3 Cowboy Method (Big Texas Method) Spreadsheets

The Texas Method has undoubtedly been designed for intermediate and advanced lifters. If you are a beginner, you won’t be gaining much if you follow the Texas Method. Also, experiencing failure during the completion of certain sets might take your confidence down. So if you are a novice, we have got the right thing for you. Bringing some variations in the existing Texas Method has led to the emergence of the Cowboy Method also referred to as the Big Texas Method.

Cowboy Method aka Big Texas Method Squat Program

Cowboy Method (Big Texas Method) Spreadsheets

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The Cowboy Method has been invented by Chad Wesley Smith. This method works wonders for beginners and novices turning them into intermediate and advanced lifters in a few weeks. The premise of the Cowboy Method also referred to as the Big Texas Method relies on the fact that more volume and more practice of the compound movements makes you gradually better and stronger performing them. This approach doesn’t only increase your squatting numbers but with its modified counterparts also allows you to experience a growth in your deadlift and bench press numbers.

So how are you going to follow the Cowboy Method aka Big Texas Method? It’s simple. Just follow any one of the below-mentioned spreadsheets as per your suitability. In the templates of these google sheets, you can simply put in your 1 RM poundage of various lifts and it will calculate the weight you need to lift to get the best out of the program. Let’s have a look at them.

Cowboy Method Spreadsheets

“Squats build respect”, this adage has surely been heard by you and there is no other way that you can make superhuman progress without prioritizing squats in your program. The high volume squats mentioned in the following spreadsheet would surely be an apt choice if you are a novice or an intermediate lifter.

Cowboy Method Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet provides you with a 13-week long program. It has been named “The Big Texas Method.” It revolves around the idea of squatting 3 days per week pertaining to high/medium/low volume days. By following this program you would be performing 2x back squat and 1x front squat.

This program is suitable for both beginners and intermediates. The volume prescribed in the spreadsheet would surely provide you with more volume resulting in more growth.

You must not be fooled by the light volume days. On those days you would be maxing out on your squat and would attempt for new rep maxes. The stress of high and medium volume days would reap its benefits on low volume days. You can go with manageable reps on your maxes on low volume days. Taking rest periods of 45-60 seconds is also recommended.



Modified Cowboy Method Spreadsheet

The Modified Cowboy Method involves both bench press and deadlift in its training protocol along with the squat. This protocol helps in enhancing the overall strength of the lifter in the 3 basic lifts rather than just enhancing the squatting numbers to set PRs on squats.

Source: The credit for creating below spreadsheets goes to u/cleti

Base Version Template

By following the modified cowboy method spreadsheet, you would be required to squat thrice a week. Mondays and Fridays would be reserved for the back squat and Wednesdays would be for front squats. From week 1 to week 3, on Mondays, you will be attempting 12 rep maxes that will come down to attempting 1 rep max by week 14.  Till week 12 you would be following the same workout pattern on Fridays as you followed on Mondays. In week 14 you would be testing out your 1 rep max on the basic compound lifts including the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift.


With Assistance Work

If you are one of those who enjoy being in the gym following full body workouts, the spreadsheet mentioned under this section can really be the one that you need. This Google sheet template provides you with 14 weeks of detailed workouts under the modified cowboy method with assistance work. In these 14 weeks, you would not only be upping your strength on basic lifts but would also be able to include other movements including shoulder presses, dips, good mornings, pendlay rows, barbell curls, dumbbell flys, etc.


Following above-mentioned spreadsheets, you would be able to enhance your squat, bench press, and deadlift numbers on one hand, and would also be training your supporting muscles as well. This spreadsheet is a perfect example of killing two birds with one stone. Isn’t it?


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