Deathbench Program Spreadsheet

It hardly matters whether a person is a gym bro or a professional lifter, a bigger bench press is something that every gym-goer craves for. If you are one of those guys who has already set up some decent PRs on the bench press amongst your gym buddies, you must be surely experiencing the kind of attention that your gym buddies aspire for. The bench press is undoubtedly one such upper body movement that promotes both strength and hypertrophy. If you want a bigger chest, which every gym-goer surely wants, the bench press has to be in your program.

But apart from training intensely on your bench press, there are certain programs and principles following which can take your bench press to an elite level, and that too quite sooner than you expect. The Deathbench program that has been designed by Matt Disbrow is one such program. Let us warn you in advance that this program is not going to be an easier one but at the same time, the results that you would get from it are surely worth taking the pains. So what is the Matt Disbrow program all about? Let’s find more about it.

Deathbench Program Overview

Deathbench Program

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If you are more inclined towards brutal and grueling programs, the Deathbench program is something that can surely be fascinating to you. Although this program imposes excessive stress and load on your upper body muscles, especially the pectorals, the results that you get from this program are quite astonishing. If you are going good with your deadlift and squat but your bench seems to suck, it is time to go with the Deathbench program.

To implement the Deathbench program, it is essential that you are capable to carry out a bench press that is around 300+ pounds for a few reps. Hence, this program is a complete no-no for beginners and novice lifters.

In fact, Matt Disbrow’s Deathbench is quite popular among many lifters. It extends for a period of 10-weeks in which you will be training your bench press twice a week. This program primarily focuses on undulating periodization and is an apt choice for both intermediate and advanced lifters who are pursuing to enter the elite bench club. This program has two versions namely the original version and the taper version which is primarily meant for competition purposes. A very popularly used split of this workout program looks like the following. You can select any one of the given options as per your convenience.

  • Sunday/Wednesday
  • Monday/Thursday
  • Tuesday/Friday
  • Wednesday/Saturday
  • Thursday/Sunday
  • Friday/Monday
  • Saturday/Tuesday

The brutal nature of this workout routine makes it essential that you take a two-day gap between two consecutive benching sessions. While following this workout plan, your form and setup when you execute the bench press must be absolutely perfect. Keeping your body tight and firm will help you progress well through your sessions.

Since bench press also puts a lot of stress on your front deltoids and tricep muscles, it is mandatory that you perform your warm-up exercises prior to training your bench. Especially, movements that promote shoulder mobility should be of prime consideration. After the completion of your workout sessions, stretch your upper body thoroughly, especially your shoulder joints. This will ensure that your muscles get completely recovered by your next workout session.

Deathbench Spreadsheet

To provide you with a perfect idea about the Deathbench Program, we have brought before you a spreadsheet that will guide you throughout the program. This spreadsheet will give you descriptive information about the weight progressions that you would be training in the upcoming sessions. You must have surely got to know about the presence of accessory work in this program. The spreadsheet presented here will also guide you well about the accessory work that you will be performing in each session.


Deathbench Taper Version Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet presented under this sub-heading caters to the Taper Version of the Deathbench Program. This is an apt program if you are preparing for some competition.

Although the bench press is a compound movement that trains all the major muscle groups of the upper body, the supporting muscles that support the execution of the bench press also need to get trained. This Google sheet will give you complete details about those accessory exercises along with their recommended sets and reps.

Following this spreadsheet template will make sure that there is no confusion when it comes to your training sessions. Using this template, you can put in the weight of your 1 RM on the bench and you will be provided with the percentages of the 1 RM that you would be progressing with your upcoming sessions. Following this program religiously for 10 weeks will surely take your bench press strength to newer heights. Have a look at the Deathbench taper version spreadsheet.

With Selectable Rounding


Final Words

Although this program is complete and comprehensive in itself, we would suggest listening to your body too while following this program. If in a particular session, your muscles sore or they have not properly recovered, it is better to skip that session. You can also tweak the program for certain adjustments if your body demands. After all, training is all about getting things done.

Nevertheless, the effectiveness of the Disbrow’s Bench program has never been a subject to criticism and ridicule. Following this program along with keeping your diet and rest on point will surely take your benching strength to the level of gods.


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