Concept2 BikeErg Review 2023

If you are someone who is looking for a cool indoor bike that can satisfy your cardio workout needs, Concept2 BikeErg is something you ought to learn about. Because this amazing exercise bike has all it takes to be your perfect cardio partner.

The Concept2 BikeErg offers real life cycling experience from inside your garage gym. This much-loved stationary bike is easy to learn, use and maintain. Using the advanced PM5 monitor, you can track your performance digitally and be in your fitness journey like a pro.

Furthermore, there are several other amazing features with this latest version of BikeErg from Concept2, which will be discussed in detail later in this article.

This article is a detailed review of Concept2 BikeErg focusing not only on its pros but also on the cons as well.

Read along, and find everything you need to know about this amazing Indoor bike. 

Concept2 BikeErg Review

Concept2 BikeErg

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Concept2 BikeErg lets you have the real outdoor biking experience from the comfort of your home. Thus, this spin bike can be a perfect addition to your home gym. And using it, you can have effective, engaging cardio sessions.

Concept2 BikeErg has real good build quality, and is made up of strong and durable materials. As aluminum is used to make its frame, this spin bike is lightweight and strong at the same time. Thanks to this light-weight and presence of wheels on the base, you can also move it around your garage gym comfortably.

But lightweight doesn’t mean the bike will tip off easily. Because a comparatively heavier steel base plate is provided at the base. It can support you, and keep you in balance.

Yet another feature that makes Concept2 BikeErg special among stationary bikes is its Soundless operation. The bike uses high strength belt instead of chain, aiming to reduce not only noise but also energy loss.

With an adjustable seat and handle, you can fully customize it according to your preference, making it suitable for persons of varying size and exercise preferences. Besides all these features, BikeErg uses advanced air resistance technology that lets you pedal against the resistance conditions of your choice.

Using the damper, you can set the air resistance of your choice, just like shifting your outdoor bike gear according to up-hill and down-hill conditions.

Furthermore, Concept2 BikeErg has all it takes to be a modern-era piece of workout equipment.  You can track your performance using the PM5 monitor that you can use in several helpful ways- from keeping your workout records on clouds, to connecting to mobile apps.

They also provide a dedicated mobile phone cradle where you can keep your smartphone.

To make your indoor biking experiences even better, Concept2 BikeErg allows you to compete virtually against your friends using Bikerg located away from you, even from continents apart.

Overall,Considering all these features, Concept2 BikeErg is a perfect addition to your home gym. 

Concept2 BikeErg Features & Specs 

Concept2 BikeErg Review

Here are some important features of Concept2 BikeErg that you should know before making your buying decision

Features & Specs




●       Aluminum frame

●       Steel feet


Black powder coat frame; grey anodized posts

Dimensions (space need)

48 in x  24 in

Weight Capacity

300 lb

Product Weight

68 lb

Shipping weight

80 lb


Moveable; wheels provided

Total length

48 in


24 in

Seat to pedal range

31 in – 40.5 in

Seat and handle adjustability


Crank length



Belt (Poly Groove belt)

Q factor

15.5 cm



Power requirment

Little (comes with D cell batteries that draw power from bike wheel rotation)




Bluetooth, ANT+

Smartphone cradle


Extra feature

Uses air resistance offered by flywheel, and can be controlled by damper

Using the strong, smooth wheel, you can move your BikeErg around your home gym, or from wherever you prefer to workout. And this makes one more thing clear- you would never have to worry about excess space consumption.




The latest version of Concept2 BikeErg comes with a lot of amazing features that make it a piece of workout equipment that the modern world deserves. Here are some brilliant technologies concept2 have used in this air bike.


Concept2 BikeErg PM5 Monitor

While doing your exercise on Concept2 BikeErg, you can keep constant track of your progress, and analyze where you stand in your fitness journey. This feature is not something that comes often with many spin bikes, but concept2 stands out there.

It shows real-time data of your workout progress so that you can always learn how you are performing compared to yourself a few weeks ago, or compared to your workout partner. By attaching a heart beat monitoring belt, you can even track your heart rate.

To make it all possible, this indoor bike comes with the sophisticated PM5 monitor from concept2, and you can control it easily. 

