Does Anytime Fitness Have Group Classes? (Here’s Everything We Know So Far)

When the size of the network is considered, anytime fitness is one of the largest gym chains in the world. They have more than 4000 clubs across the globe, most of which are in the United States.

But unlike those huge gyms like Gold’s or YMCA, most anytime fitness clubs are rather small in size, with a more casual workout culture. Anytime Fitness actually focuses on motivating non-professional gym goers to proceed on their fitness journeys.

And for that, they have specially designed group classes.

Through this article, we will guide you through all you need to learn about Anytime Fitness classes. So, read along!

Does Anytime Fitness Have Group Classes?

Does Anytime Fitness Have Group Classes
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Yes, Anytime Fitness does offer group classes to its members. These classes are highly effective, and will definitely help you improve in terms of strength, endurance, cardio health, balance, better mind health, etc.

Generally, they offer three kinds of classes, the base class, the Burn class, and the build class, each having its own advantages. We will discuss these three classes in detail later in this article.

What Are Anytime Fitness Classes Like?

Anytime Fitness classes are all about group work. That is, you will be teaming along with a number of other members with similar goals, and will be working out at a similar pace and intensity.

There will be a coach or trainer, who will instruct you all along. There will be a set of exercises depending on which class you’re attending and which club you are in. The exact list of exercises varies from club to club.

What Classes Does Anytime Fitness Offer?

Anytime Fitness generally offers three different kinds of group classes, each having an entirely different approach. Here are the types of classes they offer at most of their locations.

Base class

As the name suggests, the base class at anytime fitness focuses mainly on getting your movements correct, as well as on introducing to you the basics of working out.

While starting one’s fitness journey, or even when resuming it after a while, proper conditioning is very crucial. Otherwise, it may all result in injuries or other mishaps. The base class at Anytime Fitness will adapt your body to the rigorous workout days you will have there later.

So, how challenging are Anytime Fitness’s base classes? Well, they are simple but challenging enough for beginners. So, those classes will certainly bring you back to track in your fitness journey.

In the base class, you will be doing basic exercises like certain sideways and straight movements, horizontal pullups, pushups, etc. and you will be using very light equipment like medicine balls, kettlebells, etc.

Also, you will be working out along with other people who are also on similar phases of their fitness journey as yours. So, no worry about feeling shy or inferior!

Burn Class

If you are looking for some best weight loss workout ideas, then the Anytime Fitness burn classes might be a great idea. As the name suggests, you will be taking part in a really intense class that may literally leave you burned, or exhausted after it.

Basically, you will be training as part of a group, and there will be a certified trainer to guide you along. The trainers (and of course, the team members), will support you throughout the class and motivate you to push harder.

The list of exercises included in anytime fitness class may vary from club to club. However, the common list of workouts may include intense mountain climbers, treadmills, battle ropes, jumping jacks, etc. You will be doing a certain group of exercises with a short rest period between each one, and will repeat it all until the clock completes.

Overall, the Burn class will bring great results not only in terms of fat loss and cardio health, but also in terms of better balance, endurance, overall energy in daily life, better mood, etc.

Build Class

Besides the base and burn classes, there is the Anytime Fitness class, which focuses on really intense workouts which will result in fat loss as well as muscle building.

Like in the other two classes, the build class is also conducted as a group of a certain number of members. Also, there will be a coach who will motivate you throughout the session.

Speaking of what kinds of exercises you’d be doing In this class, you can expect strength as well as aerobic exercises. While doing strength exercises, they would suggest you go for low heavyweight reps. And compared to when you work out alone, you will definitely be able to lift better in this class, as there will always be people to motivate you!

How Do Anytime Fitness Classes Work?

The main goal of Anytime Fitness through its classes is the help its members come out of gym fear and work out with confidence. Any member of the gym can enroll in a group class.

Members wishing to take part can register in advance, and book a slot in the upcoming class. The exact policy on how to join a group class may vary from location to location. So, try contacting the club to learn more.

Are Anytime Fitness Classes Free?

Well, that actually depends on individual club policies. While in some clubs they don’t charge any extra fee, you might have to pay some extra bucks at some other locations.

So, try reaching out to the club of your interest and inquire if their group classes have extra charges and if yes, how much!

Are Anytime Fitness Classes Good?

Yes, anytime Fitness classes are as good as classes offered at any other professional gym. Of course, you might not want to do group classes all week if you are a pro lifter; however, they work really well for amateurs and especially beginners.

Also, as we have already mentioned while speaking of different types of classes, the staff is really supportive. The group will always be led by a qualified anytime Fitness trainer who will help you push harder.

Another key plus point of Anytime Fitness classes is the variety. Like, they have classes for beginners or those looking for a comeback (the base class), cardio-focused classes(burn), as well as strength-oriented classes(the build class).

For instance, the gym also claims that a single build or burn Class can burn as much as 1000 calories, which is a great number as far as fat loss is concerned.

Overall, the classes are good. But all that being said, each individual club may have their own workout environment. So, it all depends on locations as well!

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Wrapping Up

So, that was all you need to learn about Anytime Fitness group classes in general. Furthermore, you can always reach out to your nearby club and learn more details about the classes they conduct. Because, as we have mentioned, each club is an independently owned franchise and has its own sets of rules and workout cultures.

Wrapping up, it’s definitely worth it to try Anytime Fitness’s group classes!