Cost Of A Personal Trainer At Planet Fitness (2023)

If you are a newbie at the gym, then seeing such an abundance of equipment, each programming in its unique way, can definitely be intimidating. Plus, as a newbie, you are also unaware of what kind of workout to perform with particular types of equipment or what series of workouts would suit you the best.

However, you may also be someone who frequents the gym often and is just looking for some guidance from a trained personnel to elevate and get the best results out of your workout.

For both of these scenarios, a fitness trainer is probably the first person you thought of who could guide you and help you navigate the gym better. However, personal one-on-one trainers are usually expensive to hire and not something everyone can afford to have on a monthly basis.

However, if you have a membership of Planet Fitness, be it a ‘classic’ or a ‘black card’, then you do not have to pay a single extra cent to get the guidance of a fitness trainer at Planet Fitness. So, let us discuss in further detail everything that you wish to know about personal trainers at Planet Fitness. This article will henceforth cover all the essential information surrounding Planet Fitness’s personal training cost.

Cost of a personal trainer at Planet Fitness

Cost Of A Personal Trainer At Planet Fitness
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There is no additional cost for a personal trainer at Planet Fitness. Yes, you read that right. Unlike other gyms where hiring a personal trainer will probably be a hefty expense, at Planet Fitness you do not have to spend a single extra cent for a personal trainer.

Obviously, you must be wondering about what is the cache here, right? For one, there is nothing called a ‘personal trainer’ at Planet Fitness. When we picture a ‘personal trainer’, we often think about someone who would provide us with one-on-one guidance and assistance during our workouts. And that is usually what a Personal Trainer does. They help you understand and use the equipment better to your advantage.

So when we said there is nothing called ‘personal trainers’ at Planet Fitness, we simply meant that the trainers at Planet Fitness do not cater one-on-one, personal assistance, but would provide the same in a group setting. You can still get all the advantages you would usually get off of a personal trainer at Planet Fitness, the only change is that it would be in a group setting.

A personal trainer will help you navigate through the gym better, and will help you understand how to safely use an equipment or which equipment would suit your goals the best. They can even help you build your workout routine based on what goals you are wishing to achieve. While hiring such a person who can provide you with such a wide range of assistance at the gym may seem appealing at first, however, the expense of hiring such a trainer instantly bursts all the excitement.

Nevertheless, Planet Fitness fitness does not let ‘planet trainers’ be a mere dream for some. If you have a membership at Planet Fitness, be it the classic or the black card membership, then you can easily avail the guidance of a personal trainer in a small group setting. Plus, there is no limit on the number of times you can ask for their help.

Can you get trainers at Planet Fitness?

Yes, you can get the trainers employed by Planet Fitness themselves to train you in a small group setting. As we have already established, there is no cost of a personal trainer at planet fitness. You can ask for their help as often as you would like without any judgment.

These trainers provide group training sessions every day at Planet Fitness so feel free to join these groups. You can easily sign up for these group training sessions by either going to the front desk of your gym or through the planet fitness mobile app.

These trainers are employed by Planet Fitness themselves and they conduct as many as 11-14 group training sessions per day. Members of Planet Fitness will have unlimited access to these sessions.

How does the personal trainer at Planet Fitness work?

Personal Trainers at Planet Fitness usually conduct group sessions and not one-on-one consultations per se. They have various types of classes some of which are listed below:

  • Orientation: During these classes, the trainers will guide you and your group on how to function and program equipments. This is a great class for beginners or those wishing to learn if they have been using the equipments correctly.
  • 30-minute express training: During these classes, the trainer will train your group through a 30-minute full-body workout. This class consists of both strength and cardio.
  • Specific classes like ‘legs and shoulder’, ‘back and triceps’, ‘core’ and ‘chest and biceps’ are also conducted by the trainers to target specific body goals.

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Wrapping up

So, no matter what your concerns are, Planet Fitness trainers will surely have a group session class you can join. If you can avail of a personal trainer at Planet fitness with the same membership, then you should give it a shot and try it out for yourself. Who knows working out in groups might prove to be more fun for you?