DMoose Arm Blaster Review

A strength training accessory that targets and isolates the bicep muscles, the arm blaster is a vital component of any bicep workout routine. It is an incredibly efficient tool to add to your workout regime if you’re looking to maximize the strength-building benefits of bicep curls and achieve that massive bicep pump.

But there is also the trouble of buying just the right product amongst the multitude of arm blasters that are available in the market which will suit your requirements.

It is most likely that in your research of arm blasters, you must have come across the name of DMoose arm blaster. Rated highly on amazon with over 2000 plus 5-star reviews and amongst fitness bloggers and reviewers, the arm curl blaster from DMoose is a great hit.

If you are in the process of deciding whether or not to buy this highly efficient bicep-building equipment for your home gym, then this article will provide you with all the necessary information so that you can decide if it suits your requirements.

DMoose Arm Blaster Review

DMoose Arm Blaster

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Available in five different colors, the DMoose arm blaster is a must-have piece of equipment to build big biceps and triceps. With its compact design of 24 x 3.5 inches (L x W), the DMoose arm blaster occupies minimal space in your home gym. Because of its lightweight, you can easily carry it to the gym as well.

The DMoose arm blaster is made from premium quality materials and is therefore highly durable. Its contoured and adjustable design provides comfort.

Not to forget the long adjustable wide neck strap made of high-quality nylon provides added comfort and makes sure the product is suitable for all fitness junkies no matter the body shape. You no longer have to be worried about your arm blaster moving during your workouts.

The non-slip elbow foam padding ensures that your elbows never go out of position during the workout and stay firmly in their correct posture.

Flared elbows result in a lousy posture and thus an overall ineffective training. The DMoose arm blasters with their foam padding hold the elbows in place and prevent any elbow swinging. This feature is a great hit amongst customers who have already bought the product and greatly vouch for it noticing how it provides high-quality arm workouts.

This bicep and triceps arm blaster tool is ideal to hyper-isolate the contraction of the bicep muscles and eliminate momentum or any other facilitating movement. This helps to increase tension in the muscles and the requirement of fulfilling the overloaded muscle tension paves the way toward building huge muscle bumps.



Features and Specs

Although the DMoose arm blaster might seem like any other arm blaster at first glance, however, it has some premium features which make it stand out among the lot.

Made of durable aluminum and non-slip elbow foam padding, this product has changed the game when it comes to arm curling and bicep building. Likewise, the DMoose arm blaster has many other features, making it a better option than others available in the market.

Let us take a look at the features and specifications of the DMoose arm blaster:

Features and Specs


High-quality durable aluminum to support maximum strength capacity. It has strong rivets and buckles.



Highly portable with item weight being just 1.8 pounds

Long-term resilience

Unlike other arm blasters, the DMoose arm blaster doesn’t rust.


The neck strap, made of nylon, is long, adjustable as well as thick which helps to evenly spread out the tension.

The neck brace is also made of synthetic polymer resembling rubber so it is resistant to weathering, heat, and body sweat.

Also consists of padded elbow pads

Additional features

Contoured and Curved body design to fit people of all sizes


High-quality reinforced aluminum


24 x 3.5 x 0.2 inches (L x W x H)

Product Weight

1.8 pounds

Build Quality

DMoose Arm Blaster

Unlike other standard arm blasters made from cheap materials that break down after regular use, the DMoose arm blaster is resilient and provides long-term stability. Its thick gauge aluminum, strong rivets, and adjustable nylon strap improves your stability and enhances gear durability. It’ll last you for years since it won’t rust.

Keeping in mind people of all sizes, this bicep arm blaster is contoured and adjustable to ensure maximum comfort. The thick padded elbow pads and neoprene neck padding improve posture and provide additional comfort. The fully adjustable nylon strap will support both men and women lifters alike.


Arm blasters can usually be very uncomfortable to use but the DMoose arm blaster makes sure you are comfortable while working out. The non-slip thick padded elbow pads help to maintain posture and prevent your elbows from swinging.

