David Goggins Workout Routine

David Goggins is the modern-day ‘ultrahuman’. His body is capable of doing stuff that most of us can only dream about. He is strong, muscular, lean, athletic, and fast.

Apart from being an ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, and a well-known triathlete, David Goggins is also an author and motivational speaker.

From performing 4030 pull-ups in 17 hours (setting up the Guinness World Record) to completing Navy SEAL training, David Goggins‘s list of achievements is so long that it would require a separate post altogether to mention all of them.

In this post, we will let you know about the grinding that he puts his body through to perform like a superhuman. Here we will be giving you a detailed insight into David Goggins’s workout routine. So without further ado, let’s proceed.

David Goggins Workout Overview

David Goggins Workout

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David Goggins has always been very much disciplined about following his workout routine. His day starts at around 3 a.m. Then, he starts his workout routine by running 10-15 miles.

After finishing his run, he takes a shower and then bikes 25 miles to work and 25 miles back home again.

Goggins also goes for a 4-5 mile run during his lunch break.

David Goggins’s workout routine looks like this:-

  • Running- David Goggins runs for around 10-20 miles every single day.
  • Biking- Goggins rides his bike for 50 miles each day.
  • Lifting- Goggins performs his lifting sessions for an hour and a half with his wife late in the evening.
  • Stretching- David Goggins spends around 2-3 hours per day for stretching. This relaxes his muscles and eliminates probable chances of injury.
  • Train Everyday: He religiously trains for his triathlon events every day

David Goggins Workout Schedule

David Goggins’s workout routine demands both physical as well as mental toughness. In a literal sense, he eats, sleeps, trains, and repeats. His daily routine is pretty hectic, but Goggins follows it religiously to challenge the limits of both his mental and physical toughness.

David Goggins daily schedule looks like this:-

  • 3:00-4:00 A.M.- Wake Up
  • 4:00 A.M.- Running for 10-15 Miles
  • 5:00 A.M.- Bike 25 Miles to Work
  • Around 11:00 A.M.- Run during lunch
  • After Work (varies)- Biking back home
  • After reaching home- Another 3-6 mile run

David Goggins Workout Routine

David Goggins Workout Routine

David Goggins’s workout routine tends to work on different aspects of his physique. It includes exercises that work on improving his stamina, strength, flexibility, endurance, and overall athleticism.

David Goggins‘s training routine can be further segmented into the following:-

  • Core Routine
  • Cardio Routine
  • Weight training or Full-Body Workout Routine

Core Routine

David Goggins knows well that a firm and strong core can aid a lot in enhancing one’s endurance levels. A strong core also contributes a lot to improve the balance and stability of your torso.

David Goggins’s core workout routine includes exercises that train his core muscles to work efficiently. They hit his core muscles from different angles and strengthen them completely.


Sets x Reps

Swiss-Ball Obliques

2 x 25

Russian Sit-Ups

4 x 10


3 x 10

Broomstick Obliques

3 x 10

Cardio Routine

David Goggins’s cardio training routine primarily consists of running and biking. Being a triathlete, his intense cardio exercise routine provides his body with the conditioning it needs to perform in the most optimum manner.

David Goggins’s cardio workout routine looks like this:


Distance Covered


10-15 miles


25 miles

Running (during lunchtime)

5-8 miles

Biking (after the break)

25 miles s

Running (after the break)

3-5 miles

Weight-Training Routine

David Goggins has a lean and muscular physique. To work on building his muscular strength and size, Goggins follows a well-structured weight training program.

David Goggins weight trains for about 1½ hours every day with his wife. He hits each of his muscle groups once a week. He lifts heavy weights several times a week to maintain his muscle mass and to work on enhancing his muscular strength.


Sets x Reps

Chest Workout

Bench Press

(4-5) x (8-15)

Dumbbell Press

(4-5) x (8-15)

Dumbbell Flyes

(4-5) x (8-15)

Machine Chest Press

(4-5) x (8-15)


(4-5) x (8-15)

Shoulder Workout

Military Press

(4-5) x (8-15)

Arnold Press

(4-5) x (8-15)

Front Raises

(4-5) x (8-15)

Lateral Raises

(4-5) x (8-15)

Rear-Delt Flyes

(4-5) x (8-15)


(4-5) x (8-15)

Back Workout


(4-5) x (8-15)

Lat Pulldowns

(4-5) x (8-15)

Close-Grip Lat Pulldowns

(4-5) x (8-15)

Cable Rows

(4-5) x (8-15)

One-Arm Dumbbell Rows

(4-5) x (8-15)

Straight-Arm Pushdowns

(4-5) x (8-15)

Arms Workout

Barbell Curls

(4-5) x (8-15)

Isolation Curls

(4-5) x (8-15)

Dumbbell Curls

(4-5) x (8-15)

Preacher Curls

(4-5) x (8-15)

Skull Crushers

(4-5) x (8-15)

Tricep Extensions

(4-5) x (8-15)

Tricep Kickbacks

(4-5) x (8-15)

Tricep Pushdowns

(4-5) x (8-15)

Legs Workout


(4-5) x (8-15)

Leg Curls

(4-5) x (8-15)

Leg Press

(4-5) x (8-15)

Leg Extensions

(4-5) x (8-15)

Romanian Deadlift

(4-5) x (8-15)

Walking Lunges

(4-5) x (8-15)

Calf Raises

(4-5) x (8-15)

 David Goggins always makes sure to go through his weight training sessions only after going through a proper warm-up routine. This eliminates the chances of any kind of injury that may arise out of lifting heavyweights.

Once his workout is done, Goggins follows a cool-down routine to relax his muscles.

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David Goggins’s Full-Body Workout Routine

David Goggins has a very hectic daily schedule. At times when he is traveling to different parts of the world, he relies on following a full-body workout routine. He performs it in his hotel room.

Other than that, David Goggins resorts to his full-body workout routine when he is running short on time. It takes him around 45-60 minutes to complete his full-body workout routine that has been mentioned hereunder:-



Jumping Jacks (three count reps)


Jumping Jacks with Push-Ups  (3 count ten reps followed by ten reps of Push-Ups)


Walking Lunges (three count reps)




Plank Ups-Down


If the hotel in which David Goggins is staying has a gym, he adds up the following exercises to his full-body workout program.

  • Box Jumps
  • Squats
  • Pull-Ups
  • Burpees
  • Flutter Kicks

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Final Words

David Goggins is pretty much experienced when it comes to training his body. That’s obvious too as he has spent numerous years training his body and mind to become the best version of him.

We would recommend you not to copy David Goggins’s workout plan blindly. You must first identify your goals and understand your body type. Expert supervision is crucial in those matters.