Dana Linn Bailey Workout Routine

In earlier days, there used to be a misconception that women can’t be muscular. But women like Dana Linn Bailey completely revolutionized the world of bodybuilding. Standing tall at 165 centimeters, her muscular physique and strength levels can even put some guys to shame. In the current times she is known as one of the best IFBB Pro fitness and figure athletes.

Dana Linn Bailey had started her fitness journey as a diffident girl who struggled with her body image. However, her dedication towards improving herself made her become the first IFBB Physique pro and subsequently the first-ever female to win Ms. Physique Olympia. When she steps on the stage, her competitors not only envy her physique but also get inspired by its perfection.

This post is going to throw light on Dana Linn Bailey’s workout routine that keeps her in great shape throughout the year.

Dana Linn Bailey’s Workout Principles

Dana Linn Bailey Workout

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Even before Dana Linn Bailey got started with training, she had always been a sports enthusiast. She used to play various sports and had a competitive spirit. She decided to utilize her full potential and got started with bodybuilding.

Dana Linn Bailey also got inspired by her powerlifter husband Rob Bailey. She used to accompany him to the gym and with his guidance, she got started with lifting weights. Subsequently, she built a physique that not only inspired many but also made her a social media sensation.

Dana’s physique exhibits both power and aesthetics. To build and maintain such a physique, her workout program incorporates both powerlifting and bodybuilding training protocols.

Dana Linn Bailey’s Workout Schedule

Dana Linn Bailey follows the conventional bro split in which she trains each muscle group once a week. She trains 5-days in a week and her workout split looks like this:-

  • Monday- Chest
  • Tuesday- Shoulders
  • Wednesday- Back
  • Thursday- Legs
  • Friday- Arms
  • Saturday- Rest
  • Sunday- Rest

Dana Linn Bailey’s Workout Routine

Dana Linn Bailey’s workout routine includes a variety of exercises that provides her with a muscular and shredded physique. The heavy compound movements in her exercise routine work on building up her muscle mass and strength whereas the isolation movements add definition and firmness to her physique.

Dana incorporates the use of barbells, dumbbells, and cables to target different muscle groups. For some of the exercises, Dana prefers to perform a higher number of sets and reps. This allows her muscles to get the stimulation that they need for growth.

Dana doesn’t rely on a particular number of sets and reps while performing certain exercises. Instead, she opts to perform them till the complete exhaustion of muscles. She also incorporates the use of intensity techniques like drop sets and supersets into her workout plan.

The following table will let you know about Dana Linn Bailey’s training routine in detail. It includes all the major exercises performed by her and their respective number of sets and reps that she performs. Let’s have a look.

Dana Linn Bailey Workout Routine

Dana Linn Bailey’s Workout Plan


Sets x Reps

Monday- Chest

5 Rep Max Bench Press

Bench Press (90% 5 RM)

4 x 5

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

5 x (12, 10, 8, 6)

Incline Cable Fly

(4-5) x AMRAP

Cable Cross Fly into Dumbbell Floor Press

(4-5) x AMRAP

Tuesday- Shoulders

Seated Cable Front Raise

4 x (8-12)

Seated Cable Face Pulls

4 x (8-12)

Seated Cable Overhead Press

4 x (8-12)

Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise

4 x (8-12)

Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press

4 x (8-12)

Incline Dumbbell Rear Fly

4 x (8-12)

Alternating Front Raise into Clean and Press

4 x 10

Wednesday- Back

Bent-Over Cable Lat Pulldown

4 x (8-12)

Close-Grip Seated Cable Rows

4 x (8-12)

Wagon Wheel Barbell Deadlift

4 x (8-12)

Wide-Grip Seated Lat Pulldown

4 x (8-12)

Behind-the-Head Lat Pulldown

4 x (8-12)

Barbell Rows

4 x (8-12)

Reverse Push-Up on Rack

4 x (8-12)

Machine Rear Delt Fly

4 x (8-12)

Thursday- Legs

Seated Leg Curls

2 x 10

Pause Squats

5 x (6-8)

Long Pause Squats

5 x 3

Lying Leg Curls

4 x 10

Barbell Stiff-Legged Deadlifts

5 x (15, 12, 10, 8, 6)

Elevated Dumbbell Sumo Squat

4 x 15

Single-Leg Extension supersetted with Bulgarian Split Squat

4 x (10-12)

Friday- Arms

Straight Bar Curls

4 x (10-12)

Dumbbell Hammer Curls

4 x (10-12)

Reverse Grip Cable Curls

4 x (10-12)

Reverse Grip Pulldowns

4 x (10-12)

EZ-Bar Skull Crushers

4 x (10-12)

EZ-Bar Close Grip Press

4 x (10-12)

Overhead Rope Cable Extension

4 x (10-12)

Rope Extensions

4 x (10-12)

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- Rest

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Apart from following the above-mentioned workout routine, Dana makes her training program more effective by implementing the following techniques-

Keep switching things up

Dana Linn Bailey likes to switch things up in her workout routine. She doesn’t like to perform the same exercises over and over again. This kind of variation allows her body to grow and respond well. At times, she also likes to change the order of the exercises in her workout routine.

Dana Linn Bailey Workout Plan

Have fun with your workouts

Dana advises that one shouldn’t go through his/her workouts half-heartedly. To get the most from your workouts, you need to make your workouts enjoyable and entertaining. You should not get bored while working out. Instead, your workouts must be focused on making you feel strong and energetic.

Planning is the key

Before you get started with your training program, planning about your training goals is imperative. If you are training without a plan, gradually you will start to get bored of it.

Rest and recuperation are crucial

Undoubtedly, Dana is a fanatic when it comes to working out. But that doesn’t mean that she does not take out time for resting her body. She ensures to include rest days in her exercise routine to promote muscle recovery and recuperation.

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Final Words

Dana Linn Bailey started as a sports enthusiast and went on to become an IFBB Pro. Her personality is both inspiring and endearing. Her personality has been built over the cornerstones of discipline and sincerity.

We are sure you must have been inspired by her to get in shape. Dana Linn Bailey’s workout routine can serve you pretty well for that purpose. You just need to be clear about your goals and consistent with your workout plan. Over time you will surely get the physique that you aspire to have just as Dana did.