David Lloyd Free Trial (Free Day Pass & Guest Pass) 2023

David Lloyd is one such gym where you can expect a peaceful, quality workout environment. With a diverse mix of sports and recreational activities such as gym, tennis, spas and many more to offer, David Lloyd is also one of the most popular gym chains in UK.

Therefore,  if you are looking for a gym membership in the United Kingdom or Europe, David Lloyd is a great option for you. 

However, at the same time, their pricing can be a bit expensive as compared to other mid-range gyms. So, it’s always better to try out the gym before grabbing a possibly expensive membership there. You can try David Lloyd through their guest passes before joining it for a long term membership. 

A David Lloyd guest pass is hence a great way to explore a club of your choice, learn about the facilities and the workout environment they offer, and to decide whether or not to join there.

And through this article, we will guide you through everything you need to learn about David Lloyd free day passes, guest passes and free trials. So, read along.

David Lloyd Free Trial
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Do David Lloyd Do Free Trials?

Yes, David Lloyd does offer free trials, although not very often. Most David Lloyd free trials are for one day, while some clubs may also offer 7 day free trials. 

So, the duration of the free trial, and the cost of a guest pass vary from club to club and also from time to time. 

Why we say it varies from time to time is, they offer discounts on certain occasions, such as New Year and the start of summer. 

So, try contacting the David Lloyd club near you to learn about their free day pass policies. 

Do You Get Free Guest Passes at David Lloyd?

Yes, sometimes you can get guest passes for free at David Lloyd. But we are not quite sure whether to call it a guest pass or not; rather, let’s say David Lloyd offers a 1 day free trial. 

In addition to the one day free trial, you can get 7-day/ 10 day/14-day long guest passes. And these longer duration trials will mostly have a fee, while some clubs may offer them free of cost. 

It depends on several factors like club policies and which time of the year it is. 

But ultimately, the best thing to do is, call them and enquire about their guest pass and free trial offers. In most cases, they will be happy to have you try their facilities for free for one or more days. 

David Lloyd 14 Day Pass

The David Lloyd 14-day trial is a great way to explore a club of your choice, understand their facilities, and to decide whether or not to grab a long term membership there. 

In your 14 day trial, you can enjoy not only their basic weight training equipment, but also several other facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, spa, outdoor sports, etc. 

Speaking of the cost of the 14 day David Lloyd pass, although some clubs may offer it for free, most clubs do charge a fee. The average fee that you can expect for the 14 day pass is £19.95, which can vary from location to location. 

Now, there are certain terms regarding the David Lloyd guest pass that you need to follow, such as:

  • You need to utilize the 14 day pass on consecutive days.
  • You can visit only one club using the guest passes, and not multiple clubs.
  • The fee of €19.95 applies to both adults and minors.
  • Speaking of minors, individuals younger than 18 can visit as a guest only under the supervision of an adult.
  • Facilities may vary from club to club.
  • Guests need to abide by the gym ethics and code of conduct. 
  • David Lloyd holds the right to modify or even eliminate your day pass. The decision of the club will be Final.
  • While coming to the David Lloyd club, guests need to bring a valid photo ID card, and will have to complete a brief registration process. 
  • At some clubs, you may also have to do a medical analysis before visiting as a guest. Once again, only in some clubs.

Besides the conventional day pass, David Lloyd currently offers a free online 14 day trial. The online trial includes several activities like yoga and pilates; and also on-demand classes that you can enjoy with your family. 

So, if you wish to workout from home, you can also try the David Lloyd online free trial.

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Can David Lloyd members Bring a Guest?

Yes, David Lloyd members can bring guests. If you are currently a David Lloyd member, you can bring a guest of your choice.

However, guest policies may vary from club to club, and you can also expect some fees for such guest passes. 

How Long Does a Guest Pass Last for In David Lloyd?

Usually, guest passes in David Lloyd can last from as short as 1 day to as long as 14 days. 

The duration of the guest pass varies from club to club and from time to time. It depends on club policies, the season of the year, and other factors. 

To learn about the current duration of guest passes in a David Lloyd club near you, contact them directly. 

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David Lloyd day passes and free trials are a great way to learn about club facilities before grabbing a long term membership. So, if you plan on becoming a David Lloyd long term member, we recommend you first try the gym for a shorter duration. 

They offer fantastic facilities, and you would most likely love the gym through the trial. But trying the gym first before grabbing membership is still a great idea! 


We present David Lloyd guest passes and free trial details by referring to reliable sources. We gather data through On-site visits, Telephonic conversations, mail enquiries, member feedback, website visits, etc. 

Details we share with you are supposed to be true. However, as we have repeatedly mentioned, exact prices for David Lloyd day passes and free trials may vary from club to club and also from time to time. 

In other words, their pricing and other policies may change over time. Therefore, always contact the David Lloyd that you wish to visit as a guest, and ensure things.