Cyclace Exercise Bike Review

If you are looking for a reliable indoor bike, then Cyclace exercise bike is one you should definitely have on your wishlist. Often hailed for its brilliant build quality, this indoor bike is currently a fitness partner for thousands across the globe.

And needless to say, it has all it takes to be your long-term fitness partner as well. 

This article is an honest, detailed review of Cyclace indoor cycling bike, focusing on all relevant aspects.

So, read along. And learn everything you need to know about this much-loved stationary bike from Cyclace. 

Cyclace L-003B Exercise Bike Review 

As stated earlier, the Cyclace bike is one of the most loved indoor bikes, especially among budget buyers. It comes with a handful of features that can aid you in your indoor cycling sessions.

But the most notable feature is: the quality they have maintained while designing and manufacturing it. 

The triangular steel frame is strong and durable. As a result, it can comfortably withstand a weight of up to 330 pounds, which is indeed a decent feature for a budget spin bike. 

Furthermore, compared to many other indoor bikes, this one is more comfortable for tall individuals, thanks to the ergonomic construction. Also, the maximum inseam height of 39 inches is rarely seen among budget exercise bikes.

Also, this indoor bike allows you to pick the resistance of your choice and pedal against it. This feature gives you real-road biking experiences.

Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary 330 Lbs Weight Capacity- Indoor Cycling Bike with Comfortable Seat Cushion, Tablet Holder and LCD Monitor for Home Workout

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Additionally, while cycling on this indoor bike, you can live-track your performance using the dedicated performance monitor. For example- you can track your speed of pedaling and the distance you’ve pedaled. 

However, we won’t say the performance monitor of the Cyclace exercise bike is among the most advanced ones around. In fact, some other indoor bikes’ performance monitors show more advanced workout data, making this bike a bit old school.

But for a normal person looking for some basic spinning action, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

In the following sections, we will go through all the key features of this popular spin bike.

Features & Specs 

Before we dive into a detailed review focusing on different aspects, here is a quick table of notable features and specifications of Cyclace indoor cycling bike.

Features & Specs



Model number





steel (triangular tubes)

Weight capacity

330 Pounds

Product weight

86 Pounds


47 x 24 x 47 inches

Inseam height

Maximum inseam height: 39 Inches

Minimum inseam height: 28 Inches

Desired user height range

5.1ft – 6.5ft

Drive system

Belt drive


36 Pounds

Adjustable resistance


Type of resistance

Frictional resistance

Resistance/brake pad material


Extra brake pad

Provided with the package

Seat size

10.43 x 8 x 2 inches

Seat adjustability

Adjustable (4 way)



Handlebar adjustability

Adjustable (2 way, vertically)

Drop handlebars


Pedal cages


Performance monitor


Type of performance monitor screen


Performance monitor power source

Batteries (2 x AAA batteries)

Device holder


Bottle holder




Cyclace indoor bike requires no power for functioning, except for the LCD display that uses a battery.

Also, in comparison to many other stationary bikes, this one has moving wheels closer to each other. And wheels being close to each other may make it uncomfortable while you try moving it around your home gym. 



Build Quality

As mentioned above, decent build quality is what makes Cyclace exercise bike unique among an array of indoor bikes. The manufacturers have, in fact, learned from the mistakes with other popular indoor bikes, and in turn, put some effort to avoid such mistakes in this one.

Given below is where various key parts of Cyclace spin bike stand in terms of build quality:


The frame of Cyclace bike is made up of thick triangular steel tubes. As a result, it can withstand a weight of up to 330 Pound, which is totally cool for a budget indoor bike.

Besides the decent weight carrying capacity, the frame is super safe from corrosion and other surface damages. Therefore, it can last several years, provided you would not treat it harshly.

Flywheel and Resistance 

The 36 Pounds chromed flywheel of the Cyclace stationary bike gives you stability while riding. The surface is strong and durable, and hence, you won’t have to worry about its safety and lifespan for several years.