The neck padding assures safety and comfort as well. The long adjustable nylon strap makes it suitable for all gym junkies. The wise strap also helps to spread out the tension around the neck evenly.

The neck padding and elbow support are made of neoprene which makes them withstand weathering and excessive heat.

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Coming in a sleek and compact design, the DMoose arm blaster is available in 5 different colors both on amazon as well as on the official website of DMoose.

Out of the 5 colors, the black variant is the most opted for due to its neutral tone.

Its light weight makes it very easy to carry around with you anywhere. Plus, the compact design ensures that you can quickly put it in any of your bags.



How does DMoose arm blaster compare to other arm blasters?

DMoose Arm Blaster

Numerous fitness brands sell arm blasters so we are bombarded with a lot of choices and are likely to get confused. While there may be a lot of arm blasters in the market, DMoose is a considerably better option.

Most arm blaster like the Jayefo Sport Arm Blaster or the Hawk Sports arm blaster come in the same limited neutral colors like black or blue but the DMoose one has a design unique to its own which is the design of the American flag.

Unlike other arm blasters made of cheap quality materials,  DMoose builds its arm blasters for good quality aluminum. DMoose believes in creating long-lasting fitness products that fulfill what it claims which is why their products turn out to be so durable. The buckles are made up of strong rivets and aren’t flimsy or weak.

The neck strap is long wide and adjustable plus it’s made of high-quality nylon so you get full value from the price you pay.

The DMoose arm blaster has a non-slip elbow foam padding made of neoprene whereas other arm blasters usually have slippery, thin padding.

Thus, DMoose arm blaster is the perfect combination of durability, performance, and cost.

What’s so special about DMoose arm blaster?

  • Highly portable because it’s lightweight so you can take it anywhere you go.
  • Contoured and adjustable design meant for fitness junkies of all sizes. One size fits all.
  • Thick adjustable strap so you can stay unbothered about your arm blaster moving.
  • Assembled and ready to use right from the delivery of the product.
  • Consists of padded neoprene elbow pads which provide you with the utmost comfort during strenuous workout sessions.


The original selling price of the DMoose arm blaster is $42.99 but you can always find it at a good discounted price. On the DMoose official website, the arm blaster is available at $29.99 which is a flat 30% off. There’s free standard shipping on orders above $49 and your product will be delivered to your doorstep in just 2 to 5 working days.

The product is also available on


DMoose ensures that you get all your money’s worth. On the official website of DMoose, you can easily return the product. There’s also a 30-Days money-back guarantee.

In case of any further queries from your side, the DMoose official website also provides a call or chat customer support service.

DMoose Arm Blaster


  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Neoprene-Padded beck and elbow support
  • Suitable for lifters of all sizes
  • Contoured and adjustable design
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


  • Expensive with shipping charge of almost 49$
  • Just two variants are available despite the assurance of 5 available colors.
  • Only meant for people wishing to achieve brawnier arm muscles.
  • It isn’t multi-functional.



Is DMoose arm blaster worth the buy?

If you’ve been wanting to build brawnier and muscular arm muscles but have been confused as to which equipment to buy, then look no further.

The DMoose arm blaster is very simple and easy-to-use equipment.

So, to put it in simple words, yes, the DMoose arm blaster is worth your time and money. The Arm Blaster locks your arms at your sides, and it does indeed isolate the biceps. It also prevents or reduces your ability to cheat your curls. It ensures that you can continue with your textbook-style bodybuilding regime.

The DMoose arm blaster will help you achieve bigger bicep bumps and brawny muscles. So, don’t miss out on this golden opportunity of buying yourself this perfect arm builder at a discounted price today!

With this arm blaster, you can perform many variations of workouts like barbell bicep curls, reverse bicep curls, and hammer curls with cables. It’s the perfect equipment for all lifters wishing to achieve bulkier biceps and triceps.

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If brawnier and bigger arm muscles is what you desire, then the DMoose arm blaster is just the right fit for you.

It is a great equipment to add to your home gym as well as carry to your gym. Greatly recommended by fitness junkies, the DMoose arm blaster is worth all your time and effort.