Concept2 SkiErg Review 2023

There aren’t many sports better than skiing that can fulfill your all round fitness goals. Now, you can create your own skiing experience from the comfort of your house, garage, or gym. The much loved concept2 SkiErg is here to give you memorable Nordic skiing experiences. 

With this amazing Skiing machine from concept2, you can have the exact same experience of natural country skiing.  And thereby improve your muscle strength, balance, and stamina along with several other benefits. 

What is more interesting is, you don’t have to spend big bucks, and can have your own concept 2 SkiErg machine at very reasonable prices. Moreover, there are a hell lot of facilities with this incredible ski machine, including performance tracking and adjustability (including air resistance). 

However, just like any other machine, you need to have a clear knowledge about the SkiErg as well, before you make your buying decision. And to help you with that, we will reveal to you all the relevant features of this machine. So, read along, and learn if the Concept2 SkiErg is what fits you.

Concept2 SkiErg Review

Concept2 SkiErg

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The concept2 SkiErg is designed specially to let you do all round exercise for different muscles of your body. It simulates the movements in Nordic skiing, and gives you the same effect as doing real country skiing. 

The equipment is easy to handle, and light weighted. Weighing roughly 80 pounds, you can move it effortlessly from place to place, according to your comfort.

But that doesn’t mean that the machine is weak. Although light weighted, it has sufficient strength to support bigger weights. You can simply stand on the machine, and imitate your skiing motions by pulling the cables.

The concept2 SkiErg is made of Aluminum, famous for its strength and light weight. To support its frame and other key parts, there are several joints and screws that you can install yourself.

The machine can support itself and hence, you won’t have to worry about losing balance while doing exercise on it.

Furthermore, this SkiErg ski machine comes with advanced hardware that can track your performance. Using it, you can keep a record of your workout, set your goals and stay consistent. 

Concept2 SkyErg Features & Specs 

The concept2 SkiErg comes with incredible features that make it an all-in-one workout machine for you. Here are the important features and specifications of SkiErg that you should know.

Features & Specs






Powder Coat finish



Performance tracker




Smartphone cradle


Mobile app

Yes, you can connect it to third party Apps


USB, Bluetooth, ANT+ wireless

Power requirement

Very little ( 2 D cell batteries is enough)

Type of resistance

Air resistance generated by flywheel

Dimensions – SkiErg machine

1 in x 19 in x 49 in

Dimensions- stand

5 in x 26 in x 53 in

Transportation Wheels


Product weight – machine

46 lb

Product weight- Stand

35 lb

Unique features

Multiple motion techniques (double pole & classic alternating)

Assembly type

On stand, on wall


Yes when used on stand

When combined, both the machine and the stand will together need a total space of 23 in x 50 in x 85 in. If you mount the machine on the wall instead, spare a space of 20 in width, 16 inch depth, and a height of 85 inches.




Concept2 SkiErg Review

The newest Concept2 SkiErg is a proper upgrade to their previous model, and meets the expectations in terms of technology as well.

These brilliant applications of technology make it a proper workout package that can make your exercises much more convenient and organized.

Here are some of the notable technological features that come in the new Ski-erg.


Concept2 SkiErg Console

With the concept2 SkiErg, you can set your goals and track your progress on a regular basis. You can connect it to external devices to make it even better.

All your performance related data that you need will be displayed on its PM5 console, and you can control it yourself. This electronic screen gives you accurate, real time data of your performance. Later, you can transfer your data to your computer using a USB. 

You can also connect it with external devices using Bluetooth or ANT+. By coupling your skiing workout with dedicated mobile applications, you can make your fitness journey even smarter!

Also, they have a SkiErg online logbook preinstalled on the PM5 console that you can use to store your data and track your performance.

Air Resistance

Concept2 SkiErg Fly Wheel

When you are into skiing, even if you are doing it in the comfort of your home or from your garage gym, you gotta experience the varying wind and topographical conditions. And concept2 SkiErg gives you exactly that.

You can control air resistance using the Damper, and exercise according to your choice.

Ski-erg uses Flywheel resistance in which, Air resistance is given by fanned flywheel inside the machine.

On the spiral Damper, you can adjust the air resistance to how much you want, and do skiing accordingly. You can select an air resistance value on a 1-10 scale, just like a bicycle gear, each value corresponding to particular air resistance. 

To make things more clear, you can simulate conditions for an uphill, low hill, and straight snowy Nordic conditions. This facility makes this Skiing machine a versatile exercising machine.

Adaptive Training

The concept2 SkiErg is super adaptive, and can serve various purposes. You can adjust its settings according to several factors- including athlete size, purpose, fitness goals, and many more.

This facility indeed makes the Ski-erg a workout machine for all. You can also use a chair and couple it up, especially useful for disabled persons.

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Multiple Motion Techniques

With the concept 2 SkiErg machine, you can do both double pole and classic alternating arm motions. Thus, you can diversify your skiing experience. 

Build Quality

Concept2 SkiErg Build Quality

It looks like concept2 has taken adequate measures to make their skierg machine long lasting, just like how they do with other sports equipment they make. The major building material is Aluminum, and hence, you can assure a decent lifespan.

Almost every part of the machine has the solid build quality that anyone would expect from concept2. 


Concept2 SkiErg Frame



The frame is made up of Aluminum, which is known for high strength at a light weight, and has a steel top bracket. As the material is Aluminum, you won’t have to worry about rusting of the frame.

