50+ Bodybuilding Meal Plans

Bodybuilding is not everyone’s cup of tea. Whether it comes to bulking or cutting, it requires nothing less than pure hard work, determination, and dedication to be a successful bodybuilder. 

And often, people would believe that being a successful bodybuilder is all about hitting the gym and lifting heavy. However, the truth is, following a proper diet is as important as hitting the gym, if not more. 

Bodybuilding diet plans are designed for the right amount of protein, carbs, healthy fats, and a number of different types of micronutrients. Is that enough? Definitely not! To complete bodybuilding nutrition, it is also crucial to take suitable supplements. 

Due to these reasons, we can call bodybuilding meal plans highly effective and proven. So, if you are looking to start with bodybuilding, or simply want to build a healthy physique, you ought to learn how the world’s most successful bodybuilders design their diets.

And, if you are also in search of a proper bodybuilding diet plan, and wondering where you can find some, we have what you are looking for. 

We have compiled a list of diet plans followed by dozens of successful bodybuilders from all times. That includes great names like Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Ronnie Coleman, Lee Haney, and many more.  

We prepare our articles through extensive research and present them in a structured manner, with easy-to-understand language.

Go through them, and learn how the GOATS of bodybuilding designs their nutrition plan: 

Best Free Bodybuilding Diet Plans

Bodybuilding Meal Plan

Tavi Castro’s Diet Plan & Supplements

"What you eat in private, reflects in public" True indeed, your diet plays a very crucial role in shaping you. No, we are not body shaming! Every person, every shape matters. But we can't resist looking at someone with gorgeous looks ...
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Flex Wheeler’s Diet Plan & Supplements

One of the most admired bodybuilders of all time, Flex wheeler, in his prime, owned one of the finest physiques in the world. This classic bodybuilder from the 90s is continuing to inspire budding bodybuilders around the world to dream big. However, like ...
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Martyn Ford’s Diet Plan & Supplements

A renowned actor, bodybuilder, and fitness model, Martyn Ford is a multi-talented fitness enthusiast. Ford was an active cricketer in his youth before an unfortunate injury made him abandon his passion. But the incident didn’t stop him from chasing his sports ...
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Bakhar Nabieva’s Diet Plan & Supplements

Looking at Bakhar Nabieva’s unique physique, you must have also wondered what on earth she’s been eating to maintain it. A killer physique like hers is the ultimate dream of women with fitness goals. Having such a muscular lower body, along ...
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Roelly Winklaar’s Diet Plan & Supplements

“Roelly Winklaar” has become a name synonymous with bodybuilding for the fans. With an arm size of over 24 inches, the “Dutch beast" is one of the leading contenders of the sport and is notable for the combination of monstrous size ...
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Jeff Nippard’s Diet Plan & Supplements

With close to 3 million subscribers on youtube, Jeff Nippard is the rising star in health and fitness today. He has come up with transformational nutrition plans and diets that have benefited large groups of people around the world. And the ...
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Brandon Hendrickson’s Diet Plan & Supplements

We saw one of the greatest comebacks in bodybuilding history, when Brandon Hendrickson won his 2nd Mr. Olympia physique title in 2020. He won the title for the first time in 2018, but couldn't repeat it in 2019. But instead of ...
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Ernestine Shepherd’s Diet Plan

It is too common nowadays to spot teenagers and people in their late 30s and 40s putting on weight. Blame the lifestyle and the consumption of junk, sorry, to break it to you, people, have become obese and very much habitual ...
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Jeremy Buendia’s Diet Plan & Supplements

Jeremy Buendia has never failed to amaze millions of his followers and fitness enthusiasts alike with his incredible physique. People around the globe are being inspired by the achievements he made despite the setbacks he had in life. Weighing 180 pounds, ...
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Bodybuilding has evolved a lot over the decades. Back in Arnold’s era,  body symmetry was very important. But these days, getting as big as possible is the goal of most bodybuilders. Think about Roelly Winklaar and his big arms.

Along with the evolution of our concept about bodybuilding, the view about diet also transformed a lot over time. The evolved focus of bodybuilding diet has its own share in transforming the sport.  

That being said, not all great bodybuilders of the present time focus on getting as big as possible; for instance, look at Simeon Panda. 

Through our articles, we will guide you through the bodybuilding meal plans that helped the legends of the sport become what they are.  

Our articles include headings such as:

  • Usual daily meal plan followed by bodybuilders: This is given as tables for your easy understanding.
  • What to eat: That is, what food you should consider including in your diet if your goal is a physique like your bodybuilding idol.
  • What to avoid: this is very important. You should avoid certain food items if you wish to follow a healthy diet. We discuss with you what you should never eat while following a diet plan.
  • What supplements to take: undoubtedly, no bodybuilding diet plan is complete without supplements. We will reveal to you what supplements your idol bodybuilder takes. But at the same time, we would always urge you to take expert advice to decide what supplements you should take and what you should not. 

Finally, we never suggest you imitate a diet plan as such. In fact, you need to modify it according to your nutritional goals. 

For instance, while deciding your optimum calorie intake, you need to consider your height, weight, fat content, your physique goals, and several other factors. 

Also, stick to the diet with determination, and work hard towards your goal. It takes time to be great.