Speaking of tracking your workout progress, you can use concept2’s free online logbook to store and analyze your data. 

In addition to keeping track of your workout progress, Concept2 also lets you connect to external devices like mobile phones and computers. You can do so using Bluetooth or ANT+ technologies. You can also connect it to smartphone applications; for example- connect Zwift fitness application for iPhone.

This level of connectivity also offers the feature to compete with your friends or workout partners physically separated from you, using the internet.

Seeing all these features, you might have wondered where the BikeErg finds power. No, you don’t have to connect it to a regular power supply. It draws power generated from your exercise, and charges itself as you start working out.

Interestingly, it switches on automatically as you start pedaling!

Air Resistance

Concept2 BikeErg lets you control your exercise pattern through adjustable air resistance. Specifically, it uses the flywheel air resistance technique.  

To set the air resistance of your choice, you can use the damper- adjust it from a value of 1 to 10. If you set it to 1, you will have a free biking experience, ie, smoother than riding on a plane, smooth surface. Further, as you increase it towards 10, you can feel more air resistance.

Letting more air inside the flywheel, or a higher value on the damper- gives you the feeling of going uphill. Also, you can adjust the scale level as you ride, without having to stop. 

All these features are cool.

However, it would have been much better if they gave a facility to adjust air resistance on the handle itself, instead of having to bend down towards the flywheel damper.

Poly Groove belt instead of chains

One major factor that keeps most of us from having a fan bike inside the house is perhaps the noise it makes. But with adjustable air resistance, you won’t have to worry about that annoying noise at all. 

Concept2 BikeErg uses Poly Groove belt instead of conventional chain; making it not only free from noise but also strong and durable.

Build Quality

Concept2 is well known in the fitness industry for their quality of making. They maintained the same standard of quality for BikeErg as well.

Almost every part, from the handle to the pedal, is made of strong, durable materials. Also, they’ve used precision engineering to make this stationary bike user-friendly.


Concept2 BikeErg Frame

The frame of Concept2 BikeErg is made up of properly welded Aluminum. Aluminum, which is even used in making airplane bodies, is known for its high strength at low weight. And obviously, Thanks to the aluminum frame, the entire bike weighs a mere 68 pounds.

In addition to being strong and light weighted at the same time, the aluminum frame is totally safe from corrosion or other serious surface damage. 

Above the aluminum frame comes a black powder coating, making it extra strong and tough. 

Flywheel and Damper

Concept2 BikeErg Flywheel & Damper

As you may know, Flywheel allows you to pick your own air resistance and be in total control of your workout. The flywheel and the damper, both are made to last long and to suit regular usage.

Flywheel is made with steel coupled with a glass reinforced ABS squirrel cage, and covered with strong ABS thermoplastic. Such a design is aimed at resisting big impacts while you exercise on it. 

Another notable feature of the flywheel is that it won’t stop as soon as you stop pedaling. The Flywheel fan can keep on spinning thanks to the clutch and hence, your partner or you can resume your workout from where you stopped. 

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Concept2 BikeErg Pedals

Concept2 BikeErg comes with the usual mountain bike pedal. It is strong and wide, and can last long. 

Also, you can swap these pedals with the ones of your choice easily. 


Handlebars of Concept2 BikeErg are placed above Anodized steel tubes to ensure that you stay balanced.

Unlike other stationary bikes, BikeErg handlebars are designed to train your upper body as well, and that is explicit from the seating positions available. You can hold on to the handlebar in three different styles.

To adjust the height, simply Pull the liver, and keep it at the height you need. Also, if you feel like adding another handle to your BikeErg, you can go for it, as the handlebar is also modular. 


Concept2 BikeErg Seat

Placed above the anodized steel tube, the seat of Concept2 BikeErg is strong to support your body weight. Like in the case of handlebars, you Can adjust your seat height simply by pulling the dedicated lever.

Assembly and Maintenance

In case of the ease of assembling as well, Concept2 has itself set a benchmark in the fitness industry. Like their other products, Concept2 BikeErg also is Super easy to assemble, and it takes you a maximum of 45 minutes to set up the bike- provided you follow their instructions correctly. 

