Does Anytime Fitness Have Free Weights? A Detailed Look

If you are looking to join Anytime Fitness, you have to know the answer to an important question – will you find free weights there?

Of course, most people might think that all gyms should have free weights. After all, they’re a fundamental part of a lot of people’s strength workout routines, right?

But that’s not always the case.

Gyms that are specifically devoted to beginners and making them feel more comfortable do not have free weights. A prime example is Planet Fitness, one of the biggest gym franchises in the world with top-class amenities like HydroMassage and Tanning Beds.

And yet, Planet Fitness does not have heavy free weights.

The reason is simple – exercising with free weights requires complicated movements that might lead to injuries if the user is not careful. So, it’s easier if beginners just stick to working out on resistance machines, as they are much safer.

Now, the question still remains – will you find free weights at Anytime Fitness gyms? And if yes, are they heavy enough to support a challenging workout?

Let’s find out.

Does Anytime Fitness Have Free Weights?

Does Anytime Fitness Have Free Weights

Yes, all Anytime Fitness gyms have a well-stocked free weights area. In fact, in some locations, you might even find a section that is specifically devoted to free weights for safe workouts.

Anytime Fitness is a large commercial gym chain with over 4,700 locations across 30 different countries. They do not cater to any specific demographic. Instead, they provide an inclusive space for all people to come together and work out.

As such, Anytime Fitness offers plenty of amenities for both experienced bodybuilders as well as beginners.

Having free weights is something that is common to all Anytime Fitness gyms. As each location is individually owned by a separate patron, it’s nice to see total consistency on this front.

Usually, you will get both heavy and light free weights that can help you complete challenging workouts and build muscles effectively. However, the weight of such equipment also varies from one location to another, so it’s best to check by calling the club nearest to you to get a complete picture.

What Weights Does Anytime Fitness Use?

What Weights Does Anytime Fitness Use
Anytime Fitness Dumbbells

Anytime Fitness gyms are well-equipped to deal with the requirements of a wide diversity of people. They have all the free weights that you might require to complete your workouts.

Here is a complete list of free weights that you can find at a regular Anytime Fitness club near you:

  • Dumbbells that go up to anywhere between 100 pounds and 150 pounds
  • Olympic plates
  • Pre-loaded barbells
  • Olympic bars
  • EZ curl bars
  • Kettlebells
  • Medicine balls
  • Bandbell bamboo barbells
  • Safety squat bars

As you can see, a majority of free weights equipment is available at Anytime Fitness, making the franchise a good fit for both beginners as well as professional bodybuilders.

Anytime Fitness Dumbbells
Anytime Fitness Dumbbells

But it’s important to note that some of these free weights, like the bamboo barbells and safety squat bars, are only available in select locations. So, if you are looking for a particular piece of equipment, it’s best to contact the nearest Anytime Fitness Club and ask for more specific information to get detailed clarification.

While there are a lot of free weights at Anytime Fitness, most locations only have one or two power racks, which is lower compared to other commercial gyms. But Anytime Fitness gyms are hardly ever crowded, and the waiting time for such equipment is nil almost every time.

Still, if you want to be on the safer side and check out all the equipment available by yourself, you can opt to get a free 7-day trial at any Anytime Fitness location.

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How Much Does a Barbell Weigh at Anytime Fitness?

How Much Does a Barbell Weigh at Anytime Fitness
Anytime Fitness Pre-Loaded Barbells

Anytime Fitness gyms are usually equipped with two main types of strength bars. This diversity makes it easier for beginners to choose the better fit for themselves and train for heavier weights.

Here are the specifications of the different types of bars offered at Anytime Fitness:

Olympic Barbell

The Olympic Barbell is better suited to meet the requirements of more experienced bodybuilders. It is a standard, 7-feet long strength bar with a natural weight of 45 pounds without any plates, enough for a beginner’s workout routine.

After that, you can add a plate on each side of the bar to make the workout more challenging. The weight of the plates can go anywhere between 2.5 pounds and 45 pounds.

The Olympic Barbell is the perfect piece of equipment if you are training for a lifting competition or want to get stronger fast.

If you are a beginner, do remember to put on the safety collar on the plates before you begin.

Pre-Loaded Barbell

Pre-loaded barbells are still difficult to lift but are more suitable for beginners. They are usually 4 to 6 feet long and have a fixed weight ranging from anywhere between 20 and 120 pounds at Anytime Fitness.

Different locations have different kinds of pre-loaded barbells. So, you can call the front desk and check how heavy the pre-loaded barbells are at your preferred destination.

If you don’t want to move directly to lifting the Olympic Barbell, you can try a Pre-Loaded Barbell that is lighter than 45 pounds. It can give you a good workout while not straining your muscles too much.

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Wrapping Up

Anytime Fitness is a highly competent gym chain, perfect for serious bodybuilders. There are no distractions like pools and saunas, the price is not too high, and the equipment availability is pretty good for beginners as well as serious lifters.

Most importantly, the availability of a diverse range of free weights makes the entire franchise a bit more unique compared to other commercial gym chains like Planet Fitness.