Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet is arguably the best diet to lose the extra fat, lose the extra weight, and grow some muscle. It is easy to confuse it with any other low carb diets, but a keto diet does too much more than some run of the mill, low carb, and low calorie diet.

Ketogenic is a diet that can be termed as a very low carb diet where you are supposed to consume only around 40 to 50 grams of carbs per day. Consuming this much lower carbs can be difficult, as almost everything you usually eat has some amount of carbs in it and it is not feasible to live on a hundred grams of food in a day.

It goes without saying that you have to go on a calorie deficit diet if you wish to lose some fats and overall weight. Keto diet not only reduces the amount of calorie intake by reducing the carbs it also gives rise to ketosis.

In the state of ketosis the body responds to your low glucose, low carb, low calorie food intake by burning the fats as a source of energy. Within a few days of starting to live on keto meals your body’s metabolism gets into a state of ketosis and can remain in it till you continue to follow the diet.

Finding a good, tasty variety of low-carb foods to eat at every meal is very tedious work. And to follow the keto diet you need to find the food items that seem to have unrealistically low carb content.

To help you start and keep following the keto diet without having to do a lot of work to find the keto friendly foods we have included some informative pieces on our portal about the keto friendly food items and staple food replacements.

We have separate articles for starters, appetizers, energy drinks, main course, desserts, and else. We also have informative write-ups about the popular food items in each of these.

Along with telling you about a particular food item being keto friendly or not, we have included information about the ingredients, their nutritional values, carb content, recommended portions, etc. We have also included some delicious recipes that can be made with all keto friendly ingredients.

Knowing the ingredients and the keto friendly dishes is just the start to get your keto diet going. You need a good meal plan to follow through with this demanding but effective diet. Don’t worry, we have got you covered on this front too. We have different eating plans that include a variety of food choices that would keep you in ketosis and also induce the feeling of satiety.

We have something for everyone, whether you are a follower of ketogenic diet and have some specific question about some particular food ingredient or you are someone who just came to know about the word keto and want to know about it more, we have articles for you giving necessary details on the desired topic.

Keto Diet

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