The BikeErg Comes in multiple portions- for example- the tube post, damper, pedal, and seat, all come separately (but placed inside the same box). There will be a total of 23 screws and a driver for you to assemble the BiekErg. Simply follow their instructions, and do it without breaking a sweat.

You won’t have to spend a lot of time on the maintenance of Concept2 BikeErg. However, simple, periodic care would be great. 

To ensure that the bike is staying free from dust, clean your BikeErg’s flywheel, handlebars, and other key parts on a daily basis.

After every 250 hours of use, check for fasteners and screws, and make sure that they are intact. This, you should do especially for the pedals and handlebars. 

On such occasions, also give a detailed cleaning of the flywheel, preferably vacuum, to ensure it stays free from dust.



Aesthetics and Styling 

Concept2 Bike-Erg

If you insist on hearing any mentionable drawbacks with Concept2 BikeErg, then you have its appearance. This indoor bike is not super stylish to look at, and looks more like a metallic piece of equipment.

Also, both the seat and handlebar are supported on seat posts that look nothing better than rough steel tubes. 

This may be perhaps because Conecpt2 didn’t focus much on the looks, but rather on its efficiency as a workout machine.  

But still, the latest BikeErg looks much better than the previous version that had an even duller appearance.

The new Concept2 BikeErg has a blackish shade with silver-colored posts, making it not the ugliest workout equipment either. 

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Pros & Cons

Concept2 BikeErg has a lot more pros to count as compared to its cons. However, there are certain drawbacks with this stationary bike that may affect some kinds of people.

Given below are some mentionable pros and cons with the concept2 BikeErg  


  • Adjustable seats and handles
  • Air resistance, flywheel technology
  • Easy to assemble
  • Little maintenance
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Sophisticated console
  • Modular handles and pedals
  • Belt instead of chain for quiet operation.


  • Not very aesthetically pleasing
  • Chances of heavier individuals tipping over due to light weight, (however safe for persons up to 130, kgs)

Concept2 BikeErg Warranty

Concept2 BikeErg Warranty

Just like other concept2 products, the BikeErg also comes with a reasonable warranty.

For the overall body, you will get a limited time warranty of up to 2 years; except for the surface finish.

Beyond this 2 year limited warranty, for the below mentioned parts, there is a warranty period of up to 5 years

  • Front and rear leg assemblies, excluding caster wheels
  • Main box frame and bottom cover
  • Seat and seat post (excluding position adjustment components and plastic sleeves)
  • Handlebars and handlebar support parts (excluding position adjustment components and plastic sleeves)
  • Flywheel, flywheel axle, flywheel pulley, flywheel bearings
  • Cranks, crank axle, crank pulley, crank bearings
  • Jack shaft, jack shaft pulley, jack shaft bearings
  • Flywheel cover and perf

Both these warranties, 5 year as well as 3 year warranties, are applicable unless the damage is caused by neglect or abuse. In case of any damage, contact the support team as soon as possible.

In case if you aren’t satisfied with the Concept2 BikeErg, you even have an option to return the product and receive full cashback. And that’s why we all love concept2!



Is Concept2 BikeErg Worth It?

With the new BikeErg, concept2 has made it clear- they focus more on building a handful of quality products, rather than coming out with several products of mediocre quality.

And without any doubt, this amazing indoor bike from concept2 is a must have in your garage gym. This is because there aren’t many drawbacks to count when you look at its features.

Concept2’s ease of assembly, use and maintenance is unmatched in the fitness equipment industry. This ability to adjust the air resistance and the presence of a flywheel makes it a proper piece of equipment for crossFit.

Moreover, the presence of a PM5 monitor and other advanced features make it a sophisticated workout machine. The quality of making makes the Concept2 BikeErg a cost-worthy long term investment for your basement gym.

So, seeing all these facts, there is hardly any sense in denying that Concept2 BikeErg is worth buying.

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So, that was a detailed review of this much loved, fantastic stationary bike from concept2. As you can see by yourself, the positives of Concept2 BikeErg comfortably outweigh its drawbacks.

Concept2 BikeErg can be a perfect addition to your home gym, and can aid in your long term fitness journey.