Furthermore, enabling you to ride against resistances of different levels, it comes with frictional resistance technology. For that, they have given a frictional brake pad that combines with the flywheel to generate resistance. 

The frictional brake pad is made of wool, with a thickness more than that with many other stationary bikes. Also, Cyclace provides an extra brake pad that you can use once the first one is worn out.  

The knob to adjust the resistance also comes with decent build quality, the comfort of use, and a better appearance.

Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary 330 Lbs Weight Capacity- Indoor Cycling Bike with Comfortable Seat Cushion, Tablet Holder and LCD Monitor for Home Workout


The pedals of Cyclace indoor bike are made of aluminum, making it light-weighted and strong at the same time.

While being light-weighted makes it easy to pedal on, strength is helpful in withstanding heavy weights. This will prove helpful especially when you are riding in the standing position. 

Also, to give further safety, the pedals are placed within cages that save you from fast rides. 

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Cyclace indoor cycling bike have better handlebars than most other budget indoor bikes.

The first and foremost thing is, the handlebars are obviously more comfortable to hold on. Rubber-coated handlebars make it soft and comfortable for you. 

Also, rubber as the top layer implies durability, when compared to foam or sponge. 

However, at some instances, especially when you are pedaling at a higher seat height, the handlebars may feel a bit wobbly. And hopefully, the manufacturers might put in some effort to fix this issue in future versions. 

Note: the handlebars are still safe; it is just about user comfort.


The seat of Cyclace exercise bike has more or less the same build quality compared to most other budget spin bikes. It has a cushioned surface to let you ride for longer durations. 

Additionally, to withstand bigger weights, there are springs attached at the bottom of the seat. 

Speaking of dimensions, the seat is big enough to fit individuals of different sizes. It is 10.43 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 2 inches in height.

To make it suitable for persons of different heights ranging from 5.1’ to 6.5’, the seat is adjustable to 9 different heights, and can also be adjusted horizontally.

Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary 330 Lbs Weight Capacity- Indoor Cycling Bike with Comfortable Seat Cushion, Tablet Holder and LCD Monitor for Home Workout


Overall, we can’t say the Cyclace stationary bike is superior to other budget indoor bikes in terms of technology. 

However, manufacturers managed to utilize different technologies properly while designing this spin bike ergonomically. 

Here is how they used technology for different parts:

Flywheel and resistance

With the Cyclace indoor bike, you can have a real-road cycling experience from the comfort of your home. You can pedal against the resistance of your choice, with a wide range of resistance to select from. 

To make it more clear- this indoor bike uses frictional resistance technology that you can adjust according to your choice. The friction between the chromium flywheel and the woolen brake pad is what creates resistance.

So as to adjust the resistance, simply use the knob given. Turn right to increase the resistance, and the brake pad will exert more pressure on the flywheel. Whereas, to pedal against a lower resistance, turn it counterclockwise.

Also, if you want to stop the bike all of a sudden, just press the knob downwards. It will stop spinning almost instantaneously.  

Performance monitor

Cyclace stationary bike comes with a performance monitor that shows multiple exercise-related values. It has an LCD display, which finds power from two AAA batteries that come along with the package. 

But to be frank, the performance monitor is not the most advanced one you will find among indoor bikes. 

It gives you pretty basic values such as:

  • Time you’ve spent 
  • Speed 
  • Distance pedaled
  • Calories burned 
  • Odometer

With some other indoor bikes, even within the same price range, there will be more advanced features like RPM, which is absent here. 

However, if you are a beginner, an amateur, or even a professional who doesn’t care about very advanced features, these basic features are sufficient for you.

Yet another possible drawback is, they’ve provided just one switch to navigate between values. That means you will have to keep on pressing the switch to arrive at the section you need. And needless to say, only one value shows on the screen at a time.

Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary 330 Lbs Weight Capacity- Indoor Cycling Bike with Comfortable Seat Cushion, Tablet Holder and LCD Monitor for Home Workout

Adjustable Seats 

Often, a major problem with many budget indoor bikes is, they might not suit tall persons. But Cyclace spin bike does it. Individuals with heights ranging from 5.1’ to 6.5’ can do cycling in this indoor bike comfortably.

The seats are adjustable both horizontally and vertically. In the vertical direction, you can pick the desired height from 9 height options. In the horizontal direction, you can even do micro-adjustment of the seat. 

Adjustable Handlebars

The handlebars of Cyclace bike are adjustable vertically.

However, you won’t be able to adjust it horizontally. It is rather fixed in the horizontal direction. 

Belt drive

Belt drives instead of conventional chains, make your indoor cycling quiet and peaceful.

In addition to reducing noise, a belt drive requires little-no maintenance compared to the chain ones.

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Assembly and Maintenance

The Cyclace indoor bike deserves a 10/10 in terms of ease of assembly. The package from them, although concise, is perfectly packed. You just have to unbox it, and start right away with assembling.

Usually, it takes you a maximum of 30 minutes to assemble this indoor bike. To do so, just read their instructions and follow them with discipline.

Start fixing the rear and front stabilizers to the main body, and then move to the other parts. 

Regarding maintenance; proper care is crucial to ensure not only a longer lifespan, but also a safer operation. 

  • Preferably every day, clean the frame and other metallic parts using a clean cloth.
  • Once a week, check if all the screws, fasteners, and other components are intact. In case you find any damage with them, go for immediate replacement,
  • Once a week, grease the pedal for comfortable riding.
  • Once a month, clean the brake pad and get rid of any foreign particles stuck in the woolen surface.

Besides this periodic maintenance routine, it’s always advisable to go through a quick inspection of all major parts before biking. Doing so ensures safety. 

In cases of any confusions or concerns, contact the support team.

Aesthetics and Styling 

Being straightforward- Cyclace indoor cycling bike has an above-average aesthetics. 

The frame is mainly black in color, thanks to the carbon steel tubes. And this black coloring has, in fact, given it a decent-classy style.

In addition to black as the main color, the Cyclace bike has got seat posts (likely made of stainless steel) and the flywheel edge (made of chromium) with a silver color. 

Besides these two colors, they’ve used light green color for designing purposes in different parts. And their brand name ‘Cyclase’ is written at 6 different locations across the bike. 

Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary 330 Lbs Weight Capacity- Indoor Cycling Bike with Comfortable Seat Cushion, Tablet Holder and LCD Monitor for Home Workout

Pros & Cons 

Given below are some major pros and cons with Cyclace exercise bike:


  • 36 Pounds flywheel
  • Thick woolen brake pads
  • 330 Pounds weight capacity
  • Suits tall persons
  • Decent appearance
  • Drop handles
  • Belt drive instead of chain
  • Easy assembly


  • Mobility wheels are too close
  • Handlebars fixed in horizontal direction
  • Seat height not micro-adjustable 
  • Performance monitor is very basic


Is Cyclace Exercise Bike Worth The Buy? 

If you are looking for an affordable, yet reliable bike, then Cyclace indoor cycling bike is an ideal option for you. 

Of course, there are several other bikes that are even cheaper, but the thing is, this one can give you a better feeling of safety and comfort.

Hence, if you are a beginner and looking to start spinning for a long term goal, this indoor bike is totally worth the buy.

However, if you are an expert and a fan of advanced features, like advanced resistance technology and better performance monitoring features, you may have some better options. 

But if that is not the case, then you can hardly find a better beginner friendly indoor bike. 

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That was a detailed, honest review of Cyclace indoor bike, one of the best cost-effective indoor bikes around.

We will not insist you to buy this particular bike. But considering some of those really cool features, we will recommend it to you.

The Cyclace exercise bike looks real good in terms of economy, user comfort, safety, and even aesthetics. But always keep in mind- you need to treat it gently, and give proper maintenance to ensure long life.