Conor McGregor Workout Routine

If you are an avid fan of UFC, Conor McGregor would have surely been on the list of your favorites. He is also considered one of the best fighters in the world. His fighting style is pretty unique, and it exudes great speed, power, timing, and agility.

If you want to know about his workout routine, then you are at the right place. This post is going to throw some light on Conor McGregor’s workout routine that always brings out his very best in the ring.

Conor McGregor Workout Overview

Conor McGregor Workout
Conor McGregor in an Instagram Photo (Conor McGregor / Instagram)
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If you have seen Conor McGregor fighting, you would have got an idea about the intensity which he puts into his training sessions. In a real sense, he floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

His physique exudes a great deal of mobility and conditioning. His power-packed kicks and punches tell a lot about his strength levels. His tornado kicks and spinning hook kicks get executed at lightning-fast speeds.

Conor McGregor is undoubtedly a complete fighter. His workout program focuses on honing his skills along with training on various aspects of his physique.

Conor McGregor always ensures to include the element of variety in his workout plan.

He keeps on testing his limits by trying out new training methods.

Owing to this, his body never gets used to a particular training program and keeps on performing in the most optimum way. This also minimizes the probability of hitting a plateau.

But at the same time, McGregor remains cautious about not overdoing anything. There is a thin line of difference between training with intensity and training overboard. The former can trigger new muscle growth, whereas the latter might lead to catabolism.

The physique of a complete fighter needs to have a great deal of agility and mobility. It allows the fighter to move effortlessly. It also works on enhancing the overall athleticism of the fighter. Conor McGregor’s workout plan includes numerous exercises that work on improving his mobility and agility.

Conor McGregor Workout Schedule

Conor McGregor prefers to train 5-6 days a week. Every single day he works on improving different aspects of his physique.

Calisthenics happens to be a prominent part of Conor McGregor’s workout routine. It not only works on his strength levels but also trains his core to a great extent. Weekends usually happen to be the rest days for McGregor.

He likes to relax during weekends and provides his body with the much-needed rest it needs for recuperation. Conor McGregor’s workout schedule looks like this:-

  • Monday- Calisthenics, Cardio, and Core
  • Tuesday- Calisthenics Circuit and Endurance
  • Wednesday- Calisthenics, Cardio, and Core
  • Thursday- Calisthenics Circuit and Endurance
  • Friday- Calisthenics, Cardio, and Core
  • Saturday- Active Rest Day
  • Sunday- Rest Day

Conor McGregor Workout Routine

Conor McGregor Workout Routine
Conor McGregor in an Instagram Photo (Conor McGregor / Instagram)

Conor McGregor’s workout routine includes a variety of exercises that work on different aspects of his physique.

The training program of a professional fighter like Conor McGregor is not only confined to lifting heavy weights and having bulging muscles. It also includes exercises that work on enhancing mobility, flexibility, agility, endurance, and stamina.

The following table will give you a detailed overview of the exercise routine of Conor McGregor. Let’s have a look at it.

Conor McGregor Workout Plan


Sets x Reps

Dynamic Stretching and Flexibility

Muay Thai Knees

For 60 seconds

Shoulder Rotations

For 60 seconds

Leg Swings

For 60 seconds

Hip Circles

For 60 seconds

Neck Bridge

For 60 seconds

Static Stretches

Back Rolls

Holding up for 30 seconds

Sit-Through Abdominal Stretch

Holding up for 30 seconds

Sit-Back Shoulder Stretch

Holding up for 30 seconds

Lying Leg Stretch

Holding up for 30 seconds

Seated Butterfly

Holding up for 30 seconds

Locomotion Conditioning

Duck Walk (decreases knee pain)

Horse Walk (develops hip and groin strength)

Lizard Walk (improves hip mobility and core control)

Ostrich Walk (increases posterior-chain flexibility)

Bodyweight Circuit

Muscle Pull-Ups (middle back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and abs)


Push-Ups (chest, shoulders, and triceps)


Pull-Ups (back, traps, forearms, and biceps)


Air Squats  (quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes)


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  • Apart from following the above-mentioned workout routine, Conor McGregor also goes through his fight-oriented training sessions.
  • He follows the Fighter Anaerobic System of Training (F.A.S.T) It comprises both high-intensity aerobic training as well as perpetual endurance exercises.
  • Conor McGregor performs most of his training at the UFC Performance Institute. While preparing for a fight, McGregor also makes use of underwater treadmills, altitude chambers, and cryo saunas.

Final Words

Conor McGregor is a professional fighter with numerous years of experience. Copying his workout routine blindly will easily wear you out in no time.

Moreover, it can also lead to overtraining that might promote muscle catabolism. If you want to follow his workout plan, it becomes imperative that you do so under an experienced coach.

That way, you would be in a position to gain the most out of Conor McGregor’s workout plan.

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