Flywheel and Damper

 Flywheel is made with steel coupled with a glass reinforced ABS squirrel cage, and covered with strong ABS thermoplastic. Such a design is aimed at resisting big impacts while you exercise on it.

The Damper is long lasting and convenient to use. That is, you can adjust to the air resistance of your choice conveniently. 

Drive Cords

Concept2 SkiErg Drive Cords

Cords in the Drive are also made up of strong materials and promise to withstand high pressure. Overall, it is smooth to use and maintain.

However, upon regular usage, there may be chances of Drive cords twisting. Hence, frequent inspection of drive cords is needed.

Strapless Handles

Having a better grip on handles is crucial while you are exercising on specially designed machines. Understanding the same, concept2 has provided their Ski-Erg machine with super grip strapless handles. 

Additionally, handles repel moisture and sweat, making it even more comfortable to use it. 

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Assembly and Maintenance

Another good feature of concept2 SkiErg is the easiness of assembling. Usually, you don’t have to call an expert to set it up for you. All you have to do is, just read their user manual and follow their simple instructions.

The machine comes with a total of 12 screws and tools, and you can fix it all by yourself. While installing it, you can either go for mounting it on the wall, or on the stand that comes with the machine.

You can choose one according to what you feel comfortable with. In either case, just follow those simple instructions given in the manual. 

While using the concept2 SkiErg, you have to do regular maintenance to achieve better lifespan and comfort of use.

First of all, you have to do weekly maintenance of the cords, and then, take periodic care of cords (detailed inspection), bracket pulleys, and fasteners.  

Regular usage of the skiing machine may cause twisting of cords and it causes discomfort while doing exercises. And sometimes, it will lead to the damage of cords. Therefore, you have to untwist the cords once a week.

Also, it is important to do a regular inspection of key parts of SkiErg once every 50 hours of use.

While doing it, if you see damaged cords, replace them as soon as possible. Fuzzing on cords is a clear indication that the cord needs to be replaced soon.

Clean the bracket pulley to ensure smooth functioning of the machine, so that you can feel more comfort during workout.

At the same interval, ie, after every 50 hours, make sure that all bolts and fasteners are connected properly. This is important because a sudden failure may result in accidents. 

Aesthetics and Styling  

Concept2 SkiErg

Look wise, there is nothing special about concept2 SkiErg. However, concept2 has taken care to give the machine a minimum standard style as the machine is made not only for gyms, but also for home spaces. Most people buy this skiing machine for their home gym. 

The blackish shade gives the machine a standard look, and suits any environment where you place the machine.

The handles come in varying colors like light green or yellow, and sync with the overall black shade.

So, unless you are too attached to certain colors, you don’t have to worry about the aesthetics and styling of concept2 SkiErg. 

Pros & Cons 

Here are some pros and cons of Concept2 SkiErg


  • Easy to assemble
  • Strongly built
  • Multiple modes of exercises that train different muscles
  • Easy to master
  • Accurate performance tracking
  • Easy to move and store
  • Can connect to external devices like smartphones


  • Regular maintenance needed
  • Chances of cords twisting
  • Need to buy the base plate separately

The concept2 SkiErg machine comes with a warranty of 5 years for the frame parts, and 2 years for the rest of the machine.

Concept2 SkiErg Warranty

The 5 year warranty applies to:

  • Metal Box Frame
  • Metal Frame Panels
  • Left & Right Metal Frame Arms 
  • Top & Bottom Frame Brackets 
  • Universal Mounting Bracket 
  • Flywheel Assembly including Hub & Bearings
  • Flywheel Axle 
  • Flywheel Enclosure, including Inner & Outer Housing, Stainless Steel Outlet Perf, & Damper 
  • Floor Stand Base, Frame, Connector Plates & Fasteners 
  • All screws, bolts & nuts

For the other parts, you will have a warranty of two years, unless the damage is due to mishandling of the machine. And it’s always advisable to contact the support team in case of any damages. 

In addition to the above mentioned warranties, concept2 offers a policy of full cashback if you feel like the SkiErg machine is not up to your expectations. In such cases, if you have brought the machine directly from them, you can have all your money back.

Is Concept2 SkiErg Worth It?

concept2 skierg with pm5

If you are someone who prefers training your entire body in a single workout session, then concept2 SkiErg is the perfect exercise machine for you. Besides helping your muscles become stronger and shaped, the machine is an excellent choice for you to burn calories effectively. 

Not only for professional skiers preparing for the season, but also for every athlete, and even amateurs, this skiing machine is a perfect exercise package.

But if you are someone who loves hitting the gym or going outside to train your body, you may have better options. This is because, for some people, it may be hard to stick to single exercise equipment every day.

But still, if you are someone who takes fitness seriously and can afford it, owning this machine would never be a bad idea. In fact, the concept2 SkiErg isn’t super expensive.

Overall, buying this machine is a good idea due to its affordability, lesser space requirements, ease of use, efficiency, build quality, and several other facilities to boost your performance.



So, that was an overall review about the latest SkiErg machine by concept2.

To those who don’t want to spend a lot of time in the gym or for outdoor jogging, concept2 SkiErg comes as a blessing. You can master this easy-to-use machine within a short period of time, and get on track with your fitness journey fastly.

Moreover, if you plan on making your own garage gym or basement gym, Concept2 ski-erg is the equipment that you should have.

The machine can give strength to your arms, legs, shoulders, and core. And most of all, it’s a brilliant cardio exercise equipment. And thanks to decent build quality, it can last long up to your expectations.

So, waste no time, consider trying out this affordable, effective machine and create awesome Nordic skiing experiences at your home.