Conor McGregor Diet Plan & Supplements

Conor McGregor has many feathers to his cap. He is a mixed martial artist, a renowned boxing champion, and a businessman. He took up boxing at a very young age as a defense mechanism to fight his bullies. He then ventured into mixed martial arts by age 18.

His body transformation has been phenomenal, and he attributes it to his training & nutrition plan, which he strictly follows. Under the guidance of his nutritionist, Georges Lockhart, Mc Gregor believes in consistency and discipline.

One thing that is prominent in Conor McGregor’s diet is that the whole process would be exquisite, but the results would be assured.

His meal plan is well formulated and is specific for various timings of the day. Let us get a glimpse of Conor McGregor’s diet plan and try and impart it in our fitness journey.

Conor McGregor’s Diet Plan

Conor McGregor Diet
Conor McGregor in an Instagram Photo (Conor McGregor / Instagram)
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Conor McGregor follows a daily diet routine that includes a good portion of protein, specific carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

We all know how protein helps in muscle building, so monitoring your protein intake is key. One should make sure they meet the daily requirement of protein in their diet plan.

Consuming carbohydrates helps in increasing your energy throughout the day, but again, healthy carbs is what you should aim at. Adding fruits and vegetables to your meal plan would definitely meet your carbohydrate requirement.

If you want to bulk up or increase your protein intake or maximize your weight loss, then Conor’s diet chart would definitely guide you. Here is a sample of what Conor McGregor’s meal plan is all about.

Conor McGregor’s Meal Plan




Coffee or Americano, eggs, smoked salmon, fruits and veggies


Greek yogurt


Red meat or fish or chicken breast, salad

Snack (Pre-workout)

Nuts, fruit

Snack (Post-workout)

BSN shake, coconut water, sweet potatoes, rice, milk


Chicken or fish or steak, green beans, sweet potatoes, rice.

Late night

Green tea

Notice how Conor’s diet chart is divided into so many meals? By spreading your meals into different timings of the day helps in various ways.

First, it helps to keep your hunger at bay. Secondly, it keeps your energy levels intact. There would be no scope of feeling lethargic or fatigued. It would definitely help in burning excess calories in the gym.

Conor mainly prefers to eat lean meat like chicken or fish for his protein consumption. However, he does indulge in red meat in at least one of his meals.

Conor McGregor Diet Plan
Conor McGregor in an Instagram Photo (Conor McGregor / Instagram)

What to Eat

Conor McGregor’s diet chart has a massive spread and that has helped him gain the ripped physique he flaunts so well. He recommends that whatever food you consume should be healthy and wholesome.

Some of the specific foods and snacks that he does include in his daily diet include:

  • Baked apple slices with peanut butter, avocado, and eggs
  • Scrambled egg with jalapenos, spinach, and meat along with sliced potatoes
  • Ginger, honey chicken with rice
  • Rice curry with fish
  • Sliced potatoes, apple, chicken, and avocado
  • Smoked onion, spinach, paprika, and egg with sliced avocado, potato wedges, and bison, topped with Sriracha sauce
  • Chicken, lime shrimp, rice
  • Sliced avocado and potatoes, scrambled egg with cauliflower and spinach
  • Tuna steak with chili powder, salt, pepper, and smoked paprika

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What to Avoid

Diet plays such an important role in one’s fitness routine. When it comes to an intensive sport like boxing or mixed martial arts, it requires you to be quite bulked up and strong.

Cheat meals are usually not a part of a fitness freak’s diet plan. Conor shares the same belief that avoiding unhealthy food is the best way to stay healthy and fit.

Some of the foods that should be avoided to gain a physique like McGregor are:

  • Restaurant food
  • Sugar
  • Refined oil
  • Junk food

Conor McGregor’s Supplements

Maintaining a physique like Conor’s requires him to add on some supplements too. Under the guidance of his nutritionist, he consumes certain supplements as part of his diet plan.

These are Conor McGregor’s supplements that are included in his daily schedule:

  • Whey protein shake: To help Conor gain a muscular built, his protein intake needs to be increased. For this, he includes Whey protein shake, which helps him make the most of his workouts by building extra muscle, preventing post-workout fatigue, and keeping satiated throughout the day.

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Conor’s fitness route is furnished with persistence, discipline, and hard work. It may seem tedious to eat many meals in a day, but using Conor McGregor’s diet plan as a tool to start your fitness journey would surely pave the way!