Dan Alexander 10 Week Powerlifting Peaking Program with Spreadsheet

Professional powerlifters often find themselves in a difficult spot where they cannot progress beyond a certain point. Hitting training plateaus is common after you’ve worked out for several years.

Fortunately, with the right powerlifting program, you can move beyond such plateaus and achieve peak preparedness. In powerlifting, the concept of peaking is slightly different.

It’s not just about increasing your 1 Rep Maximum by training as much as you can. You need to follow a proper peaking program where your body gets all three elements – hypertrophy, strength, and recovery.

Sometimes, if you train hard consistently, you might have a higher 1RM than before, but it won’t make any difference. That’s because your body would be too exhausted to perform to its maximum capabilities.

The end result is that you will not be able to show your potential during powerlifting competitions and meet events.

Thus, sustained and planned training is key for professional powerlifters.

For that reason, we have brought the perfect 10 week powerlifting program to help you prepare for any powerlifters’ meet event or competition.

Dan Alexander 10 Week Powerlifting Peaking Program

Program Principles

The 10 week powerlifting peaking program that we’ll be discussing belongs to Dan Alexander. His peaking program is perfectly programmed to help intermediate and advanced lifters max out for professional competitions.

One of the defining features of the Dan Alexander peaking program is the use of block periodization for achieving maximum results. The routine follows a fixed pattern, where workouts first focus on general training and then on specific areas.

In Dan Alexander’s program, the schedule is divided into different phases, ending the cycle by tapering. In this case, the intensity of the workout is increased, and the volume is decreased to the lowest. This pattern allows the powerlifter to max out their 1RMs and finish the training cycle in peak physical condition.

Another important principle of the Dan Alexander 10 week peaking program is the use of 1RM percentages for determining initial weights. In the case of block periodization training routines, it’s crucial that the 1RM percentage be precise or at least close to accurate.

Thus, this peaking program is better suited for intermediate and advanced lifters who are well aware of their bodily capabilities.

To summarize, these are the principles that Dan Alexander focuses on to achieve maximum preparedness by the end of the tenth week:

  • Following block periodization training pattern to derive maximum results.
  • Using 1RM percentages for determining starting weights and tracking progress.
  • Tapering or peaking at the end of the training cycle to prevent mental and physical exhaustion and achieve maximum preparedness.

Dan Alexander 10 Week Powerlifting Peaking Program

Dan Alexander’s peaking program is comprehensive and easy to follow. But for that, you must know your 1 Rep Maximum. Otherwise, you might not get efficient results at the end of the training cycle.

The workout focuses on improving the powerlifter’s performance in the core movements of powerlifting.

The powerlifter will start with around 55-60% of their 1RM and gradually increase the training intensity as the routine progresses. By the end of the cycle, the intensity will be at the maximum while the training volume will be lower.

After following the powerlifting program carefully for ten weeks, it is expected that you will improve your 1RM in deadlifts, bench presses, and squats by 5%. So, if you start at 100 kilograms, you will be able to lift 105 kilograms by the end of the tenth week without facing any physical or mental exhaustion.

Dan Alexander 10 Week Peaking Program Spreadsheet

Dan Alexander’s 10 week powerlifting program follows a comprehensive schedule. You cannot hope to memorize everything. It is better if you have the training routine with you at all times.



You can simply download the 10 week powerlifting peaking program template from here.

After that, you can even get a printout of the Spreadsheet to have physical access to the peaking program all the time.

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Final Words

Dan Alexander’s name is vastly popular in the world of powerlifting. To get a peaking program developed specifically by him is a boon for all intermediate and advanced lifters.

If you follow his 10 week powerlifting program, you are bound to see positive results by the end of the training cycle.