CT Fletcher Diet Plan and Supplements

CT Fletcher’s monstrous physique is undoubtedly one of the best physiques in the current scene of fitness and bodybuilding. To maintain such a physique, he sticks to a strict diet plan that provides his body with all the essential nutrients which promote growth. This bodybuilding diet guide is going to be about CT Fletcher’s diet plan. It will also throw some light on the supplements that he uses to promote active recovery and growth.

CT Fletcher’s Meal Plan

CT Fletcher Diet

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CT Fletcher gets all the nutrients that he needs for maintaining a muscular physique by following a simple and basic diet plan. His diet plan has always been goal-oriented. So whether he is gaining size or losing excess fat, he prepares his diet chart accordingly and sticks firmly to it. In his own words, “I eat for the results“. Having a look at his meal plan might make you think that how an individual can survive on such kinds of diets that are often salt-free, sugar-free, fat-free, and taste-free. To this CT Fletcher says, “You don’t eat this shit for taste. You eat it because you want to achieve certain results on your body. This is the main goal of the diet.”

CT Fletcher’s overall diet plan is well proportioned. His diet usually comprises 50% proteins, 40% carbohydrates, and 10% fats. But at the same time, he is not overly conscious and meticulous about the proportions of his diet. He eats as much as his body needs. His diet plan is also influenced by some specific physique goals that he chased from time to time.

The following table will give you a detailed overview of his diet chart. Instead of consuming too much in a single meal, he prefers to segment his daily food consumption into 8 meals. He prefers eating every few hours. This helps in keeping his metabolism stoked.

CT Fletcher Diet Plan

CT Fletcher Diet Plan

Meal 1

An omelet made from 12 egg whites

A handful of veggies

1-2 servings of chicken or turkey breast

Meal 2

Protein Drink

Meal 3

One large serving of salad

A can of Albacore tuna

Meal 4

Ground Turkey

Meal 5

Two cups of white rice

Meal 6

Eight-ounce of chicken breast

Meal 7

Two cups of white rice

Meal 8

Protein Drink

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CT Fletcher’s meal plan has a greater proportion of proteins. It helps in supplying his muscles with the essential amino acids that they need for growth and recovery. You might have noticed from his diet chart that some of his meals have only carbohydrates. CT Fletcher likes it that way only. Fuelling his body with an adequate amount of carbohydrates keeps his body energized to go through the intense high-volume workouts that he is known for.

Being an experienced lifter, CT Fletcher does not feel the need to count his macros. Junk foods find no place in CT Fletcher’s diet plan. In his younger days, he used to eat a lot of junk foods that took a toll on his health. This provided him a lesson to completely exclude them from his diet. He also avoids artificial sweeteners, additives, processed sugar, chemicals, etc. from his diet.

CT Fletcher’s Supplements

Apart from following a strict and healthy diet, CT Fletcher also includes certain supplements in his diet plan to fuel his recovery, which thereby promotes muscle growth. CT Fletcher’s supplements stack contains the following:-

  • Protein Powder: CT Fletcher prefers to consume protein shakes. It provides his body with adequate amounts of proteins that aid in muscle recovery and growth. He prefers taking two protein shakes in a day— one as a mid-morning snack and the other before going to bed.
  • Mass Gainers: CT Fletcher prefers taking mass gainers when he intends to up his overall caloric intake.
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs): To promote better protein synthesis in muscles, CT Fletcher prefers consuming BCAAs either before or just after training.
  • Multivitamins: CT Fletcher is a staunch proponent of multivitamin intake. It helps in maintaining muscle strength along with boosting energy levels.
  • Keto Coffee: Keto Coffee primarily contains essential fatty acids and other nutrients. It aids in supporting weight loss along with boosting energy and overall performance.
  • MCT Powder: MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides. Consuming MCT powder aids in supplying energy and boosting brainpower. It also promotes fat burning and reduces cravings. MCT powder is a great supplement option when you are on a keto diet.

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Final Words

And that’s it. We expect you would have got a clear idea about the stuff that CT Fletcher consumes to maintain his monstrous physique. We would recommend you consult a dietician before trying out his diet plan. You can also make certain modifications to his diet plan to make sure it suits you well.