locker room at Anytime Fitness. However, the gym’s policy states that members can only keep their personal belongings in the lockers as long as they are inside the gym’s premises.

So, when you leave the gym, it’s best that you empty your lockers and take your stuff with you.

If the staff at Anytime Fitness finds that you have left your stuff inside the locker rooms, they have the right to seize and hold the property for 14 days. If you do not claim your belongings in these 14 days, the club will donate everything to charitable organizations.

Can Anytime Fitness Admin Open My Locker?

Yes, all the relevant authorities at Anytime Fitness reserve the right to break into your locker and seize all the property if they suspect foul play.

Therefore, it’s advisable that you go through Anytime Fitness’s locker room policies carefully before you start using their lockers. If you are found violating their guidelines, it can result in permanent debarment from any Anytime Fitness club worldwide.

Anytime Fitness Locker Policy

Here are the guidelines for using locker rooms at Anytime Fitness:

  • The franchise does not guarantee the safety of your personal belongings against theft. Members have to ensure their own safety by bringing in padlocks. For expensive items, make sure that you have insurance coverage.
  • In case any member misplaces their items or belongings anywhere within the gym’s premises, Anytime Fitness will not take any responsibility for the losses incurred.
  • If you leave your belongings in the lockers overnight, the staff at Anytime Fitness will have the right to retrieve all your stuff and hold them for 14 days. If you do not come and claim your property within this period, everything will be donated to charity.
  • If the management suspects foul play, they reserve the right to break into your locker and look for illegal substances.

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Winding Up

Anytime Fitness offers a wide range of amenities at an affordable price. From well-kept machines and equipment to private showers, beauty bars, and locker rooms, members have free access to all kinds of premium facilities.

If you are serious about working out and bodybuilding, it’s one of the best gym franchises in the world.