Do I Need A Treadmill Mat?

Yes, you do need a Treadmill Mat.

But why? Okay, you bought a treadmill (cheers!). That should be enough right?

No. You do require a good quality Treadmill Mat. Why? Because it protects your floor and your treadmill. Plus, it also alleviates the noise as well.

What’s the point of using a treadmill mat if the floor is already a smooth one like carpeted and/or laminated? Well, in this article, all your queries are going to be pacified, and you will be glad to buy a treadmill mat that is often put on sale alongside a treadmill.

Do I Need A Treadmill Mat

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So without further ado, let’s proceed forward and explore the benefits of a Treadmill Mat.

What’s The Best Thing To Put Under A Treadmill?

Your Treadmill ends are rough. Pretty rough that they potentially can cause damage to the floor while working out very hard.

The best way to protect your floors​ is by installing a Treadmill Mat underneath the treadmill or go for gym rubber flooring.

However, rubber flooring is a tough way to achieve at home.  Besides the damage, there are minute dust particles that are suspended in the air that can get trapped in the motor parts of the treadmill and hamper its performance. So, the best thing that can save your treadmill and the floor from damage is a Treadmill Mat.

What Does A Treadmill Mat Do?

What Does A Treadmill Mat Do

Since the beginning of this article, we have been focusing on buying a Treadmill Mat. But what does this mat do? How does it protect the floor and the treadmill? Don’t worry as we have prepared a tailor-made list-

Protect Floor & Treadmill

Undoubtedly, Treadmills are heavy beasts that otherwise don’t hurt the floors.

But the real problems originate when you run on them. While running, the effective weight of the person is increased. So, the increased effective weight and the weight of the machine make a serious impact on the floors, rendering them prone to damage.

In addition, there are huge vibrations generated while running on the treadmill, these vibrations again create a huge amount of friction​ that can damage the flooring.

A Treadmill Mat helps in absorbing the vibrations and also reduces the friction between the floor and the treadmill. That means now you can enjoy a stress-free workout!

Reduce Noise

When you work out on a treadmill, besides ample vibrations, what is also generated is the noise. The noise is generated when the person runs over a Treadmill and generates rhythmic effects on it.

This leads to the development of humming sound effects. The high noise can be an indicator of the low maintenance of the treadmill.

Anyway, that’s not our point of discussion, what we are discussing here is the impact of noise and its correlation in damaging the treadmill. The best way to overcome this problem is to buy a Treadmill Mat.

Dust stay out

A Treadmill Mat helps in preventing dust particles from entering into the machinery. Too much dust can certainly hamper the working of the treadmill and its various parts such as rollers, bearings, etc.

When dust gets accumulated on these parts, their working and lifespan are negatively​ affected. Besides, dust particles catch heat faster and tend to increase the temperature of the motor area.

Even if your floor is covered with a carpet, the risk of dust particles entering into the mechanical parts is very high. Therefore, a Treadmill Mat can help to reduce the chances of dust particles getting trapped.

Easy to Clean Surrounding Area

Treadmill Mats help in cleaning the surrounding areas​ from sweat. While running, the spilling of sweat is obvious.

Treadmill mats have a much larger surface area than the base of the treadmill, therefore, sweat spills on the mats. But the interesting part is that the mats are made up of non-absorbent material.

Thus, the cleaning of the mat becomes easier with some easy DIY home remedies.

Prevent Slipping

The Treadmill Mats provide a stable base to the treadmill and stop slipping from its place. Since the movement on the treadmill is always in a single direction, the treadmill is likely to slide away.

Treadmill Mats prevent slipping. Thus, it’s safe to say that a Treadmill Mat helps the treadmill and the floor in numerous ways!

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Do I Need A Treadmill Mat On Concrete?

Yes, On the concrete floor, the risk of damaging the floors is not a problem unless you have gotten some real fancy concrete flooring.

But, here, the actual problem is the sliding of the treadmill over the floor, which may ​damage the treadmill feet. A treadmill mat could be put to use in preventing the friction between the concrete floor and the feet of the treadmill.

Another big concern is the entry of dust particles into the treadmill​. The dust particles are likely to get accumulated in the treadmill if it is put directly on the concrete floor. To prevent this from happening, Treadmill Mats are a good-to-go option.

Do I Need A Mat Under My Treadmill On Carpet?

Of course, you do need a Mat. But why? It is already solving major issues of the treadmill such as noise and vibrations, then why do I need a Treadmill Mat?

I’m certain, this is the exact thing that is popping up in your mind and bugging you. But you forgot one thing, DUST.

The dust particles are trapped in the carpet more easily than the Treadmill Mat (due to the texture of the surface).

This allows easier entry of the dust particles into the treadmill motor and bearings.

This may make the treadmill vulnerable to damage (more if you are poorly maintaining it). Besides the dust, the cleaning of the sweat from the mat is easier in comparison to the carpet. So, a treadmill mat is certainly a go-to option.

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What To Put Under Treadmill On Hardwood Floor?

On a Hardwood floor, the primary concerns are sliding and damage to the treadmill and the floor due to increased friction between the two.

However, one thing to take notice of here is that the antioxidants present in the rubber mat can react with the wood, which might damage the floor.

Although, it is not the case with every hardwood flooring or the rubber mat. 

So, the wise minds say to choose PVC Treadmill Mats over the simple rubber mats. But, keep in mind the PVC mats are less efficient in damping noise, but it’s still a better choice than discoloration.

What To Put Under Treadmill On Laminate Floor?

Installing a Treadmill directly on the Laminate floor is not a good idea. The repeated vibrations and the increased risk of sliding make the treadmill prone to damages. To prevent this from happening, it is much better​ and convenient to install a Treadmill Mat.

When You Don’t Need A Treadmill Mat?

A Treadmill Mat is a good option when you want to protect your floor and the machine. But it’s not necessary. The installation of a Treadmill Mat is recommended but it’s not a compulsion that you have to do always. There are certain situations where you don’t have to pre-install a treadmill mat such as

  • When you don’t want the protection (of course, the will is important)
  • When you already have a substitute for the Treadmill Mat like rubber gym flooring.

When you already have a rubber gym flooring installed in your room/home, you can opt out of buying a Treadmill Mat as you already have something to protect your floor and the treadmill.

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Gym machines are heavy beasts that help you in training vigorously. Installing these at your home is a good option.

However, certain machines are very heavy (as in the case of a Treadmill), and with repeated unidirectional movements, the machines slide off and, therefore, damage the floors. Thus, installing a good quality Treadmill Mat is recommended to avoid the wear and tear of the heavy beasts.